How to beat/farm Joey Lvl 40

You can farm him with elements unite, either by summoning GG or not. Only summon GG if he has three face up cards on the field that are not time wizard. This doesn't happen all the time, however. Option 2, is if he has two face up monsters and one face down, you can just keep the three guardians on the field, but I recommend putting kazejin in defense as his thousand dragon + graceful dice could damage you over 500hp. Always keep Sanga and Suijin in attack. I highly recommend THTD as a fusion because it thins your deck and can provide enough points if you're using the non Union attack method. I can get 7000-8000 every time. I just use my basic farming deck, but you should be able to customize to your preferences. He won't use Time wizard on the three guardians, oddly enough. I'm guessing the AI knows they can't attack, because Joey kept his monsters in attack until I summoned THTD. Riryoku + martyr is enough to get a direct piranha attack over 9999
Thos is a great idea.
For me worked realy well wich the following deck (change asura for another GGHK, i oly have 2)
You just need to keep drawing and using drawing cards until the last turn (you can use goblin medicine and litography before of course) he probably will kill kazekin and you will need to use 1 of yours TD to summon your lv8 ritual monster(anyone works)
Sorry, wrong deck.
Sherlock Holmes
I think that he dont use time wizard bc he dont consider they has threats bc they cant attack, so he dont need to use a gamble card
<< Anonymous(Zeratul)
thanks a lot mate! i was desperate to get Shield and sword ,with this deck i got 2 in just one duel! 8800 assessment
<< Anonymous(Zeratul)
Why use asura?



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