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update 07/03/2017

Pre-Preparation of Rites

Pre-Preparation of Rites
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCard effect / Condition


Add 1 Ritual Spell Card from your Deck to your hand, and add 1 Ritual Monster from your Deck or Graveyard to your hand whose name is listed on that Ritual Spell Card. You can only activate 1 "Pre-Preparation of Rites" per turn.

How to get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--








ActionsAdds from Deck to hand / Adds from Graveyard to hand

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Hot New Top
Fun fact, while this card is not usable by players, Mokuna Kaiba actually uses it in his level 30 deck
<< Anonymous(M4rsHy )
M4rsHy Reply
It's totally unfair, but yeah XD
<< Anonymous(M4rsHy )
Anonymous Reply
Turns out Zorc uses this card as well in the Monster World RPG.
The fact that people think this card will actually be released to players anytime soon is funny as hell. Just because a card has been found in the files of the game does not mean it will be distributed to players anytime soon. There are tons of cards that both SD and LD use that we are unable to obtain, and just tons of cards that are unused in general.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
true that
this card + cyber angel deck = 🔥!!
<< Anonymous
Anonyboy Reply
Actually, this card wouldn't help CAs. Machine Angel Ritual and its Absolute variant do not list the name of any specific Cyber Angel. Now Preparation of Rites would be a different story...
I got king of games 3 seasons in a row before they added those damn red eyes cards.....:( im a free to play guy and have put so many hours into this game and they add a card that just destorys the damn game for me. i couldnt make it past platinum 3 with my KOG deck. i finally hit legendary with some hybrid cyberstein deck i threw together. but now its all anti meta, deck out decks, red eyes and toons. it just sucks you spend money collecting gems to buy out a card pack so you can get that one more sonic bird you need. or whatever it is your trying to get and win you finally make a good deck you can compete with your deck is straight trash all of a sudden. sorry i had to rant
<< Anonymous(MR88CHEVY)
you sped time* collecting gems
Ive been destroying Mokuba 12-0 with a ceberus deck. IF i could get this card tho.....king if games today before i go to bed with a relinquished deck. lol way to OP. just like red eyes insight.
This broken af card is basically a pot of greed that gives you exactly the two cards you need for a ritual summon. If it's ever obtainable I'm gonna have an autistic fit.
<< Anonymous(Killua)
Anonymous Reply
The new red eyes card is basically the same as far as see power
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Draw not see
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Red eyes insight. It's basically a free red eyes b dragon plus thins your decks 2 cards.
<< Anonymous(Killua)
Anonymous Reply
You think this card is broken? Wait until they add Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon, now that 🔥s broken.
Mokuba used this card against me and it's just too good! I gotta have it! But this doesn't tell me where I can get it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
it's a mokuba only card. you can't get it
Broken af
Dude wtf?? I was just searching this card up online telling myself "if this crap gets released on duel links, it's gonna be broken AF. Well, here it is folks.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's not 100% confirmed that you can obtain those new cards anyways.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
But it was leaked before with a bunch of other cards, so there might be a chance we get this. Probablu not gonna be enough to get Relinquished back into the meta, but it's still a pretty crazy card.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nah, people will just have to run some of those anti-ritual cards that got released
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
nah mokuba uses the card
I want this card so bad. If it comes in a box I would actually consider spending real money. I have 3 senju and 60 packs left max for my second sonic bird. There hasn't been a half decent ritual support come out in a long time.
Yeah lets add some more cheating 🔥 cards to the game. Smh
oce oke
Damn, 🔥 and take my money

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