Yugi Muto event

Duel Links Yugi Muto event, how to beat Yugi Muto lvl 40, rewards.
update 18/01/2018

During this event, Yugi Muto will randomly appear in Duel World. His card rewards are centered around Valkyrion the Magna Warrior, and his the other Magnet Warriors, but he also drops Union Attack, which is a very useful card for many farming decks.


Period (GMT +00:00)June 7 - June 12
  • Yugi Muto will not appear at the Gate
  • Only one Yugi Muto will appear at one time in Duel World
  • The Duel Assessment for a Yugi Muto Duel will be carried out in the same manner as Legendary Duelist Duels.
  • The lottery determining Yugi Muto’s appearance is in no way connected to the spawning of Standard Duelists and Legendary Duelists.
  • Using Duel Orbs/Boosted Duel Orbs will not affect Yugi Muto’s appearance in Duel World
  • The appearance of a Lvl. 20 or higher Yugi Muto will be determined randomly, depending on your Stage.

Event missions

Jun 7 - Jun 12 (5:00 AM GMT+0)

BlockmanWin 1 Duel(s) against Yugi Muto.
Alpha The Magnet WarriorWin 3 Duel(s) against Yugi Muto.
Beta The Magnet WarriorWin 7 Duel(s) against Yugi Muto.
Gamma The Magnet WarriorPlay 15 Duel(s) against Yugi Muto.


Finally, Yugi Muto arrived to Duel By winning duels against him, we will be able to get his Signature Card, Gandora the Dragon of Destruction!

Cards you should get from the event

It is strongly recommended to get at least 1 copy of Union Attack during the event. This spell card makes it easy for you to farm Lvl 40 Legendary Duelists by being used in a certain Combo. Check the link below for more details!


How often does Yugi Muto Spawn:

It is not yet known how often Yugi Muto appears, but we can confirm from the news that it is not affected by using boosted duel orbs or the spawning of standard and legendary duelists in duel world. Until we can confirm further, it is random.

How can I duel a higher lvl version of him

Yugi Muto’s lvl appears to be random depending on the player’s stage, requiring the player to reach a certain stage before a higher lvl can show up, but a lower lvl version can still appear for players that are already at stage 50.

Will I be able to obtain Yugi Muto:

No, the event is only to duel him to get a chance to obtain some of his cards.

How to earn a high score:

Check the level 30 and 40 page to find the decks that work against him, and use the ones that you can make.


Hot New Top
Is anyone else having a problem getting Gamma the Magnet Warrior? Ive picked up 1 Gandora, 2 Valkyrion, 2 Union Attack but still not even 1 Gamma...
<< Anonymous(Kurosakazui)
Anonymous Reply
I got 1 Valk, 1 gandora, 3 union attack, 13 betas, 6 alpha, 1 delta... butacas i cant get a fr#$ gamma
<< Anonymous(Kurosakazui)
Anonymous Reply
i got like 3 of each magnet warrior and 1 valkyrion STILL NO UNION ATTACK
<< Anonymous(Kurosakazui)
Anonymous Reply
Actually no need gamma. Get delta from trader to play out valk.
<< Anonymous(Kurosakazui)
Anonymous Reply
Gamma is the most "RARE" to drop

i got 1st = 1 prismatic Union Attack
then 2 valk..1 toy...1 rain..1 gamma..
them get more 2 valk, 2 gandora,1 union, and in the last duel at lv30 get in the last reward another Gamma.. pure lucky!
Drop rate has been good
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
same for me too bud
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What deck are you using to farm him? I don't have all the cards to farm him using the farming decks posted on this site. It's been hard to find a consistent deck to win with.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Don't come Here and say the drop rate is good when some of us are suffering to even see yugi ,let along fet an sr drop from him,or even getting the level 40 one if he spawned in the first place ...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Don't come Here and say the drop rate is good when some of us are suffering to even see yugi ,let along get an sr drop from him,or even getting the level 40 one if he even spawned in the first place ...
Get Gut
Easy event is easy
<< Anonymous(Fu*ck)
Anonymous Reply
Gandora and 2 of the Toy Magicians are drops from previous event. In this event my only "rare" drops this event are 1 Troll Magician and 2 Magic Blast. None of them are glossy too
<< Anonymous
Fu*ck Reply
but u still get at least a SR drop i have none so far just farm him again lvl 40 8K drops nothing but stones
<< Anonymous(Get Gut)
Anonymous Reply
Dude I need ur high rng
<< Anonymous(Get Gut)
Serendipity Reply
Jesus. I would be willing to trade in 6 Gandoras (a prismatic included) and 5 magical blast and 4 mercy rain for 2 gamma and 2 valkyrion..
Neither of you can read, clearly. I was talking about the Exodia card, from the next event. Exodia should be banned, period. It has no place here and neither does my son if this continues.
<< Anonymous(ConcernedMotherof2)
ConcernedMotherof2 Reply
This page pertains to the next event. Perhaps YOUR mother never taught you proper reading comprehension. You also lack logic and common sense, you snotty brat.
<< Anonymous(ConcernedMotherof2)
Anonymous Reply
Yes, the Yugi event. It has nothing to do with Exodia.
<< Anonymous(ConcernedMotherof2)
Anonymous Reply
Dudes this must be Kaiba's mom.
<< Anonymous(ConcernedMotherof2)
Boooo Reply
Yea, dic! This page is about YuGiOh Muto's event that starts on the 16th after maintenance
So excited to do 8.000+ 1000 times and not getting a single Union Attack.
<< Anonymous(JOHN)
Alec. Reply
What deck do you use to farm him
<< Anonymous(JOHN)
There is only one Go Reply
His name is Jesus and He is a jealous God. Stop praying to RNG and start fearing Jesus.
<< Anonymous(JOHN)
Anonymous Reply
Begin the event with this
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
you finished with the event all you need is one more gamma
15 duels and zero losses, all of them 7-8k points, and the only SR I got was a magical blast... I had better drops last event playing a 2-3k points deck...
<< Anonymous(Zack)
Anonymous Reply
Still in the same situation. Stayed home all day yesterday just to get something but nope. I'll have to try again...
<< Anonymous(Zack)
Anonymous Reply
At least u'r seeing yugi level 40 ,the only yugi i get is level 30 after 3-4 hours of wait ,i barely see yugi level 50 once a day ...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Level 40 *
<< Anonymous
Zack Reply
Yeah i guess, but what use is there to dueling lvl 40 yugi if he doesn't drop a single SR? And yeah, ever since the time I started this thread I still haven't got a single SR. I'm probably over 30 wins now.
Ricardo Neves Amaral
Cartas Yugi Muto lvl 40 em 02/05/2017:

