Cerberus deck to farm Joey Lvl 40

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update 17/02/2017

Overview / rating


Easy to make, with only 1 Cerberus and mostly spell cards.


Can be inconsistent at time because of Joey's Time Wizard and how fast you can get Abyssal Designator or Eatgaboon before Time Wizard.

Example deck

Mythical Beast CerberusRiryokuShard of GreedShard of GreedSupremacy BerryShooting Star Bow - Ceal
Book of Secret ArtsBook of Secret ArtsStop DefenseAbyssal DesignatorAbyssal DesignatorAbyssal Designator
Blue MedicineBlue MedicineEnchanted JavelinEnchanted JavelinEnchanted JavelinEatgaboon

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Sorcery Conduit
Can be used each time your Life Points decrase by 1800. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw a random Spellcaster-Type monster.

How to use this deck

Getting the Cerberus

Use skills like Draw Sense: Low Level or Sorcery Conduit to be able to draw Cerberus. Set any Enchanted Javelin if you get them in your starting hand to recover the damage, since you will also need to use some LP for Abyssal Designator.

Since Joey sometimes does not summon a monster with 1500 attack or higher, if you get first turn and you have Abyssal Designator, it is recommended to use it on your first turn. This is to make sure that you can use your skill on your next turn.

Stalling the duel

Once Cerberus is summoned, use spells to increase his attack to at least more than 2,000 attack. This is because Joey's monsters mostly don't have high attacks, if he used Polymerization or equip spell cards, it will further increase your Cerberus' attack.

Keep using spell cards until you are left with 0 cards in your deck, but don't use the Riryoku, Stop Defense and Ceal Bow yet.

How to get rid of Time Wizard

Start setting some Eatgaboon when you get them to your hand, or use the Abyssal Designator once you have them and select Light Spellcaster to get rid of Time Wizard. Alternatively, you can use House of Adhesive Tape against it as well.

The last turn

When you have 0 cards left in your deck, Use Stop Defense on one of Joey's monsters and use the two Riryoku to further increase attack, then equip Shooting Star Bow - Ceal on the debuffed enemy to make it down to 0.

Possible replacements

Gravity Axe - Grarl
Gravity Axe - Grarl
Other powerful equip spell card .
Murmur of the Forest
Murmur of the Forest
If you do not have Riryoku, you may use this spell card with any field spell.
Umi it the easiest to get field spell card. You can activate the field spell two times using Murmur of the Forest.
Mooyan Curry
Mooyan Curry
Any other LP regenerating card can be added.
House of Adhesive Tape
House of Adhesive Tape
Can be used to prevent Joey from using the effect of Time Wizard.


Hot New Top
that moment when you play yami on the field boosting time wizard to 700 and freak out when eatgaboon doesnt go off
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wow thanks for mentioning this
<< Anonymous(Robin Lionheart)
Robin Lionheart Reply
No, wait I guess that would only get rid of the second one. Never mind.
i think i might be so unlucky that its lucky in its own way
U guys have forgotten shield and sword
That moment when you forget you have 0 cards left and you end your turn
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
bruhh XD
<< Anonymous
Anonymouse Reply
How about misclicking Riryokou and halving the attack of your cerberus instead?
<< Anonymous
Elus david Reply
Happened to me...countless number of times
new player
joey fusion summoned on his first turn and killed my 1400 cerberus the next turn, dafuq
<< Anonymous(new player)
Anonymous Reply
I'd say always make sure you have enough spell cards to activate to increase your Cerberus to over their highest creature. Then its easy sailing there.
Use Dino deck with eatgaboon and abyssal designator is easier to farm with more consistency. Average score: 6000
Win a Duel: 2000 (or Comeback Victory: 2500)
Low LP: 500
Cards on the Brink: 500
Destroy 10 monsters: 300
Over 5000 damage!: 1800
Perform a Tribute Summon: 300
Perform a Fusion summon: 400
Activate a spell: 100
Activate a trap: 100
Play glossy card: 100
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
the benefit of most cerberus decks is to get other bonuses when you have 100 or less LP and no cards in the deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What is that 4th card? The level 2
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Piranha army, one of the key card to do final blow
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
% win rate?
tried this out got cerberus out with 2400 atk and here comes time wizard blow up everything
<< Anonymous(zack)
Anonymous Reply
I never use cerb to fight joey. For me, dino with dinosaur kingdom is enough. the headache is only time wizard. so I insert house adhesive to counter this. Once that time guy finish, joey just left to be defeat on final turn.
Just tried with a deck very similar to this one and he activated stop attack and my ceberus wasn't high enough on defense so he destroyed it with a lower level monster. I was thus dead in the water.
Cat of Ill Omen!!! So you can get the Eatgaboon asap!
Lol. I should never use Yami as Field spell. Eatgaboon does kill Time Wizard.
3 cerberus with balance is almost a guaranteed win
Could house of adhesive tape also counter time wizard?
<< Anonymous
Answers Reply

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Samurais gonna be a thing forever. Deal with it!
That's more than nice, that's OP
Yeah, I'm still waiting for the Limited 3 update....honestly I think almost everyone predict...
Either way, the anon's issue must be either lacking a Tuner, or lacking the right level Sync...
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