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Anonymous 3hour ago
where i can send my non-meta deck, that is interesting enough and worth sharing?
<< Anonymous
blyat 1hour ago Reply
Deck Advice page
Anonymous 6hour ago
hopes for next banlist
ban murmillo
ban bestiari
limit laquari
limit dimicari
semi limit enemy controller
semi limit impenetrable attack
ban wall of disruption
ban mirror wall
ban floodgate
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5hour ago Reply
oh look, another dumb kid.
Valencia 6hour ago
With no cards, and no lifepoints, just how are we supposed to duel!? I wanted a duel, not a really awkward date! These errors are ridiculous.
Alexer 8hour ago
ive seen people activating storm and then immediately chaining their own red-eyes spirit, however, everythime i try it, it destroys my card before i can do anything, am i missing anythinh?
<< Anonymous(Alexer)
NhiteWigga 8hour ago Reply
You need to turn on 'self chain' in options
<< Anonymous(NhiteWigga)
Anonymous 1hour ago Reply
You can also do it with the chain option on the duel field set to manual if you tap, as well. (That's come in handy while grinding a few times where I forgot to re-enable self-chain.)
NhiteWigga 8hour ago
Hmm.. can someone tell me what happened here? What I dis wrong..
<< Anonymous(NhiteWigga)
Hooker 5hour ago Reply
All I see is your opponent laugh at you.
<< Anonymous(NhiteWigga)
NhiteWigga 2hour ago Reply
But I don't understand one thing. Lava Golem has higher level than Benten and both of them are monsters. In my opinion I should win revealing and my opponent should take damage in this situation
Winstreak 10hour ago
In legends rank you need to win 5x to go up a rank.

If memory served me right this could also be:

Win x4 + lose x1 (fall back to win x3) + win x2
Resulting in rank up too.

However i have had several times now in legend 3, that i lost the final 5ft rank up match and that i had to redo all 5 wins again before i got the yellow rank up bar again.

Has this been changed?
umop apisdn 12hour ago
Why does Duel Links force a draw for you during your draw phase? A LOT of times I lose because I should have activated a skill, pre-draw, yet if you stay in the drawing phase for 5 freakin' seconds, the game draws for you instead. WTF KONAMI
<< Anonymous(umop apisdn)
Anonymous 6hour ago Reply
Pre-draw is opponents end turn
<< Anonymous
umop apisdn 4hour ago Reply
incorrect. your opponent has their end phase, then end their turn. Next is your turn, beginning with the draw phase. if you don't physically tap to draw a card, or physically tap 'activate skill' before drawing your card, then 5-10 seconds into your draw phase, duel links will automatically draw for you, rendering your skill useless if you wanted to use it.
<< Anonymous
umop apisdn 4hour ago Reply
you can't expect people to not look away from the screen for 5-10 seconds. you can't be glued every single turn. it shouldn't be an issue against the AI- SDs, gate duelists, etc. It shouldn't even be a problem in pvp. if you take 200 seconds on your draw phase, you lose. just like any other part of the duel. don't draw for me after 5-10 seconds of inactivity. ffs konami
<< Anonymous(umop apisdn)
Anonymous 1hour ago Reply
And what's stopping you from taking the five seconds to activate your skill before doing something else and rudely keeping your opponent waiting for up to 3 minutes? Distractions happen, sure, but 5-10 seconds is a lot, especially when you know you're going to want to trigger your skill.
Anonymous 1days ago
Is this game rigged to have AI start with optimal cards? Whenever i battle Roba he starts with this card scrap recycler where he discards a Jinzo to the graveyard,next turn Jinzo returner activates and he brings back Jinzo, this will probably destroy whatever card i have on the field since i dont have the rigged ai draw to summon high level monsters on my first turn,Jinzo makes my trp against him useless,he kills my monsters and next turn he revives more Jinzos since he always sets up scrap recycler on his turn
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Quickplay spells is the weakness of his deck IMO. I ran 3 e-cons and 2 SRH, which i believe will be enough to get any deck to beat him. Was using Six-Sam so it wasnt for duel assessment, just to win with auto-duel.
Anonymous 2days ago
Any tips on how to farming for extra extra and surprise present skill? Thank you.
Anonymous 2days ago
Any new ways on how to used inferno tempest?
Feeler 2days ago
The RNG hate me today. It's ridiculous to have 5 times bad hand in a row with a deck that got me spectacular winning streak for 2 days before today.
Anonymous 3days ago

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