Labyrinth Builder to farm 5 LDs

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update 30/05/2017


skillLabyrinth Builder
Essential cards
ExpenseVery low
(Box reset)

Get Paradox Bros' drop skills

If you have already obtained Labyrinth Builder skill for Paradox Brothers, use this deck to get other dropped skills, Three-Star Demotion and Guardian Call.

LDs this deck effective against

This deck perfectly works to get high score from Legendary Duelists (LDs) below.

Example deck

Optimized (7k - 8k)

Thunder DragonThunder DragonThunder DragonGravekeeper's RecruiterGravekeeper's RecruiterGravekeeper's Recruiter
Gravekeeper's VassalFusion GateShard of GreedShard of GreedWonder WandWonder Wand
Union AttackUnion AttackShield & SwordSecret Pass to the TreasuresMooyan CurryJar of Greed
Jar of GreedJar of Greed---Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon

Budget No Union (6k - 7k)

Crystal SeerCrystal SeerCrystal SeerBlue-Eyes White DragonAlligator's SwordAlligator's Sword
Alligator's SwordPiranha ArmyRiryokuWhite Elephant's GiftWhite Elephant's GiftWhite Elephant's Gift
Gift of the MartyrSecret Pass to the TreasuresMooyan CurryCurse of AnubisWindstorm of EtaquaJar of Greed
Jar of GreedJar of Greed----

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Labyrinth Builder
Shuffle 2 cards from your hand into the Deck to create "Labyrinth Wall" on your side of the field. This skill can only be used once per Duel.

Paradox Brothers


How to use this deck

Starting the duel

Start the duel by using the skill to build a labyrinth to stall the duel, shuffling 2 cards that you don't need early in the duel.

  • If you have 1 Thunder Dragon, you can use its effect to get 2 and use them for the skill. Keep in mind that if you get another thunder dragon in your draws later, do NOT use its effect to get the other thunder dragon, since it is needed for the fusion.
  • Choose the ones that don't help you draw, so you can use the spell/trap cards like shard/jar of greed right after you summon labyrinth.

Speed up the process

Once you have your labyrinth set up, keep using any/all the cards that you have that can help with drawing more cards.

  • Equip wonder wand to gravekeeper's recruiter and activate the wands effect immediately. This will let you draw 2 cards, as well as a gravekeeper monster, which you can use to get another recruiter to your hand.
  • If you get a thunder dragon, check your graveyard to see if you have 1 in the graveyard. This will let you know if you already activated its ability earlier in the duel or not.
  • If you use Spell Reclamation instead of 2 Union Attack, make sure to set the spell reclamation second to your last turn.


While there really isn't an order to using the spell/trap cards, there are a list of things to do in order to execute it properly.

Things to keep in mind

  • Mooyan Curry is used to heal your opponent, not your own LP. If used before the turn that you deal finishing damage, you will get "Comeback Victory" bonus.
  • 2 Thunder Dragon are needed to fusion summon into Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon for fusion summon bonus, as well as helping Vassal reach 10,000 damage from its attack. If you ended up throwing 2 thunder dragons away, the duel is still salvage-able if you summon Gravekeeper's Recruiter when you have 1 card left in your deck and equip him with Wonder Wand. You will not be able to get 8k Duel Assessment, but Vassal can still reach 10,000 damage.
  • After using Shield & Sword, you NEED to switch Labyrinth's position into attack before entering battle phase. This is because Union attack will only add up attack position monster's attack.

Against Mai Valentine

Amazoness Sage

This deck can be used against Mai, but you will have to play it differently.

  • Due to Amazoness Sage's ability, Mai will often use sage and attack into your Labyrinth to destroy your spell/trap cards. This will cause her to inflict battle damage on to herself, losing you the "effect damage only" bonus.
  • Once you have the labyrinth on the field, DON'T put any spell/trap cards on the field. This is to make Mai not summon her Amazoness Sage, which will attack the labyrinth in order to destroy your spell/trap card. Pass the turn(s) until she has 3 monsters on the field and no Sage on the field.
  • Mai will sometimes summon amazoness sage if she has no other monsters to summon. If this happens, don't use spell/trap cards that are not going to be used immediately (ie: Shard of Greed). You can still use Wonder Wand's effect immediately by equipping it on to Gravekeeper's Recruiter. Jar of Greed is fine to use as well, but you will have to set activation confirmation to "Toggle Button" in the settings, and select it to be "on" mode so you can activate it immediately instead of after sage attacks the labyrinth.


Hot New Top
Might work against Joey too, if you throw in some copies of Eatgaboon, Abyssal Designator, or House of Adhesive Tape for Time Wizard.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Never mind, just realized he has a Sword & Shield of his own. That'll screw you over.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 5days ago Reply
It works, but you need Dimension Gate.
But what about amazon archer how to deal with it cuz she can use it's effect to finish me off?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 31days ago Reply
She won't use it
I can't find any "toggle button" in the settings of this game, does anybody have it?
<< Anonymous(SdSp)
Anoymous Reply
When dueling, Tap Setting (at the top-right corner on the screen) -> Scroll down and find Activation Confirmation -> Choose Toggle Button -> Done
Is curse of Anubis important? Gonna build the deck without union..
The labyrinth skill also works with Mako Lvl40, for some reasons, when the labyrinth is banished by the gate, Amphibious Bugroth MK-3 won't attack directly. Mako will just pass turns until he tributes it for legendary fishermen
Don't forget the baldie brother also bring our third de-spell, so now it's possible to farm both mai and mako in one deck, for in-depth explanation just contact my email
If you trade out vassal with piranha and replace sword and shield and something else with paladin of white dragon and white dragon ritual you can get 8k without union attack.

Final turn use white dragon ritual, sacrifice the wall to summon paladin, sacroficr for a blue eyes, fuse twin headed thunder dragon, summon piranha, double gift of martyr. With a glossy and prismatic card you get above 8k
Finally, a consistent and fast way to farm mai..
good job
<< Anonymous
Nubashet Reply
Yup, its super fast if she didnt summon Sage. I beat her on turn 11 lol
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
This skill dropped from ?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Dropped from any legendary duelist as long as you use the paradox bros
Seto Kaiba Lvl 40
100% win rate
<< Anonymous(一文錢)
Medikando Reply
Awesome 8k
this skill, works to farm seto lvl40
there a Labyrinth Builder Dimension Gate Kaiba lvl 40 Farm version works 90 percent of the time
just for those 4 LDs? I think it will be work for odion too (just opinion, never tried deck like this). Maybe I will build this deck and try it myself
<< Anonymous(someone)
Anoymous Reply
Yeah, unless I'm forgetting something, this should work just as well for Odion too.

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