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update 04/09/2016

Axe Raider

Axe Raider
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeNormal


An axe-wielding monster of tremendous strength and agility.

How to Get

PackUltimate Rising
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--


How to GetRarity
Ultimate RisingUR


1700 ATK is high among low level monsters in current card pool. Hardly beaten in a battle against other low level monsters.


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Anonymous 1days ago
You guys don't understand...We're talking about an axe-wielding monster of TREMENDOUS STRENGHT and AGILITY!
konami need lower his rarity to N and UR to card secret treasure pass/restructer revolution, so it can out of banlist.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If a card is deemed too OP, it will remain limited regardless of rarity.

Heck OCG/TCG banned the anime main protagonist's ACE CARD.
<< Anonymous
Badger Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Just so you have to waste more gems trying to get the cards you want in the pack...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Actually, it's done to introduce the best cards as SR only. So they have 2 copies like shard of greed, etc. Also one less UR to worry about
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, totally. That's why Sphere Kuriboh and Sonic Bird are UR and Judge Man, which is a much crappier card than Axe Raider, is SR.

Realistically, Axe Raider's UR rarity was probably not warranted due to Twin-Barrel Dragon and Power of Dark outclassing it from the get-go, but it wasn't super out of place, either. It was definitely better than BEUD and Summoner in the beginning.
dream ticket top pick
I converted this card with little hesitation. There are a plethora of other monsters with 1700 atk and level 4, some even with positive effects, and all of them have better defense. I cannot understand why this is an UR card, other than a no-sweat way for you to get a free UR stone jewel.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Same like when dunames come out on VR, everyone want that card even it was UR because of it highest attack, then after gearfried and other 1800 beater monsters start to flood the field, dunames become less popular. And I'm sure, when 1900 4 level monster come out, dunames will also be forgotten completely.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
^We have Inpachi right now. Too bad, anyone hates Axe Warrior right now (memes) and I'm sure Dunames (with Inpachi) will also get the same fate as Axe Warrior in the future if we got 1900/2000 atk beaters.
<< Anonymous
Realm Reply
She is Light fairy normal with 1800atk, she will still be usable in specific decks even if 1900 come out.
Axe raider is outshone completely in his Atribute and type.
<< Anonymous(Argon)
Anonymous Reply
Converting is kind of dumb... you get so many jewels over the months and years...
HOLY SHIT that's the best card :O
I remember getting this card when this box was first released. I recall thinking it was awesome because Unga Bunga decks where meta at the time, and the highest attack from a Lvl 4 was 1500.
i made an axe deck to troll kog kids, won most of my games
wow so strong
*summons axe raider* YOU CANT BEAT THIS MONSTER AT ALL!

*summons sabersauras*
axe raider is my spirit animal

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