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update 04/09/2020

Dark Necrofear

Dark Necrofear
Monster TypeFiend
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeSummoning condition / Trigger Effect


Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must first be Special Summoned (from your hand) by banishing 3 Fiend-Type monsters from your Graveyard. During the End Phase, if this card is in the Graveyard because it was destroyed by an opponent's card this turn (by battle or card effect) and sent to your Graveyard while it was a Monster Card under your control: Target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; equip this card to that target. While this card is equipped to a monster by this effect, take control of that monster.

How to get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory againstYami Bakura [UR]
Card trader--
OtherYami Bakura Starter Deck [UR]




  • Special summon instead of normal summon
  • High attack and very high defense.
  • Can take control of your opponent's monster when destroyed by either battle or card effects.


  • Can only be special summoned
  • Requires banishing 3 Fiend-Type monsters
  • Uses a spell/trap slot when the effect activates


You can special summon your banished monster by using Escape from the Dark Dimension or return them back to your graveyard using Doomsday Horror.

Sending fiends to graveyard

Send fiend type monsters to the graveyard to speed up the summoning of Dark Necrofear.

  • Sphere Kuriboh has great synergy because it helps defend against an attack while also adding fuel to your graveyard.
  • Fiend Griefing sends fiends to your graveyard and can be used to disrupt effects that involve a card in your opponent's graveyard.
  • Trance Archfiend gains 500 attack in exchange for sending a fiend type monster from your hand to the grave, and can also be used to recover a fiend removed by the summoning of Dark Necrofear.



Hot New Top
This fiend deck got me to Platinum, but barely. It includes a lot of utility fiends like Kuriboh and Possessed Dark Soul that counter a lot of the meta decks while sending a lot of fiends to the graveyard. It's a really fun deck to play.
<< Anonymous(Neyland)
Anonymous Reply
Remove Twister, add De-Spell
<< Anonymous(Neyland)
thehaxfactory Reply
Winged Minion is great when you have tempo or a way to prevent the opponent from doing anything for a turn. However, it is super bad when playing from behind and unfortunately in YuGiOh just going second can be enough to force you to play from behind.
<< Anonymous(Neyland)
Nick Reply
what is the 1st card in the 2nd row? The 4-Level Dark Fiend Rare card?
<< Anonymous(Nick)
dave Reply
it is shadowslayer, it can attack your opponent directly if all of their monsters are in defense mode, its attack is 1400 a
and its defense is 200 so if you pair it with equip cards it can 🔥 your opponent in 2 shots
why they give 2 relinquished but 1 necrofear.? This card is useless at least they give us 2. and the should ban relinquished.
<< Anonymous(oc)
Anonymous Reply
Konami wants relinquished to be top tier currently.
<< Anonymous(oc)
Heno Reply
Disappointing the event didnt even allow the chance to win another, either by the ridiculous 4mill or smashing special lvl 50.
<< Anonymous(oc)
Anonymous Reply
I think they should limit relinquished and Sergeant electro to 1 and allow us to have another necroface and barrel dragon.
<< Anonymous(oc)
Anonymous Reply
I meant necrofear.
Anyone have an idea what would happen if you've already unlocked Yami Bakura from Destiny Board and did the event again? Would you get another Necrofear?
<< Anonymous(Misuhara)
Someone. Reply
" Misuhara 4days ago
Anyone have an idea what would happen if you've already unlocked Yami Bakura from Destiny Board and did the event again? Would you get another Necrofear?"
No, you moron. You can only unlock a character once. If you already unlocked bakura from the event, it will skip over him as an unlockable.
<< Anonymous(Someone.)
Misuhara Reply
Thanks. My OTK Necrofear deck can only get me as high as to Gold Rank 5 and I just needed another Necrofear to complete it.
<< Anonymous(Misuhara)
Medikando Reply
Possibly could give another necrofear like last event of pegasus for the third copy of relinquished ( points example 1,000,000)
<< Anonymous(Misuhara)
Anonymous Reply
well yes event reward hahaha
Am I the only one who is saying two things
1. I want more than 1 of these.
2. How do I unlock destiny board ability.
3. Sky scourge enrise and dark necromancer combo deck.
<< Anonymous(D/D/D)
Anonymous Reply
I too wish you could get more than 1. I mean, look at Bakura's skills:

