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Selection Box Vol.02 Mini
update 19/12/2018

Junk Synchron

Junk Synchron
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeTuner / Effect
Card Effect TypeTrigger Effect
ArchetypesJunk / Synchron
SupportsLevel 1 Monster Cards / Level 2 Monster Cards
Related to ArchetypesWarrior


When this card is Normal Summoned: You can target 1 Level 2 or lower monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon that target in Defense Position, but its effects are negated.

How to Get

PackSecrets of the Ancients [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Special summons monsters from the graveyard.
  • Can easily make Synchro monsters.



Level-5 Synchro

Junk Synchron excels most at making level-5 Synchro monsters. Here are some monsters you can summon with him and a level-2 monster he revives.

The Warrior Returning Alive

Use this to return Junk Synchron to your hand after Synchro summoning. You can then Normal summon Junk Warrior Again and perform another Synchro summon.


When Normal summoned Junk Synchron revives another monster helping you swarm the field. Use them as cost for Special summoning The Atmosphere or other high cost monsters like Destiny HERO - Plasma, Moisture Creature, and the God cards.


[Skill] descriptionUser
What Grows in the Graveyard
Begin the Duel with 1 "Dark Verger" in your Graveyard.
Akiza Izinski
Akiza Izinski
  • Puts Dark Verger, a level-2 monster, in your graveyard at the start of the duel which can then be revived with Junk Synchron’s effect.




Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesNegates the effects of your Effect Monsters


Hot New Top
Hopefully Quickdraw synchron is a lvl up reward.
<< Anonymous(Someone)
Anonymous Reply
Too broke
<< Anonymous(Someone)
Someone Reply
Even 1 copy is broken?!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
well, we can get 3 copies of Quickdraw now.....and it's not broken at all.
bye bye yusei skill
<< Anonymous
Amethyst Reply
Not really. Having yusei skill allows u to run 5 junk synchrons and even if not that you won';t have to reset the box 3 times just to get 3 junk synchrons because two are automatically added with the skill.
<< Anonymous(Amethyst)
Anonymous Reply
No thanks, I’d rather run a 20 card deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I'd rather run a 5 Junk Synchrons deck.
Junk warrior rating B? Serious?
<< Anonymous(Darth)
Anonymous Reply
Is that not enough or too much? I opened 2 packs (reset after both) and got him twice, then bought the 3 packs +1 ur and got him again, and now I got him a 4th time. I'm trying to get armades, but I'm looking for a silver lining in all those random acquisitions
this is yusei card but player use it for akiza lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ah do you ever see any Kaiba using Naturia in any storylines? I miss those times.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I once saw an Aster playing 🔥
junk meta?
Interesting how some cards in the 5D's series were actually drawn by kazu takahashi as well.
<< Anonymous(junk meta?)
Anonymous Reply
junks are only meta if you play them with armades, otherwise they will fail against decks full of gayish backrow lolz
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
We also need to get more Junk cards first.
<< Anonymous(junk meta?)
Joker Reply
His creations for 5Ds were Junk Synchron, Stardust Dragon and Red Dragon Archfiend which he says was another Hellraiser inspiration along with Jinzo. I figured his inspiration for RDA was the Red Dragon painting. Speaking of that, I wish he would make alternate artworks for his other creations besides anything DM using his own art style for the OCG/TCG :D
<< Anonymous(Joker)
Anonymous Reply
The Anniversary Pack was a thing...

The 20th Anniversary Legend Collection has art by him as well. They're technically not alternate arts, but they're all based on existing cards nonetheless.

Personally, I don't really even like his artstyle. But eh, art's subjective, so not shocking.
Abuse psychic ace with this card for synchro summons
Some scrub I dueled played this in their spellbook deck to revive their blue boy after I killed them all. Unfortunately for them, they lost the duel due to battle damage from me beating it over.
Mr. Bricky
50 gem well spent on first opening!! Guess I am Konami c*** sucker now...
<< Anonymous(Mr. Bricky)
Anonymous Reply
reset the box immediately
Glad junk synchron is in a mini box and not a main box.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
because its trash (bu-dum psst)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not saying junk. Tsk.
Ok now where is quilbot hedgehog?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Soon, my pupil, soon.
godfried sammuels
what pack in the game give me Junk / Synchron
<< Anonymous(godfried sammuels)
Khalil Reply
Power of bravery and junk structure deck
<< Anonymous(godfried sammuels)
Anonymous Reply
Junk Box in Power of Bravery is a Morphtronic support though.
Life sucks with it we must boycott Yusei until junk synchon becomes an actual card
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Junk warrior is already on Yusei's structure pack
<< Anonymous
Amethyst Reply
Wrong. He only comes when you have the Mark of Dragon skill for yusei. Otherwise u only get a junk warrior from that structure deck. Having three copies of junk synchron is nice though.

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