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update 16/12/2016

Luster Dragon

Luster Dragon
Monster TypeDragon
Card typeNormal


A very beautiful dragon covered with sapphire. It does not like fights, but has incredibly high attack power.

How to Get

PackResonance of Contrast [R]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--










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Hot New Top
Making a Desert Twister Deck with this and Vanguard of Dragon, viable?
A 2100 ATK level 4 monster with Peak Performance...seems legit
<< Anonymous(Darryn)
Darryn Reply
Just scrolled down and noticed my comment looks exactly like Hanabi's...that's some psychic stuff right there
<< Anonymous(Darryn)
Yee Reply
Or he just copy pasted
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wait Alexandrite dragon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I would love to see this in SR card.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Another example of how messed up it is. Even Vorse raider is an SR card but its DEF is less than Luster dragons. WTF, konami? Many will hate me but I think Luster dragon deserves to be an SR/UR card cuz of its stats
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Tell that to Axe Raider.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Vorse raider have special line from kaiba and it is not
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Doesn’t Luster dragon has a special line from Mokuba tho?
<< Anonymous
blyat Reply
Yes it has. SAFAIA DRAGON (pronouncation from Sapphire Dragon which is its japanese name)
Yes finally became R card lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
IKR. I don't get it why the dunames d. witch is UR and now this card is R. lul
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dunames?. plz axe raider.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ever heard of powercrept
This card + Mountain (Peak Performance) = 2100 ATK level 4 monster. Seems legit!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
what cards that?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Cave Dragon
<< Anonymous
rtfg Reply
Except Cave Dragon has two shitty effects with Luster is a Normal Monster.
<< Anonymous(Hanabi)
Anonymous Reply
Vorse rider whith joey is another 2100 vanilla beater
Are these cards ever going to be available for us? It seems unjust that the AI's players get them and we don't?
<< Anonymous(Jana)
Anonymous Reply
Thunder Nyan Nyan is a 2100 with Peak Performance -_-
<< Anonymous
Jana Reply
I meant with no restriction
<< Anonymous(Jana)
Anonymous Reply
i dont think vanilla beaters are ever going to be viable again
<< Anonymous
ehm Reply
For gold and platinum they will.
R rarity evribadeh
Give us this for N/R rarity :v
<< Anonymous
Komoney Reply
Wish granted. Now hurry up and give us your money on the incoming minibox.
<< Anonymous
Komoney Reply
Wish granted. Now hurry up and give us your money on the incoming minibox.
Strong. But Dakini will turn this thing into a Luster Dildo.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Superb. But she doesn't have a thing on Luster Dildo #2, who has 2400 ATK :)
Mah Boi
2 beast-warrior vanilla monsters and one gemini warrior with 1900 attack for Joey, but this card isn't available. It would be nice with Transmodify and Armed Dragon Lv 5.
It's ok to release this card, coz it's seem doesn't like fights lul

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I really do like the old school monsters.
Even nicer, especially if their ace cards are also likely to only be attainable from boxes. Look at what's in the sample deck for ...
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