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update 04/09/2016

Axe Raider

Axe Raider
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeNormal


An axe-wielding monster of tremendous strength and agility.

How to Get

PackUltimate Rising
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--


How to GetRarity
Ultimate RisingUR


1700 ATK is high among low level monsters in current card pool. Hardly beaten in a battle against other low level monsters.


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I converted this card with little hesitation. There are a plethora of other monsters with 1700 atk and level 4, some even with positive effects, and all of them have better defense. I cannot understand why this is an UR card, other than a no-sweat way for you to get a free UR stone jewel.
<< Anonymous(Argon)
Anoymous Reply
Imagine an era before AOD, Neo Impact and other new packs come out, I'm sure this will be the most card you want since it has the highest attack among other level 4 monster at that time.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Same like when dunames come out on VR, everyone want that card even it was UR because of it highest attack, then after gearfried and other 1800 beater monsters start to flood the field, dunames become less popular. And I'm sure, when 1900 4 level monster come out, dunames will also be forgotten completely.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
^We have Inpachi right now. Too bad, anyone hates Axe Warrior right now (memes) and I'm sure Dunames (with Inpachi) will also get the same fate as Axe Warrior in the future if we got 1900/2000 atk beaters.
<< Anonymous
Realm 18days ago Reply
She is Light fairy normal with 1800atk, she will still be usable in specific decks even if 1900 come out. Axe raider is outshone completely in his Atribute and type.
I'm hoping that there are some good Warrior-synergizing cards coming out. That could make this card and Judge Man a lot more useful with the right card effects
please change his rarity UR to N
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Axe raider is not worth the UR, but at least you got An UR jewel
A Simple Normie
Ehhhhhhh.... The "Jerry Beans Men" have a higher ATK (1750) than "Axe Raider"(1700)
<< Anonymous(A Simple Normie)
Stormterror Reply
Dont forget kyonshee, an R card Doesnt make sense!! f*** this card, i hope i never pull it out from the box
<< Anonymous(Stormterror)
GYRO Reply
Lol I've pulled 2 feelsbadman
<< Anonymous(A Simple Normie)
TECS Reply
Yeah I just got Axe Raider and... O_O ok - there must be some hidden ability to this card cause I already have like twelve 1700 atk monsters and most of them with def 1600. Shame it has nothing. At least it will be good for trolling. Mighty card with average atk and below average def!
best troll card lol
Seems like normal for me
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Power creep is real, this card was the card you wanted to get the most after sphere kuriboh when duel links first came out, since this was before Kyoshee Jerry Beans Man and Dunames as well as Warrior Dai, it used to be one of the hardest beat sticks in the game, but power creep has caused the mighty to fall, now it's just outdated
Ele é considerado um UR pelo fato de ter uma aparição especial no anime clássico de Yu Gi Oh. No Deck de Joey!!
i want this card just for collection not more
(.Y.) boobs
An axe-wielding monster of tremendous strength and agility.
Fuck you raider, I wanted kuriboh not youuu .l.
<< Anonymous
Atula Xine Reply
Me too, what the fuck UR??
Even with that ATK, it's beyond me how this card can be a an UR...
<< Anonymous(Serendipity)
Anoymous Reply
It actually used to be on par with Sphere Kurboh as the most sought-after card in Ultimate Rising. Oh, how the mighty have fallen: now it's by far the least popular UR in the pack
The reason why this is UR because on the first release of boxes, Axe Raider was the highest beater monster on the first 2 boxes. Literally the 1st version of Dunames that we have right now.

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save your gems for the next minibox this box set is mostly useless cards and no focus on decks.
About time the others came out.
this is very well in platinum iam 4 platinum whit this deck
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