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Fanstastic Pegasus event
update 29/08/2017


Event periodOct 17 - Oct 25

Goals you should achieve

1. Unlock Yugi Muto

Unlock Yugi Muto when you clear the Final Duel Zone for the first time.

2. Get Union Attack

It is very important to get Union Attack, as it is used in many farming decks. If you want to farm other LDs more efficiently try to get at least 2 copies of this card, 1 copy is given to you after you finish Final Duel Zone for the third time.

3. Get Event Exclusive Drops

As with every other event, this one has drops that can only be obtained for a limited time, so try so get as many of them as possible. Best would be to have at least 3 of each card.

Event flow

1Collect Dice Fragments by dueling in Duel World and Ranked Duels.
2Use Dice Fragments to roll 1-3.
3Move along the board earning Millenium Coins
4Collect Millenium Coins and try you luck with the Card Lottery
5Earn Zone Reward for each zone that you clear.

Event bonus

You will obtain 25 Dice fragments once per day when you enter the map.


  • Daily Bonus resets at 02:00 am

How to earn Millenium Coins

You can earn Millenium Coins by:

  1. Dueling in Event Duels
  2. Landing on Millenium Coin spaces
  3. Landing on the same space as a friend.

Tips to earn more Millenium Coins

  • The stronger the Legendary Duelist is, the more Millenium coins you will earn when you win
  • Completing Duel Missions when Dueling Legendary Duelists will give you additional Millenium Coins.
  • The Vagabond is a strong opponent, but Dueling against him will net you extra Millennium Coins whether you win or lose!

Effect Spaces

Effect SpaceWhat does it do?
Legendary Duelist SpaceDuel with a Legendary Duelist. Win to continue along the Map and get "Millenium Coins" by completing Duel Missions.
Standard Duelist SpaceDuel with a Standard Duelist. Obtain "Millenium Coins" after the Duel.
The Vagabond SpaceDuel with the Vagabond. Obtain a lot of "Millenium Coins" after the Duel.
Item SpaceObtain items such as Gems, Gold, etc.
Coin SpaceObtain "Millenium Coins".

Forest Zone

Weevil Lvl 40

Weevil starts the duel with the field spell Forest active.

Mai Lvl 40

Mai starts the duel with the field spell Mountain active.

Ocean Zone

Mako Lvl 40

Mako starts the duel with the field spell Umi active.

Rex Lvl 40

Rex starts the duel with the field spell Wasteland active.

Labyrinth Zone

Paradox Bros Lvl 40

Paradox Bros starts the duel with Labyrinth Wall on his side of the field.

Pegasus Castle Zone

Kaiba Lvl 40

Kaiba starts the duel with Blue-Eyes White Dragon on his side of the field.

Keith Lvl 40

His event exclusive skill gives him 7 Completed each turn (3 turns).

Final Duel Zone

Pegasus Lvl 40 (1)

Pegasus starts the duel with the continuous spell Toon World active.

Pegasus Lvl 40 (2)

Pegasus's event exclusive skill summons Relinquished on his side of the field.

Cards to look out for
The Golden ApplesThe Golden Apples

Zone Rewards

You will receive round completion Reward(s) based on which zone you reached. Round 6 onwards will give you 3,000 gold after finishing the Final Duel Zone.

Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5
Forest ZoneGem x10Gem x30R Jewel x20R Jewel x30Gem x50
Ocean ZoneBone Temple BlockSR Jewel x1Gem x40KuribohDuel Orb x5
Labyrinth ZoneGem x20Precious Cards from BeyondSR Jewel x1SR Jewel x1UR Jewel x1
Pegasus Castle ZoneR Jewel x10Duel Orb x5Gold x 10,000Gold x 10,000Gold x 15,000
Final Duel ZoneUnlock Yugi MutoMilla the Temporal MagicianMaha VailoHorn of the UnicornR Jewel x30

Lottery Rewards

Use the Millenium Coins that you earned to get a random reward from this list!

