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Some of these monsters are used to build the Water deck, currently one of the strongest on the meta. "Suijin" is a very defensive monster with high stats and an effect that protects him and causes damage to the enemy the first time he is attacked. "High Tide Gyojin" is a cheap and strong option for the deck and "Yomi Ship" can destroy any monster that destroys it, even if you use it to a suicidal attack.

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Pvp is getting boring since I can't find any decks in new boxes that I want. Guess I am doin...
You only have 3 cards to distroy Yubel This deck will brick HARD unless you put some Fire King Y...
He's one of the most handsome guys of all time in the anime world
lol I was wondering why they added them straight to the regular inventory. Guess it's beca...
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