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update 24/10/2016


Monster TypeDinosaur
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeSummoning condition / Trigger Effect


You can Special Summon this card (from your hand). When you do: Your opponent can target 1 monster in their Graveyard; your opponent Special Summons that target to their side of the field.

How to Get

PackBurning Nova [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Can be Special Summoned from your Hand.


  • Weak ATK and DEF stats.
  • Your opponent can Special Summon any monster from their Graveyard if you Special Summon this monster from your Hand.


  • This card also acts as a Tribute Fodder similar to Dynatherium, which allows you to Tribute Summon level 5 or 6 monster during the same turn.
  • If you include this card in a Dinosaur Deck, the recommended Dinosaur Tribute would be Duoterion, since it can also Special Summon Hydrogeddon from your Graveyard (if you have any).


Soul Release is the most direct way to remove cards from your opponent’s Graveyard, before you Special Summon Gilasaurus. This will ensure they are unable to Special Summon any monsters due to Gilasaurus’ effect.

Dinosaur Support

Jurassic World is a Field Spell that increases the ATK and DEF of all Dinosaur-type monsters by 300. Fossil Dig is able to search for any Dinosaur monster which is Level 6 or lower, from your Deck. Fossil Excavation can Special Summon any Dinosaur monster from your Graveyard, but its effects are negated.





Anonymous 19days ago
I just noticed something while dueling Hassleberry: the PSCT for Gilasaurus is finally updated to the 2017 (Dinosmasher's Fury structure deck) version.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 17days ago Reply
Wait, what? That's actually pretty interesting. I don't think they've EVER updated card text in Duel Links before that. (Barring name changes, though even then, it's just the name. Silent Graveyard didn't get its PSCT for example.)

Really wish they'd go back and update more texts. There's no real reason a card like Water Dragon should have outdated text when it's had PSCT for well over a year.
Anonymous 19days ago
AND I just noticed how this Gilasaurus can make you summon obelisk in just one turn if you have 2 copies of it in your hand, to make it easier you could use a swamp mirrorer and a canadias as well
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 17days ago Reply
Yes, Tyrann just did this trick against me in a duel. Summons 2 Gilasaurus out of the blue and sets a 3rd monster; it looks like a decent way to summon Obelisk, maybe with some other cards that can fill the board with monsters it can be done...
Can you special summon it if your opponent has no monsters in there graveyard ???
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Short answer: Yes.
Longer answer: Absolutely.
This card would go well with cyber dinosaur. Special summoning gilasaurus would give your opponent the choice to special summon from their GY. If your opponent special summons a card (outside the battle faze) you an special summon cyber dinosaur with an attk of 2500 giving you two monsters and your normal summon still...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ah, nice idea.
This card has some cool synergy with Big Evolution Pill
hazy will love this
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dinos are better
Kadal Gendeng membuat musuh bisa melakukan panggilan spesial jika kamu melakukan panggilan spesial dari tangan
<< Anonymous
Berak Reply
Wow aku tercengang melihatnya
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wall wall wall wall now!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Then build another wall underground and another one, another one, another one...
Gilasaurus makes me Gila when I finally got it. Gila in melayu means "Crazy or mad"
<< Anonymous(obrang)
Anonymous Reply
Nobody care
<< Anonymous(obrang)
Anonymous Reply
Not even sure how to get this card.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Only the AI have it so far I think.
I think this card could be useful in help summoning guardian grarl. If you get 3 gilasurus, 3 gaurdian axes, and 3 gaurdian grarls in your deck then special summoning gaurdian grarl should be easy. You could special summon 2 of these place an axe on one and assuming you have only 4 cards in your hand special summon gaurdian grarl with its special effect. And 1700 attack with dinosaur kingdom is pretty good.
I really need more dinosaur cards

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So is anyone going to post a list of the new best Yubel variant with E-cons? I can't find it...
Cause I think he would show more of the Neos and Neo-Spacian cards yet to be shown in Duel Links....
Has to be targeted by a card effect to use it's effect. Most players who can read won'...
C'moooooooooooooonnnn Konami!
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