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I was wondering if there was a monster reborn card in duel links because I have been playing it for awhile now and no luck so i trying to see if you guys even put it in the game
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
Kaiba plays it against you in the Set Sail for the Kingdom special event aka only computer players can use such OP cards
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
are you brainless or what? Monster reincarnation adds monster from grave to your hand,not summoning on the field... how is that similar with monster reborn??
<< Anonymous
Anon 3days ago Reply
I had the same thing happen to me I was playing a pegasus character and he used monster reborn to summon a monster from my graveyard
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
TO CLARIFY::: monster reborn is not a collectible card yet. HOWEVER, you have a random chance of drawing it when you use pegasus’ “creator” skill.
Is there anyway to undo purchase from card trader? I accidentally bought wrong card.
<< Anonymous(Ralp )
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Nope. You can convert it, but probably ain't worth it.
Anonymous 4days ago
I'm selling my account ,5 months in a row king of games,have mostly all UR,SR cards and top tier deck ,cyber angels,red eyes and other,all characters unlocked with 35 level minimum,very cheap 20$

contact me
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Why theres so many scam and needlessly spam post (like that Dr. Keke Odin and his love spell bs) in a children card game?
Anonymous 4days ago
I’m begining to think this game is using alchoritme to make you start with a bad hand. Or link you against players you know its hard to win from. I get the feeling the whole card packs are just the same. They know which vard you need and its harder to pull. I have this feeling for a while now.
The chazz 4days ago
Have you noticed that the F2P gems have started to decrease compared to how this game started out ? And has now tried to make you P2W more and the Internet said battle front 2 was bad for micro transactions this game has actually become far worse
<< Anonymous(The chazz)
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
yeah,I used tomake around 300-400 gems per Roaming Duelist Event but now it's just crap
Anonymous 4days ago
It is annoying game for me because i am losing level even though i was won the duel. I have worked to level up on KC i was stage 8 and because of error i was demoted to stage 6. This sucks and it makes me want to throw my phone on somebody because i am being cheated. I have worked for this man, what a downgrade game.
jefffffffffffffff 6days ago
how does one use the effect of thunder dragon. how do i discard one of them to use the effect. i cant find a discard option anywhere.
<< Anonymous(jefffffffffffffff)
It's Like This... 6days ago Reply
You have to activate the effect whilst the card is in your hand. When you swipe up (like to summon) it will say 'Activate Effect'.
<< Anonymous(It's Like This...)
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
thank you kind internet soul
<< Anonymous(jefffffffffffffff)
Risebell 4days ago Reply
Drag the card up from your hand as if you were about to summon it, and there should be an "Activate Effect" or "Discard" option beside "Normal Summon" or "Set" (assuming there is an option to Normal Summon or Set it; you need to already have a monster on the field and have not yet normal summoned to see that option)
Konmoney 4days ago
This game is pretty much gambling but hidden behind a children’s card game the number 1 best card of all time is your credit card donot get sucked into this konami scam and try to stay F2P
F2P 6days ago
Did I just make a bad decision as an f2p player? I spammed the UR sale because it's so cheap, the only pack I left out was land of titans.. As an f2p, would you recommend for me to nab on the sale as well for the latter half which is set on another date?
<< Anonymous(F2P)
F2P 6days ago Reply
To inspire other players, here's what I got: Terra Firma, Laquari, Card Guard, Flame Tiger, Gaia Power, Man-eater Bug, Silent Magician, Emergency Provisions, Blazing Inpachi, Tribute to the Doomed and Mirage Knight. Oh, I haven't touched Chaotic as well, I forgot. All in all, P384.16 consumed in my load wallet. Not sure if I'm happy with the fresh draws.
<< Anonymous(F2P)
**@* 6days ago Reply
PH peso? I don't know about your f2p status but you can consider yourself happy with what you have hauled there. One pack usually converts to P50. With P400, you can normally buy 8 packs at most. A total of 24 cards. Lots of SR and UR for what you have paid already justifies what you have pulled out, regardless.
Daniel 8days ago
Hi guys Im SELLING ACCOUNT! It has all characters available since the starting of the game (GX too)with minimum level 35  (almost all are 39lvl) it has almost all cards to form tier 1 decks. Full equipment, +160SR and 70UR stones. All keys max almost all element stones up to max KOG 5 TIMES stages 58 and 15 (GX). With  9000 GEMS!!! All old packs obtained 3x times (top cards 3x). All CardTrader cards 3x since starting, all cards from all events available. For more info please contact me at: possibility of checking the account by yourself.

Starting bid is 500$ (Amount spent buying decks).


<< Anonymous(Daniel)
wtfuredead 6days ago Reply
you know this is worth way more than that!
Anonymous 6days ago
Hello, any whale here? How much does 100 packs+450 gems cost for our current PC release celebration sale (the very last one) I only bought the sale up to 10 packs+1 SR (3rd one) but if I find it cheap, I'll bought till the last one.
Anonymous 6days ago

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