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update 16/09/2016

Dark Necrofear

Dark Necrofear
Monster TypeFiend
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeSummoning condition / Trigger Effect


Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must first be Special Summoned (from your hand) by banishing 3 Fiend-Type monsters from your Graveyard. During the End Phase, if this card is in the Graveyard because it was destroyed by an opponent's card this turn (by battle or card effect) and sent to your Graveyard while it was a Monster Card under your control: Target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; equip this card to that target. While this card is equipped to a monster by this effect, take control of that monster.

How to get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--
OtherYami Bakura starter deck [UR]
Yami Bakura event reward [UR]




  • Special summon instead of normal summon
  • High attack and very high defense.
  • Can take control of your opponent's monster when destroyed by either battle or card effects.


  • Can only be special summoned
  • Requires banishing 3 Fiend-Type monsters
  • Uses a spell/trap slot when the effect activates


You can special summon your banished monster by using Escape from the Dark Dimension or return them back to your graveyard using Doomsday Horror.

Sending fiends to graveyard

Send fiend type monsters to the graveyard to speed up the summoning of Dark Necrofear.

  • Sphere Kuriboh has great synergy because it helps defend against an attack while also adding fuel to your graveyard.
  • Fiend Griefing sends fiends to your graveyard and can be used to disrupt effects that involve a card in your opponent's graveyard.
  • Trance Archfiend gains 500 attack in exchange for sending a fiend type monster from your hand to the grave, and can also be used to recover a fiend removed by the summoning of Dark Necrofear.



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Hot New Top
Anonymous 10days ago
A shitty card against Silent Magician. Just wtf?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
ur rly cool
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Actually if you run jowls of dark demise you get to keep it if you have it equipped with necrofear
Since when doesn't twister, wild tornado, straight flush and other spell trap destroy cards don't work on necrofear?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It is to be new cuz I've destroyed her as a trap/spell multiple times but now it's not working. Somebody tried to straight flush me and it destroyed the other cards but not necrofear? Is it not a spell/ trap once the effect is activated?
<< Anonymous
ppppp 10days ago Reply
as of 14/9 this is fixed. Dark necrofear can be killed off now.
Nevalieputri 17days ago
I have a question, is Dark Necrofear's effect actives to Silent Magician lv 8? So far I know, Silent Magician lv 8 cant be affectef by spell effect, not by monster's effect. Please need some helps, failed to reach Legend cause of this case. Thanks
<< Anonymous(Nevalieputri)
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
No, it's effect counts as an equip spell, hence making it useless, just like mask of remnants
Anonymous 21days ago
Can doom shaman special summon dark necrofear from hand?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
No. It must first be special summoned by banishing fiends from the graveyard. If it was summoned that way once and is sent back to your hand somehow, then maybe it's possible to summon it with shaman. I'm not 100 % sure if it works from hand though, But I know for sure that you can special summon NC from the graveyard once it ended up there after being summoned by banishing.
Dovahkiin 18days ago
This is my Dark Nectofear deck, the skill is "Theter of defeat." What do you change?
(I don't have enemy controller yet)
Anonymous 29days ago
Current setup. Platinum 4.
Just got beat so bad by dark general freed, negated effect of necrofear cause it turns into a spell for its effect :(
Photon Jet
I admit, Dark Necrofear is definitely the monster to watch out for as there are very few cards to counter it. Better find some weaknesses so I can overcome that freaky fiend.
This card is supposedly immune to Magnet Force. It seems to ignore the entire effect of the trap card.
<< Anonymous(TheBlackF0X)
Anonymous Reply
That's because dark necrofear effect activate at end phase. This card can only protect till end phase, so it cant stop dark necrofear
what would you change?
I have tons of fun with this deck
What should be changed?
I only have 1 Econ
<< Anonymous(Bakuryu)
Fiendly Reply
Compensation instead of draw sense dark... Replace deep seated sword and the counter trap with creeping darkness... If you have an Escape from DD, use that! Magical merchants is an idea, possibly with monster reincarnation! But the palabrinth is really good with archfiends so that means, x2 summoned skull, x2 beast of talwar and is disgusting with x2 Archfiend Empress!
<< Anonymous(Bakuryu)
Fiendly Reply
Better yet, drop the deep seated, get a 3rd doom dog instead of the owl(to get necrofear) and do needle bug nest x2 to 3 (Do not use needle bug nest more than once, u'll deck yourself out...). Along with compensation instead of draw: dark. That's as budget as I can go, have fun :)
<< Anonymous(Bakuryu)
Fiendly Reply
For the record, this is my deck (it's so much fun!), run the needle bug tho it'll do you wonders I reckon :)

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