SR cards

R cards

Lottery RewardsRating
Infinite DismissalInfinite Dismissal4.0/10
Jigen BakudanJigen Bakudan2.0/10
Bone Temple BlockBone Temple Block/10
Stop DefenseStop Defense1.0 /10

N cards

Other items


Hot New Top
I extremely dream of playing this event. So sad new players will never get to enjoy it. By now it wouldn't be any wrong to bring it back for a third time with so many players from then having left.
Lord of D
Konami will you bring this event back? Pleeeeeeeease I got Silent THICC Magician I NEED YUGI MUTO in my life!!!
<< Anonymous(Lord of D)
Anonymous Reply
We need Yugi muto please konami he's my fave
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
We already have Yugi Muto. Have you looked at your missions? You can unlock him at the gate anytime.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Alex Reply
Please do this event again, there are cards that can only be obtained from this event
<< Anonymous(Alex)
Anonymous Reply
Sooner or later cards that you missed from an event will be available through sr/ur tickets
Someone please tell me how to beat relinquished pegasus.
I would thank a lot :D
<< Anonymous(Carlos_Garza)
tsmn11 Reply
2: use "dna surgery" (lvl 40 weevil reward) to change the monster type on the field to dragon. then fusion summon "Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman" (ur from pack crimson kingdom ) to cockblock all of his monsters
<< Anonymous(Carlos_Garza)
LontongSayur Reply
I'm beat Pegasus whit this deck but be careful Pegasus use ulti providence, michizuru, and magic drain
<< Anonymous(Carlos_Garza)
Dryan Reply
U can beat him with this deck
<< Anonymous(LontongSayur)
Anonymous Reply
it's not whit, it's with.
When does the event comes because I couldn’t get more of union attack from yugi.
<< Anonymous(Doomadreadon )
Anonymous Reply
same, I got lucky getting 1 without farming but second one was impossible, I had to use ticket from kuriboh event
When are they bringing this back?
Bring it back i'm new we need yugi
<< Anonymous
Kariky Reply
I'm not sure if this works..., but I got Yami Bakura this way: Fight in a casual duel or ranked against someone with Yugi Muto as his Character and see if you can unlock his missions.
<< Anonymous(Kariky)
Kariky Reply
Forget about the Bakura thing..., It seems there is an event to unlock him right now and that's how I got it.
Bring it back pls
Bring it back pls
U are missing the Card ''Armored Zombie''(N) as a lottery Reward
I'm not recieving dice when I log in and when I click the banner it omly shows me the lottery, why can't I play this?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
the event is over.
hope they extend the event, i was only able to play it once be it ended
Para mi deberían aunque sea dejar q siga el evento, claro q ya no obtendríamos mas dados pero por lo menos q se pueda usar como si aun continuara el evento... A la mayoría le perjudica ya q tenemos muchos dados, por ejemplo yo me quede con 1000 aprox. por falta de tiempo no pude gastar todo y para colmo gastar los dados en si si q tarda mucho tiempo 300 dados en 1,5 horas aprox.
<< Anonymous(Bill)
Otong Reply
Same here, dude. The last 1.5 hours wasn't enough to spend my 300+ dices. Although actually I don't quite understand what you are saying.
<< Anonymous(Bill)
ASBenediction Reply
Yo intenté repartir el tiempo entre conseguir dados y gastarlos para evitar que me pasase eso. Pero vamos, me pegué un palizón para conseguir x3 x4 y x5 de todas las SR menos del Union Attack (que era lo único que buscaba) que conseguí sólo 1 y a punto de acabar el evento. Ahora a esperar otro siglo para poder hacerme el puñetero deck de farmeo :(

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Wish Konami would randomly make a remake of this card XD
Which they still haven't re-release to this day, for whatever reason.
Beginners take it slow within 3 months youll be super strong build blue eyes white dragon deck.. ...
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