How to beat/farm Joey Lvl 40

This page notes level 40 Joey's deck, characteristics, and tips for defeating him.
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update 09/04/2017

Cerberus deck (4,000 - 5,000)

Example deck

The Unhappy Girl deck

Obtainable score6,000 - 8,000
Essential skillHoly Guard
Essential cards

Example deck

Level 40 Joey's deck

Annoying cards

CardEffect Summary
Gearfried the Iron Knight
Gearfried the Iron Knight
  • 1800ATK is very high as a low level monster in current card pool, and your Axe Raider cannot defeat it.
Time Wizard
Time Wizard
  • The effect may destroy all your monsters like Raigeki, although that's all about luck.
Thousand Dragon
Thousand Dragon
  • 2400ATK is very high. You will use Wonder Balloon, equips spells, or Order to Charge to defeat it.


Cards Joey Wheeler Lvl 40 drops

Card / [Rarity]Rating
Gilford the LightningGilford the Lightning [SR]4.5
Time WizardTime Wizard [SR]7.0
Shield & SwordShield & Sword [SR]5.0
Graceful DiceGraceful Dice [SR]3.0
Skull DiceSkull Dice [SR]3.0
MetalmorphMetalmorph [SR]8.5
Red-Eyes Black Metal DragonRed-Eyes Black Metal Dragon [R]1.0
Alligator's SwordAlligator's Sword [R]1.0
ExchangeExchange [R]3.0
HinotamaHinotama [R]5.0
SogenSogen [R]3.0
GraverobberGraverobber [R]1.0


Hot New Top
3 glossy + 1 prismatyc (+ when you luck to activate glossy of trap card)
Bad hand :
1. Joey has 2 Time Wizard when you just have 1 counter trap of his monster.
2. When you get ur 6th turn and atk of your Cerberus don't reach 2400. Then, Joey has 2 of Dice Spell Card.
So, I think, this deck about 90% win rate... Also high points reach 7k (+1k with camps event)...
<< Anonymous(Anon)
Anon (author) Reply
Sorry with trash card.. :v
<< Anonymous(Anon)
Anoymous Reply
Wow your deck sucks
3sd from a loss against Joey. Not sure if lucky af or RNG finally decided to show me what I deserve
What is the odds of joey droping a metalmorph
<< Anonymous(Jonathan)
Anoymous Reply
Never farmed joy and i have 2... 3 if you count keith reward
Unlucky at All
OMG! I got my first prismatic card in the hole game! Thank you so much Joey Wheeler!! :'')
<< Anonymous(Unlucky at All )
Unlucky at All Reply
There arent any burn cards, so you could make a deck with elements unite.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Time Wizard*
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
not a burn card per say. but would still be a nuisance to elements unite
Fast and easy farm. You don't even have to wait for low cards for 8k score. Set one tape/eatgaboon to counter time wizard, special summon gate guardian asap. Set one skelangel and flip it when you can tribute summon thunder dragon and poly it to twin. When you have secret, trap reclaimation, vassal and union trap perform the combo and you have won. Can only lose to your own mistakes and poor English time wizard. Take care not to deck out with greeds.
<< Anonymous(Kaaboose)
Kaaboose Reply
Forgot pic!
Wow joey
Kirito Kazut
When using the abyssal designator make sure you get rid of both time wizard for sure, can't fuse his strongest card without that annoying little clock
7_7 k
dead meme
how do you counter sword and shield ?
<< Anonymous(dead meme )
Anoymous Reply
Windstorm of Etaqua
<< Anonymous(dead meme )
Anoymous Reply
Magic Jammer
Tu papi
Prismatic sweet

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