How to beat/farm Mokuba Lvl 30

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update 17/06/2017

Labyrinth Builder (6k-8k)

Using Paradox Brothers' Labyrinth Builder skill, special summon Labyrinth Wall to lockdown Mokuba. You need to prepare cards, such as Disarmament and The Emperor's Holiday, to negate Mokuba's Ritual Weapon. Unless the ATK of his Hungry Burger reaches 5000. If you are not familiar with Labyrinth Builder deck, check the link below to learn the basics.

SkillLabyrinth Builder
Essential cards

Union Attack (7k-8k)

The Fiend MegacyberGravekeeper's VassalShard of GreedShard of GreedShard of GreedUnion Attack
Union AttackEnemy ControllerGraceful DiceShield & SwordSecret Pass to the TreasuresReady for Intercepting
Ready for InterceptingReady for InterceptingDisarmamentDisarmamentDisarmamentThe Emperor's Holiday
The Emperor's HolidayThe Emperor's Holiday--------

Piranha (6k-7k)

Versago the DestroyerCrystal SeerCrystal SeerCrystal SeerPiranha ArmyBig Koala
PolymerizationGift of the MartyrSecret Pass to the TreasuresReady for InterceptingReady for InterceptingReady for Intercepting
Jar of GreedJar of GreedArmor BreakArmor BreakDisarmamentDisarmament
The Emperor's HolidayThe Emperor's Holiday------Master of Oz


Coming soon...

Unhappy Girl (6k-7k)

SkillHoly Guard
Essential cards

Example deck

Mystical Beast of SerketGravekeeper's VassalThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy GirlCrystal Seer
Crystal SeerRai-MeiRai-MeiRai-MeiUnion AttackUnion Attack
Temple of the KingsSecret Pass to the TreasuresWindstorm of EtaquaNutrient ZNutrient ZEnchanted Javelin
Enchanted JavelinEnchanted Javelin------Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon


Lvl 30 Mokuba's deck

Poison Hamburger Deck

Lvl 30 Mokuba Kaiba drops


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help 1days ago
guys any other card to negate equip spell card please? here is 6 negate spell card and i only have 1 of them. damm please help
<< Anonymous(help)
Anoymous 1days ago Reply
Riryoku field?
<< Anonymous(help)
Anoymous 1days ago Reply
Other anti spell cards also work. Twister, Wild Tornado, Magic Jammer, Magic Drain, Spell Vanishing or Armageddon Designator+Ritual Weapon.
<< Anonymous(help)
silas latest Reply
Emperor's Holiday is the best counter for Mokuba lv 30 IMO, since it continuously negates equip spells. Otherwise like other comments, u can add any spell counter cards. Riryoku field is indeed a great alternative (cheap & easy to obtain).
<< Anonymous(silas)
silas latest Reply
Also beware that Mokuba might activate Jar Of Avarice to bring back the destroyed equip spells. So u might want to include 4 spell counter cards in your deck, or u can use cards effects to banish the equip spells in his graveyard.
Stef latest
Juan Dj 12hour ago
My reward from Mokuba lv 30 :)
<< Anonymous(Juan Dj)
Unlucky at All 12hour ago Reply
This is insane! Dueling Mokuba lvl40 ends with trash drops while dueling his lvl30 ends with platinum packs! Is this fair, Konami? Anyways, congrats, bro! And happy farming! :)
<< Anonymous(Juan Dj)
Anoymous 3hour ago Reply
Actually it makes more sense cuz lvl 30 is harder than 40
<< Anonymous(Juan Dj)
Juan Dj 1hour ago Reply
Actually Mokuba lv 30 is more easy than Ichizu lv 40, Yugi Muto Lv 40, and Super Joey in my opinion, the deck i use to farm mokuba is the same i use to farm ichizu (a very few card are different in mokuba farming version)The Deck is already posted. I dont remember in what page I read the porcentage of drops UR/SC Cards from LGN Duelist,I think is: Lv30= 1.58% Lv40= 4.28%
Scriptimus 2days ago
Instead of filling your deck with cards to counter ritual weapon, I'd target the 'Hamburger Recipe' ritual card itself. He only has 2 of them.
<< Anonymous(Scriptimus)
Scriptimus 2days ago Reply
Scratch that, he can re-use the ritual cards. lol
<< Anonymous(Scriptimus)
Realm 2days ago Reply
And how are you gonna "target" them
<< Anonymous(Scriptimus)
Yagami 10hour ago Reply
Yeah, me too. I use spell vanishing from the new packs, but magic jammer can also work. Just make sure to banish his ritual spell & monster using white horned or delg the dark monarch
V 11hour ago
So just started a couple of days ago and im looking into building a deck to farm this guy + other LD's. I'm usually struggling to get over 3k points per fight, but i have no problem defeating them. Im currently rank 17. Any suggestions of easy to get builds i could use? Unfortunately i wasnt around to get paradox bros so cant go a labyrinth build yet
Noobs 3days ago
Did anyone realize that his deck theme "Poison Hamburger" is his own weapon on roulette table in his house vs. Yugi and friends? Makes me wanna laugh every single time remembering it LOL
<< Anonymous(Noobs)
Anoymous 3days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(Noobs)
Anoymous 3days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(Noobs)
Anoymous 1days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(Noobs)
KhoiDT 13hour ago Reply
me too, so memorable!
Anoymous 16hour ago
I farmed lvl 30 so much but still not a single sr or ur from him i hate this bs
Unlucky at All 19hour ago
My 3rd Darkflare Dragon from lvl30! Not bad at all!!
Anoymous 2days ago
i am not using bald brother, how can i get no damage victory.

How can i negate the poison of old man beside magic jammer and magic drain (it's need to discard card)

<< Anonymous
ayush1000 2days ago Reply
You can use energy absorbing monolith or life force harmoniser. Both are from card trader and normal cards so no prob in getting them
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 1days ago Reply
I'm on another way. I take that damage and use LP reduction cards to make my LP lower than 1000. This gives me 8k assessment all the time
Upsettttt 2days ago
Always got 8000+ DA, but not even get 1 SR from him yet. Anyone on the same boat?!!
<< Anonymous(Upsettttt)
Anoymous 1days ago Reply
same... :'(
<< Anonymous(Upsettttt)
Juan Dj 1days ago Reply
I got today Kimodo Dragon from Mokuba Lv 30
<< Anonymous(Upsettttt)
Anoymous 1days ago Reply
You should try the new farming methode I guess. It's called lose
<< Anonymous(Upsettttt)
Anoymous 1days ago Reply
Same here
Juan Dj 1days ago
This is my deck to farm Mokuba Lv 30, you can replace Econ with Orbs, if you manage the get Unhappy girl and a defensive spell or trap card in the firts 3 turns, the rest will be a peace of cake. (use a primstaic card if you can)
<< Anonymous(Juan Dj)
Juan Dj 1days ago Reply
I Forgot, extra deck 1 BEUD
Anoymous 1days ago

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Also beware that Mokuba might activate Jar Of Avarice to bring back the destroyed equip spells. S...
I have enchanted javelin I have negate attack ah.. Draining Shield
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