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update 30/11/2016

Kidmodo Dragon

Kidmodo Dragon
Monster TypeDragon
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeTrigger Effect / Condition


If this card is sent to the Graveyard: You can Special Summon 1 Dragon-Type monster from your hand. You cannot Special Summon monsters, except Dragon-Type monsters, nor conduct your Battle Phase, the turn you activate this effect. You can only use this effect of "Kidmodo Dragon" once per turn.

How to get / rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory againstMokuba Kaiba Lv30 or higher [SR]
Card trader--




  • Can special summon any special summonable Dragon-type monsters from your hand, regardless of level, or attribute.
  • Effect works when sent to the graveyard, either from your hand, deck, or field.


  • Using Kidmodo's effect on your turn will not allow you to conduct battle phase, or special summon any other monster that's not Dragon-type.
  • Can only be used once per turn.
  • Very low attack and defense.

Tips, related cards, skills

Darkflare Dragon

Summoning Darkflare Dragon quickly/easily will let you discard some cards from your hand and deck. Useful for setting up some combos like Red-Eyes Spirit, and also thinning your deck.

Dark Storm Dragon

If Kidmodo gets destroyed during your opponent's battle phase, you can special summon Darkstorm from your hand, and normal summon it on your next turn. This will enable his effect so you can destroy all spell/trap card your opponent controls.

Dust Knight

You can bring more Kidmodo in your deck, or use Dust Knight instead. Use the flip effect when it gets attacked instead of flip summoning this card, so you can still conduct your battle phase, or special summon other Dragon monsters.

Discarding Kidmodo Dragon

These cards have effects that can discard Kidmodo Dragon from your hand which will trigger its effect to special summon a Dragon-Type monster from your hand. Vanguard of the Dragon increases its own attack by discarding a Dragon-Type monster from your hand. Divine Dragon Apocralyph can send Kidmodo Dragon to the graveyard then it can recycle it back to your hand. By discarding a card from your hand Tribute to The Doomed can destroy 1 monster in the field.

Normal Dragons

Summoning high level normal Dragon-type monsters can be a good option as well. Combine this with Champion's Vigilance so you can get an early control over your opponent's actions.



ActionsCannot conduct Battle Phase
Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons from your hand / Prevents your Special Summons


Hot New Top
2yrs worth of blue keys and not a single drop of this card, are you kidding me with this cancer drop rate
So, if my kidmodo dragon and my blue dragon summoner go to the graveyard at the same time, why i can't fetch a dragon by bds effect and then summon it by kidmodo effect?
<< Anonymous(Oscar)
Anonymous Reply
Because you can't activate an effect that will do nothing. You clearly didn't have a Dragon in your hand at the point you could activate Kidmodo Dragon.
Can it be used to summon rainbow dragon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Go try it out buddy
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This card has always been useful in Blue-Eyes deck lol
People keep in mind that you cannot activate his effect if you battled the turn you want to activate him.
<< Anonymous(Duo)
Anonymous Reply
Same question, swear I had a dragon in my hand and kidmodo was destroyed by an opponent attack. But effect didn't activate...Hadn't special summoned either.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What kind of dragon in your hand?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Maybe your opponent destroyed it by Ancient Gear Dog
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Kidmodo effects activate only when you didnt use YOUR Battle Phase,so YOU CAN'T:
* Activate it by suiciding you kidmodo against opp's mons
* Activate it after you finished you Battle Phase

Therefore, you can use it in your opp's Battle Phase
can you use it to special summon blue eyes shining dragon?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can't, BESD must be Special Summoned by Tributing BEUD and cannot be Special Summoned in any other way.
Effect not activated if used as fusion material from hand
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Were you trying to summon five headed poki draco? I don't know any cards that need this for fusion
<< Anonymous
Fusion deck user Reply
I use kidmodo for B.Blader Dragon destroyer swordsman. but you need to normal summon kidmodo first before using it as fusion material.
<< Anonymous(Fusion deck user)
Anonymous Reply
Kidmodo doesn't need to be on the field. But you shouldn't be able to use its effect if you used it as a Fusion Material for Buster Blader since you Special Summoned a non-Dragon.
If it is tributed ..the effect triggers right..just double checking
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Literally any way you get him to GY, his effect will triggers
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
His effect will activate when tributing as long it is the last monster tributing, i made the mistake of tributing it and nuit to summon a blue eyes, but since i tributed kidmodo first i got a notifivation in duel links that it took too long to activate its effect, im guessing that its because a second monster was sent to the grave before its effect activated
AI always let it face-up attack AI
Does not allow to attack, nah its cheap
So can anyone explain why this didn't work for me? Had this card set and it was destroyed by Gemini trap hole but I didn't get the prompt to summon my blue eyes from my hand...I still don't understand why
<< Anonymous
Piroca Reply
".. You cannot Special Summon monsters, except Dragon-Type monsters, nor conduct your Battle Phase, the turn you activate this effect..." I bet everything you want that you entered Battle Phase this turn
<< Anonymous(K)
Anonymous Reply
Nice I got three too. Works well in blue eyes deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wow !
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This guy is totally not hacking
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Mein Gott! Wass ist hier geworden!?

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