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update 05/01/2018

Ghosts From the Past

Ghosts From the Past
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeCost / Card effect


Banish 2 monsters from your Graveyard, then target 1 face-up Attack Position monster on the field; its ATK becomes 0 until the end of this turn.

How to Get




  • Reduce the targeted monster’s ATK into 0.


  • Requires you to banish 2 monsters from your Graveyard as a cost.


  • Similar to Mirror Wall, Wall of Disruption, this card is best activated during Damage Step to inflict damage to your opponent.
  • You can also activate this card during your Battle Phase to make your target 0 ATK in order for you to destroy it.


These cards are able to return your banished monsters from the banished zone to the field. Premature Return can return any monster from the banished zone, in face-down defense mode. Release from Stone can only return Rock-type monsters from the banished zone. Union Scramble can only return LIGHT Machine-type Normal/Union monster from the banished zone. Escape from the Dark Dimension is able to Special Summon 1 DARK monster from the banished zone. Dragoncarnation allows you to return 1 banished Dragon-type monster to your hand.


Together with Ghosts from the Past, these cards form a powerful combo. During your Battle Phase, you can activate Ghosts from the Past, banish 2 Red Eyes Zombie Dragon from your Graveyard as cost, reduce your opponent’s monster to 0 ATK, activate Escape from the Dark Dimension to bring back Red Eyes Zombie Dragon to the field, and attack into that monster directly.




Banished categoriesBanishes from Graveyard for cost
Stat changesReduces ATK to 0


Great card in a Reptilian deck
I hate how that Dino deck in the Monster World RPG event has this card for no reason - there was no fast and reliable way in that deck to dump monsters into the Graveyard, and the monsters in the deck are strong enough to win battles anyway, so this card is often just a dead weight in the deck.
Efeknya lucu
I hope its not really SR..
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That's why this card comes along with Lightsworn
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
it says banish you dont send shit.... golds and lower this card can be used in dmage step as well, its a great card you can banish monsters like this works great with physics
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
they mean getting 2 of your own monsters to the gy to banish them is slow you dunce...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Just use the lightsworns
So, can you activate Ghosts from the Past in the damage step?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes since it didn't specifically says otherwise
This piece of trash would be SR only if the 0 attack wasn't just temporary.
<< Anonymous(NMS)
Anonymous Reply
ur in gold or lower you use this card in damagew step ps econs and half shut and srh cant be used in damage step you gold or lower wouldnt know that this card is great
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Half shut can be used in damage step
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Faggot learn how to type.
My next fave cards after Wall of D. and Floodgates. :)
Support Card for BLS set?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yep probably
late game surprise

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This guy keeps catching the L's against Bad Aim
materials will stay, that's why XYZ monsters are better than synchro in duellinks
they just remove a counter from the equipe card
This site is already dead, bias mods deleted comments good to show them fk pics sore loser.
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