How to beat/farm Joey Lvl 40

Diotato Brandomato
Damn this Sylvan Ra is everywhere might me the most consistent farming deck now
IMO, Aromage-Ra is better, because playing Ra for farming requires you to have high LP to boost its ATK, and gaining LP is literally Aromage's specialty.
<< Anonymous
With Sylvan-Ra you have to rely on the more passive Draining Shield to gain LP.

Aromage-Ra can just use Aroma Garden.
Aromage ra is even more reliable,but thing is:
Sylvan is faster. if you get ra in your starting hand you can end it in 2-3 turns
<< Anonymous
With Sylvan being dead, Aromage-Ra is the better choice now.
<< Anonymous
I wish they only apply the nerfs on PvP though.
Sylvan could've been everything you want but it was great for farming.
<< Anonymous(YamiRyou)
True. I wouldn't mind, and in fact supports, the idea that the banlist should be only for PVP.


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If you go second, you have a chance to win. If you go first, you will probably die. ftfy
These girls just need a decent turn 1 endboard
yea its good with the bow card so it can attack twice and attack directly for game. but how to se...
I do have most of the UR staples. I will go for my third copy of high priestress of prophecy
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