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sahar 5hour ago
some times im switching between applictions and the game is start from the beginning with the "konami" opening.. why is that?
Anonymous 6hour ago
bulk box buying has a higher chance at UR cards ?
Anonymous 7hour ago
any good N ticket cards ?
Anonymous 19hour ago
DD tower. It tells me I can't duel with that monster yet. Can anyone explain???
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 19hour ago Reply
you have to start with the monster on the left
Anonymous 1days ago
when attacking monsters in defensive position that have a higher def than your attacking monster (either due to trap effect or just reg stats) what factor decides if your attacking monster gets destroyed or not?

For instance, my opponent had a defensive position insect with 2k def face up. I attacked with 1500 attack monster expecting my monster to be destroyed . .my monster stayed on the field though I took 500 damage.

<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
If you receive damage from a higher defense monster, your monster won´t be destroyed, only if it attacks an attack position monster
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
and yet when someone pops mirror wall (or similar trap) to lower an attacking monsters attack, and your attacking monster is only 100 points less than the defender..your monster will be destroyed after the battle. so there are situations where attackers can be destroyed by defenders...
Anonymous 1days ago
Helll everyone been playing now for a while and have gotten to level 3, been using my gems exclusively on Ultimate Risinf packs and almost have all the cards. Was wondering however, once I finish opening the remaining 50 packs and it resets, should I move on to another pace, AOD etc or is it worth getting 3 sets of each box. I was originally intending to have 3 of each card in the box. Please help new here.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Sorry meant level 38
Anonymous 1days ago
just now it came to me that i have no idea what i want in a deck, got tons of cards and cant find one deck style i can use,,, is there any forum i can post all my cards and ask for help ?
Anonymous 1days ago
I'm looking for cards that can send monsters to the graveyard. Preferably spells. Shoot.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Wonder Ballons send any card to graveyard and decrease attack of all opponent monsters by 300 for each card sent
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Yeah,I have 4 copies. However it's rather slow and leaves me at a rather hand disadvantage. Especially when I'm up against phoenix. I'm looking for a card that can send me a few monsters to the grave at the spot. Thanks for the input btw.
Anonymous 2days ago
new player, starting with yami yugi, should i buy the yugi structured deck ? or should i focus all gems on a specific Box ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Depends on what deck you are going to make. The sorcerers structure deck isn't worth it. Dragonic force is way better. The best box for newcomers is the Dawn of destiny one. It got the naturias in it wich are meta right now. They are played with Kaiba most of the time wich you can unlock fairly easy. Other than that I advise ultimate rising and age of discovery. The latter for a hammer shark deck.
<< Anonymous
BlueMinotaur 2days ago Reply
The better SD is the Dragon one, but u should have started with Kaiba to use its full potential. U'll unlock him at some point anyway. Spellcaster SD is not worth it IMO.
Anonymous 3days ago
I have a SR ranked duel ticket from last month, but when I go to exchange it there's a few SR cards that aren't there. Why is this? Thought you could choose any SR
<< Anonymous
Anch 2days ago Reply
Nope. There's a list of cards that you can redeem duel tickets for. Some you can only get this way.
Anonymous 5days ago
Anonymous 6days ago
will super rush headlong kill silent magician lv8
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply

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