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update 23/07/2019

Nightmare Penguin

Nightmare Penguin
Monster TypeAqua
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect / Trigger Effect


All face-up WATER monsters you control gain 200 ATK. When this card is flipped face-up: Target 1 card your opponent controls; return that target to the hand.

How to Get

PackCybernetic Rebellion [R]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Gives an attack boost to WATER monsters.
  • Good defense stat.
  • Returns an opponent’s card back to hand.


  • Attack boost is small.
  • Not so useful after being flipped.
  • Flip effects can be slow.


Similar Effects

Lots of cards have an effect similar to Nightmare Penguin, below are just some examples. How Nightmare Penguin differentiates itself is by giving your WATER monsters an attack boost if he stays on the field.




ActionsReturns from your opponent's field to your opponent's hand
Stat changesYour monsters gain ATK


Hot New Top
I watched the series long ago, I don't remember Mako playing this card.

I only remember this guy as a BIG FIVE member.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yea, it was played by that guy
The META has diversity because:

We have Electromagnets.
We have Six Samurais.
We have Blue-eyes
We have Red-eyes
We have Neos Fusion
We have Koa'ki Meiru
We have Survival's End
We have TRIAMIDS (F2P and can climb in DAY 1)
We have Dark Magician
We have Mermails
We have Subterrors
We have Ancient Gears
We have Crystrons
We have Cyber Dragon Beatdown + King of the Swamp
We have Gem Knights
<< Anonymous
Fuck the meta Reply
And it's all cancer :D
Mako users now can fap to a penguin. Huzzah!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i dont think u know what fap means
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
All mako users fap to their cards
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
>i don't think

Man, Mako just keeps on getting stronger. This card is like a hane hane + star boy. Return a oss monster and power up water monsters. darn.
<< Anonymous
Anonyboy Reply
You're misreading. If a monster says "When this card is flipped face up" it counts as a flip-effect. If it said FLIP: At the start, then the Water monsters gaining 200 attack would be dependent on the flip. It is not. The ATK gain is not flip-activated, the bounce is. If it had said "When this card is flip summoned," like it does for Swarm of Locusts, then you would be right.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous2 Reply
I rather write a 3 page single spaced essay saying how idiot you are. This card is indeed a better hane hane putting aside the attribute.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Haha just a norm random idiot commenting penguin eff doesnt count as flip eff Pepega, Gold-Below rank Confirmed
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
1. This card's ATK boost effect is not dependant on flipping. You can simply Normal Summon this card and the boost will apply.

2. This card's bounce effect activates when this card is flipped face-up regardless of how this card is flipped face-up. Flip Summon, flipping up via a card effect, and flipping up due to battle, all activates this card's effect.
Say Say
"Guess again Crump"

Tea you in danger girl lol
I love two things: Numbers & Penguins.
But what I really want right now is to become a teenage girl. (Big 2)
Did Nightmare Penguin just get leaked?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes lol
It seems my mom
Can we get a date for when nightmare penguin gets released if so what about an event for it
This card is booty

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