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Yami Marik Lvl 50 is there!
update 05/09/2016

Blowback Dragon

Blowback Dragon
Monster TypeMachine
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeIgnition Effect
ArchetypesGun Dragon
Fusion Material forGatling Dragon


Once per turn: You can target 1 card your opponent controls; toss a coin 3 times, and destroy that target if at least 2 of the results are Heads.









How to Get

Under construction.


Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys your opponent's Spell Cards / Destroys your opponent's Trap Cards / Destroys your opponent's Monster Cards

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Anonymous 3days ago
i definitely saw this card. did i see wrong? how can this card "under construction"
Anonymous 22days ago
I hope he is obtainable as N lol
Madmine 26days ago
What a fitting name for a card that will definitely rape you ^_^
<< Anonymous(Madmine)
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
This card blows
When they gonna release this? i want to make BD deck. also some player can learn skill life cost 0 so bandit should able to learn luck on your side too
How the hell was this thing able to destroy the Mask of the Accursed that I had put on it? That's not listed in its properties! I call foul!
<< Anonymous(DesertRose3000)
Anonymous Reply
Blowback Dragon can destroy any card the opponent controls on the field, including Mask of the Accursed and other Spell/Trap cards
<< Anonymous(DesertRose3000)
Anonymous Reply
Cause he has no face
duel links 1.9.0 professional mod v0 with +8000 points in pve and disable cheat detector in pve

more information in
please komoney release this card
Why does anyone say it's Blowjob Dragon? Like wtf, BLOWBACK !!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Hey, to each their own fetish ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Pretty sure Kaiba wants them White Dragon.
Just lost to this card. Luck on my Side Joey is why it's not in the game. 2 Mausoleum of the Emperor with 3 cup of ace. 3 twin barrel Dragon. 2barrel dragons. 2 Blow dragons. 3 golden apples enchanted jav and you have an infinite summon rate of rolling the he'll out of every card your opponent has. Lol
Whyyyyyy did konami put this card in the damn game if you can't freaking obtain it. I'm trying to farm bandit Keith and it only works 50 percent of the time because of that BS card!! Blowback dragon is way too good! Why have it in the game if there's no way you can get it!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
kid, you want this card becoz its op? There are many cards that are unobtainable.. thats good to keep the balance. It wouldnt be fun if someone use this card pvp with u. Is that how you want it? lol
<< Anonymous
sjp91 Reply
It's annoying but not exactly broken I mean after all its ability is based on chance so it's not 100 percent definite that it's going to destroy something and let's not forget it only has 1200 which most monsters can run over (assuming it's in Def)overall a pretty versatile card but I wouldn't rely on it too much
<< Anonymous
DesertRose3000 Reply
No. It wouldn't be fun to have it used against you in PvP, but it would be fun to use it against someone else! :-D
I would spend a lot of money on this card lol
Why in the world?!...

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No matter how many times you farm, it's hard to get that card.
what if you don't have RA?
Yes if u lucky he will drop it for u
Well this is my key card to defeat Yami Marik lv 50 :))
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