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update 29/01/2017

Nobleman of Extermination

Nobleman of Extermination
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCard effect


Select, destroy, and remove from play 1 face-down Spell or Trap Card. If it was a Trap Card, both players must remove from play all copies of that card from their Decks.

How to get / Rarity

PackValkyrie's Rage [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Allows you to destroy a set card regardless if it's a spell or trap.
  • Destroyed spell/trap are removed from play instead of sent to the graveyard, preventing cards like Wild Tornado from activating it's second ability.
  • Banishes more copies of the destroyed trap in your deck and your opponent's deck.


  • This card's effect only works on face down spell/trap.
  • Opponent can activate the spell/trap as a chain to negate this card.
  • Second part of this card's ability only works on trap cards.
  • Also banishes the traps that you have in your deck.


This card works well with Pegasus' skill "Mind Scan" which allows you to see what spell/trap they have set down. This prevents you from blindly choosing a card that your opponent can just activate when it is chosen.



Banished categoriesBanishes from your field / Banishes from your opponent's field / Banishes from your Deck / Banishes from your opponent's Deck
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys face-down Spell Cards / Destroys face-down Trap Cards

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JJ-Ka-Le 26days ago
ok but valkyrie's rage doesn't have this card tho....
<< Anonymous(JJ-Ka-Le)
Anonymous 17days ago Reply
Then you're blind, because it's there.
Someone removed my Wall of Disruption with this, then a few turns later they activated one of their own (they didn't discard it). hell.
<< Anonymous
Oldtimer Reply
They have to remove it from their deck. However, if they had it in hand, they can still play it.
This card can up mill decks if it selects Regretful Rebirth.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nobody uses Regretful Rebirth in competitive mill decks anymore.
it's simple
if it's a spell it's banished
if it's a trap it's banished
if it's a trap that can be face-up on your turn(the turn you activated nobleman) then your nobleman card will be countered because the card isn't set anymore
eg.Metalmorphs, or equip traps, continuos trap card can't be banished

So basically it's strong against a SET SPELL CARD
and weak against a set trap card because your opponent can flip a trap card on your turn if it meet it's requirements :)
<< Anonymous(Khoi Nguyen)
Anonymous Reply
btw, I got 1 of this, but I carry de-spell and storm, bcs they both can deal with the harpies hunting ground, but this can not, and since the meta is like 70% mai and weevil, you can use de-spell to the mask of the acursed or hhg, so kinda better carrying a de-spell than this
<< Anonymous(Khoi Nguyen)
Anonymous Reply
btw, I got 1 of this, but I carry de-spell and storm, bcs they both can deal with the harpies hunting ground, but this can not, and since the meta is like 70% mai and weevil, you can use de-spell to the mask of the acursed or hhg, so kinda better carrying a de-spell than this
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Also I remember the times I fough vs this card, I didnt chained my trap bcs I wanted to make them lose they own trap if they got one, like, it happens a lot when they select etaqua, and I know almost 99% of the decks carry etaqua and I dont want to deal with it, I just let it banish them, and it's 1-1 + no worries about their etaqua (same with mirror wall)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
with 1 happens very often when I see this card, but I remember once, I let my mirrorwall be banished and then I saw his 2 mirrorwalls going out from his deck like, I make a godo decision just by not chaining it, and they lose 2 mirror+1 nobleman x 1 mirrowall, just a unnecesary risky spell that I wouldn carry
this card should also negate chain activations to it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
the card is called Night Beam
It's a poorly worded card. It should have been a quick spell or negate activation imo.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's not a poorly worded card, it's just a bad card. Especially for it's rarity.
Daemon Blitzkrieg
Ok, let's try this since there is confusion over this simple effect & simple counter. -- First, to activate any Nobleman card, the target must be Face-Down, aka Set. Next, the card gives you a chance to counter it by either activating it or flipping it Face-Up. If you (or your opponent) can't OR don't do so, the target will get banished & if the target was correct (be it Trap or Flip monster), Nobleman will immediately banish the other cards of the same name in the owner's deck. -- Its effect & counter is that simple, but powerful.
Why would activating a trap negate Noblemans effect? Please tell me it is a bug or this card is useless
<< Anonymous
Daemon Blitzkrieg Reply
It can ONLY be activated on a face down card. It can only destroy a face down one as well, so flipping the target face up automatically kills its remaining effects.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Incorrect. It will not negate a trap that was flipped up.
<< Anonymous
Daemon Blitzkrieg Reply
That's exactly what I just said.
<< Anonymous
Froggie Reply
But that isn't true either, it doesn't negate traps that way.
How can the opponent chain the face down trap being targeted to negate the effect? Going by the plain reading of the card, this should not be possible surely?
<< Anonymous
turk Reply
They chain, activate the trap, so it does whatever it does and probably goes to the graveyard all on its own before nobelman does anything at all
This card is strictly worse then Xing and/or Twister right?
<< Anonymous(Leumer)
Jeff Reply
With Mind Scan, this card is pretty good, by using this card, you don't have to pack Mirror Wall and in case enemies have 2 or more MW, they would all be gone.
<< Anonymous(Leumer)
Renkovic Reply
That's wrong. When your opponent activates the MW you picked as a chain, the MW stays on the field, no other MW will be destroyed in his deck and your Nobleman of Extermination was completly useless. Someone used NoE against me and i just did it that way.
<< Anonymous(Leumer)
Anonymous Reply
Useless? You forced the other player to activate the mirror wall needlessly and you did it solely because you want to justify that NOE is useless and it keeps up your morale for doing that when it's hardly ever the case. NOE threw of the timing for Mirror's activation, in what way is that useless? Also, it would be not your battle phase I assume, so your opponent won't make mistakes blindly attack
<< Anonymous(Leumer)
Anonymous Reply
-ing during that turn. Again, how was it pointless or useless? You like playing know-it-all when you yourself doesn't even think steps ahead and just look things at their face value. Perhaps you have no mirror wall that's why you can say such baseless and unfounded comments.

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