Compensation: useless for Dark Necrofear since there's only 1

Tether of Defeat: useless for Dark Necrofear since there's only 1, and considering its slowness and activation requirement, I see it useless for decking the opponent out as well

Destiny Board: useless since there's only 1 Dark Necrofear
<< Anonymous(D/D/D)
Anonymous Reply
And finally Fiend Farewell (couldn't add to the previous post): once again useless for Dark Necrofear due to there being only 1...
<< Anonymous(D/D/D)
Anonymous Reply
Sure, you can use the abilities for other reasons (besides Destiny Board which remains useless), but come on! It's Bakura!
<< Anonymous(D/D/D)
Anonymous Reply
Destiny Board is random drop. Hard to pull off though. I got it from 40 Kaiba.
A 🔥ty card against Silent Magician. Just wtf?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
ur rly cool
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Actually if you run jowls of dark demise you get to keep it if you have it equipped with necrofear
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Like silent magician is a thing, Silent Magician is 🔥, man.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, until someone gets SM Level 8 into the field before you can do anything about it. 3500 ATK + unaffected by opponent's Spells can be really scary.
Any ideas on how to improve this deck?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Koriboh sphere. x2
<< Anonymous
KingOfMist Reply
If you are running Dark Necrofear, your Deck shouldn't have any other monsters but Fiends (unless you run Fiend/Fairys). Just saying.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Got it, thanks.
<< Anonymous(KingOfMist)
Anonymous Reply
I'm trying to get Trance Archfiend, no luck so far.
Behold the power of darkness!
<< Anonymous(Daemonia)
Dr. Mouse Reply
Bro, how did you get "Fiend Farewall"? I've been farming and the LD don't give me any hability T_T
<< Anonymous(Daemonia)
Dark Master Reply
thats bad. no offense
<< Anonymous(Dark Master)
Anonymous Reply
Actually your bad my sir.
<< Anonymous(Dark Master)
Anonymous Reply
lol, keep farming man, darkmaster sucx
The Fun Prodigy
Does anyone have any ideas of a good deck using this card??
<< Anonymous(The Fun Prodigy)
Anonymous Reply
What I am running currently. It's low level and incomplete I plan to add the second pump fiend when I unlock it with draw sense dark or destiny board but it seems solid so far
<< Anonymous(The Fun Prodigy)
Anonymous Reply
What I am running currently. It's low level and incomplete I plan to add the second pump fiend when I unlock it with draw sense dark or destiny board but it seems solid so far
<< Anonymous(The Fun Prodigy)
Anonymous Reply
This is the deck that I am running currently, it has been pretty consistent and the draw power is great, still working on it though
Am still tryin this deck feel free to tell me where did i go wrong in it
<< Anonymous(Trust_luck)
Anonymous Reply
GO for 20 cards only
<< Anonymous(Trust_luck)
nice deck m8 but try at least 21 cards in it, and if you can remove these monsters with level 4 and change for level 3.
<< Anonymous(Trust_luck)
Wes Weston Reply
20 cards is better mate. and wtf is that a prismatic storm? ur so lucky
Necrofear turbo may be possible, with Fiend Farewell + Doomdog Orthros and that new trap that sends one fiend card to graveyard, it is possible.

BUT the question is, is it worth it to make a deck that summons Necrofear ASAP? Yeah it takes control once it got destroyed but your opponent must have a mon on the field. So if your opponent has no monsters (common with OtC scenario or Yomi Ship), this card is useless.

I'd say this card is better as a backup plan than being summoned ASAP
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
True that and if you don't build around necrofear as your ace card then it becomes hard to summon. So it's kind of a lose, lose.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's not useless. Even if your opponent has no monsters, that's a direct hit of 2200
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Run Escape from DD, problem solved :) also, Archfiend empress x2 to 3 with archfiend palabrynth on the field...... That is something else... Just toons to worry about :(
Anybody know how to counter this card?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Exile of the Wicked to destroy it. It's a band-aid fix because you'll need to deal with it's effect afterward. can't really think of ways stopping its summon though.
<< Anonymous
thejayer Reply
Divine Wrath
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The Wicked Baou Sword.
necrofear deck credit to : mariozrg
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Why Spell wave instead of Palabyrith?
<< Anonymous
Gonsailing Reply
If you missed it it's not available. It's from paradox Brothers
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's to defend his gross ghosts I guess

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