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DementedBrit 6hour ago
Getting a bit annoyed at how everything is fine all game in a ranked duel. yet when I am about to win with the final attack I get hit with the
"Connection error. Try again in a location with a stronger signal"
my connection is completely fine I even monitored it and there have been 0 drops. i literally only get it when I am about to deal the final blow to someone but I get the loss.
<< Anonymous(DementedBrit)
Anonymous 5hour ago Reply
you were playing somebody that is cheating on mod apk. 6 months ago the mod apk player would surrender just as you were about to win. you would get that CONNECTION ERROR message and a loss and they would get the win. konami patched it, so you don't instantly lose, but you still get the CONNECTION ERROR message
PK 20hour ago
are the servers down?
Anonymous 1days ago
sometimes i see someone bring 3 Champion's Vigilance in his deck,is just an old deck or they bug or something?
Anonymous 1days ago
Spend like 13-14 USD for UR bonus deals. Got: Black Luster Soldier, Man Eater Bug, Neo Flamvell Sabre, Angmarl Fiendish Monarch, Arcana Knight Joker, Brohunder and Sacred Phoenix. Literally only Phoenix is usable, the rest are crap. Heck, even that Man Eater Bug was my 4th copy. Should have guessed crap UR cards rate are higher in full box.
Anonymous 1days ago
Qui oui ja reha xing xang zhu pui tiam mie xodok keha?
Duelo em dupla 1days ago
Eu gostaria de saber se o duelo em dupla um dia poderia existir em Yu-Gi-Oh-Duel Links,que também foi um modo de game em alguns jogos antigos da franquia
<< Anonymous(Duelo em dupla)
Piroca 1days ago Reply
O duelo em dupla já está habilitado! Basta jogar com os Irmão Paradox pra jogar em dupla
KingZed 2days ago
Little yugi won't show up at the gate for me
I got him via the event
<< Anonymous(KingZed)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Yugi Muto is not a gate duelist
<< Anonymous
KingZed 1days ago Reply
Then how am I suppose to farm him to build my magnet warrior deck
<< Anonymous(KingZed)
Duel Novice 11hour ago Reply
Level him up is the only thing you can do for now. I am not sure but you also can get the magnet piece using duel rank ticket.
Anonymous 2days ago
I want to sell my Gold 1 account, very cheap only $ 100.
<< Anonymous
Piroca 1days ago Reply
If you have 3 Tatsunootoshigo... DEAL!
Anonymous 2days ago
Why am I hit KoG after maintenance? I was a platinum 1 before and plan to hit KoG later. The thing is.. now I can't get that 300 free gems from ranking up from plat to KoG. Screw this.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Same here, konami reset some rank to previous season rank :|
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
I thought i was the only one with this problem give us our gem komoney!
Ninja question 3days ago
Do you need 3 transformations for an optimal ninja deck with high lvl ninjas?

Or does transformation x2 work fine too?
Anonymous 3days ago
I’m saying goobye to this game. It was fun as a f2p player i got far. But I’m pretty certain now that there is a alchoritme in this game. I have been legend 3 for 8 times and legend 2 also for 8 times. And i got significant better hands at 2 then at 3. I bricked less and for some reason i got easier opponents. I think konami wants to exploit the feeling you have when your this close of reaching kog and you don’t get it. That way just like in gambling at some point they hope you give in and start spending money on making it easier. I have had this feeling too when buying packs, for some resson the cards I want or need ar always in the last 100 or last 40. So this game basicly decide if you win or lose pretty much. Skill is just a bone they throw to keep you happy. In the end those who pay big money will win easy like in all the other p2w games. And i don’t want to be a part anymore of a rigged system which exploits people’s weakness aka greed ans hunger for succes. Ciao all.
<< Anonymous
Unicorn 1days ago Reply
The thing is that F2P players take longer to build up the momentum to be competitive. P2W is like a cheat code where you get good faster. If you really feel like the shuffling algorithm is why you're losing, just build CA with mind scan pegasus. It's 100% F2P and will take you to KoG easy.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
you kids are stupid, mainly the ones blaming the game because you dont play it correctly
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12hour ago Reply
Playing the game correctly or it being rigged are two different things. You can play as good as you want and still lose because of the hand your given.
<< Anonymous
Derp 11hour ago Reply
i am f2p, and the only bad luck i have in this game is farming duelist. drop rates are so low for me even if i score 7k points.
Anonymous 3days ago
Here’s a thought, at least for competitive PvP: there should be an upper limit for the number of URs in one deck (let’s say 2-3). And an upper limit for the number of SRs in one deck.

That way, pay-to-win players who own 3 mirror walls can’t explode, ‘cause people get furious if the specific card is limited. You can have 3 mirror walls in your deck, but those are your only 3 URs. Again, only for PvP.

It removes the sense that people pay to win in the competitive realm and it introduces more strategy, since people *have* to have more Rs and Ns in the deck. And it introduces more variety, since most decks are just shades of the same 10 URs in one deck.
<< Anonymous
Leukocyte 3days ago Reply
Good idea, however it'd limit a lot of a decks that need certain cards which happen to be UR's. For instance, ANY ritual deck need a bunch of Senju's and Sonic's and most good Ritual monsters are UR's. That's just 1 example, other decks could be Blue-Eyes, or Dark Magician, etc.
<< Anonymous(Leukocyte)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
That’s exactly my point. Cyber Angels and Relinquished aren’t ridiculously overpowered because of the ritual cards themselves, they’re ridiculous because every player has 2-3 each of Sonic Bird and Thousand Hands. That is why there needs to be a limit, so players are forced to find more stragetgic ways of winning. Right now, what’s deciding who made it far in the KC was using 10 URs/deck.
<< Anonymous
Derp 3days ago Reply
That's brilliant idea. you are next new president

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