Cartas Muto 40, 02/05/2017:

1 x Alfa, o Guerreiro Ímã: 1400/1700 rocha, nível 4, terra

1 x Beta, o Guerreiro Ímã: 1700/1600 rocha, nível 4, terra

2 x Golem Sentinela: 800/1800 rocha/efeito, Uma vez por turno: você pode colocar este card com a face para baixo em posição de defesa. Quando invocado por Virar, devolva um monstro do oponente do campo pra mão dele.

** Não foi acionado o efeito do mostro pela magia de colocar todos os monstros em posição de atk. Não virou quando tinha mostro 2400 atk do meu lado.

2 x Libertação da Pedra: Armadilha, Selecione um dos seus monstros do tipo Rocha removidos do jogo e invoque-o por Invocação Especial. Quando este card for removido do campo, destrua o mostro. Quando o mostro for destruído, destrua este card.

1 x Simulação de Plano: Armadilha, Um jogador não pode atacar mostros virados para baixo neste turno.

2 x Ordem de Carga: magia. Tributa um mostro normal com face para cima e destrói um mostro do oponente.

1 x Gama, o Guerreiro Ímã: 1500/1800 rocha, nível 4, terra.

3 x Soldado de Pedra Gigante: 1300/2000, rocha, nível 3, terra.

1 x O espírito da Rocha: 1700/1000, rocha/efeito, nível 4, terra. Não pode ser invocado normal nem baixado. Deve invocar especial removendo do jogo 1 mostro terra do cemitério do jogador. Aumenta o ATK desse monstro em 300 pontos apenas durante a battle phase do adversário.

1 x Kuriboh

+5 cartas na mão.

*alfa, beta e gama se fundem para formar um monstro poderoso.
Has the little 🔥er appeared for anybody? I have logged in 3-4 times today but the little brat hasn't appeared once?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yugi doesn't appear until the 26th.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Little 🔥er loool
<< Anonymous
Funny Reply
That was funny AF, dude! Lawl!
But, yeah, I'm excited as 🔥 for YuGiOh Muto to show up! (I kno its Yugi)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
he is out now
🔥ing yugi. Look at this 🔥ty drops. Not a single SR. At least im going to obtain a 🔥ing gamma after dueling him 15 times.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Finally a gamma
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ana a second one!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Finally i have completed my set of magnet warriors. I only wish to have 3 toy magician.
Helpful tip
Playing PvP summons Yugi faster, he's coming to me every 20-60min now ;)
Oh, you're welcome
<< Anonymous(asdfghjkl)
Nah Reply
You're wrong
<< Anonymous(Helpful tip)
Whoa Reply
Guys actually listen to this guy, I've had Yugi spawn a hell of a lot more, thanks dude!
<< Anonymous(Nah)
asdfghjkl Reply
I have been playing pvp for 90 mins but he didn't show up. So it was just luck maybe!

Have you done anything beside playing pvp?
<< Anonymous(Helpful tip)
Anonymous Reply
just close the app every 30mins gameplay. It will appear soon enough
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
lol the post was trolling you think he didn't get 1 gandora but everything else?? he converted that 🔥 card to troll
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
damn u dumb af
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
that's what u get, u and ur 3 gamma
Pegasus-10 days long, can verse whenever you want
Yugi-7 days long, spawns like twice a day

Good job again Konami, this is perfect.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Spawned 5 times in just a couple hour for me
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Spawned thrice today in 2 hours and I'm not even farming him.just dueled because.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
For me, 3 times in 12 hours. Broken
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Appeared back to back 3 times for me

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