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update 25/08/2017

Vampire Lord

Vampire Lord
Monster TypeZombie
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeTrigger Effect


When this card inflicts battle damage to your opponent: Declare 1 card type (Monster, Spell, or Trap); your opponent sends 1 card of that type from their Deck to the Graveyard. During your next Standby Phase after this card in your possession was destroyed and sent to your Graveyard by an opponent's card effect: Special Summon this card from the Graveyard.

How to get / rarity

PackCrimson Kingdom [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Can make your opponent discard a card from their deck.
  • Special summons in your standby phase as long as it's destroyed by your opponent's card effect.


  • Needs to inflict damage to make your opponent discard a card.
  • Level 5 monster and low defense.
  • Can only be special summoned if it's destroyed by your opponent's card effect.

Tips, related cards, skills

Vampire Lord works against

Vampire Lord can be special-summoned from the Graveyard when it is destroyed by the effects of cards. Use the effect to deal with cards like below.

Order to Charge

Commonly used in several meta decks, this card is what makes normal monsters quite strong and versatile, but using it against Vampire Lord will only stop it for 1 turn.


If your opponents uses Michizure, you can destroy your opponent's monster using your other monster aside from Vampire Lord. Activating Michizure will leave them with targeting either Vampire Lord, that can be special summoned next turn, or your other monster, allowing your Vampire Lord to attack.

Yomi Ship

An easy monster removal card that sometimes players use, often in Mako decks. If you see a Mako player setting this, there's a pretty good chance it might be Yomi Ship, so make sure you use Vampire Lord to attack first.





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Anonymous 29days ago
oh noooo
Is it just me or are the Pros/Cons sections in this site always bullshit?
with 48 packs left the remaining cards are 2 UR (vampire lord and dark paladin) and 2 SR (dark general freed and buster blader swordmaster)
should i reset or wait till i get vampire and paladin (are they worth it)
this is my first box so i don't have any copy of vampire lord or dark paladin
thanks for reading and hopefully answering
<< Anonymous
rob Reply
if you want to run red eyes zombies go for your wyverns and gozuki now, if you want some more fun/useful cards dark paladin is amazing for farming super Joey and other dragon users + vampire lord is a really cool card imo. I'd wait
My zombie deck so fun to use
<< Anonymous(KIDCOM1C)
Anonymous Reply
Fun indeed, good for you. *stare into wallet, cries in the corner
<< Anonymous(KIDCOM1C)
Anonymous Reply
Bruh, use Kaibas heavy starter, then it's even more fun and with the summoning animation! Also if you do, take out e-con, the three traps at the end and the 4 star zombie. Add a third red eyes zombie, 3 magical merchants, a monster reincarnation, and a standard red eyes - should be ridiculous!
<< Anonymous(KIDCOM1C)
Anonymous Reply
The buyers remourse will be real
No way this is worth a UR spot in the box. How would u ever land an attack with this garbage card. It's basically a downgraded mefist. And mefist has penetration damage to use his effect. U gotta be playing a really crap opponent to gain board advantage with this.
one of my favorite cards but still seems usless in this game.
Even with vamipre kingdom which isnt in this game already and a full vampire deck, he is one of the weaker vampires.
However at least he looks cool :D
<< Anonymous
Castlevania fan Reply
Yeah, who cares about the effect and stats? He is a muthafukin dracula ffs.
<< Anonymous
Josh Reply
Pre 5ds he was a staple in control decks
Why is being a level 5 monster a con?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Because this card would be the best card available in Duel Links if it was lvl 1-4.
<< Anonymous
Josh Reply
Because every one's who hasn't played him trashes his stats he's one of the best control cards in the game pre 5ds
This card is utter trash, not sure why is it even UR... and of course i end up with 3 copies of this useless crap.
<< Anonymous
Player J Reply
What makes you think he is trash?
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Anonymous Reply
1 tribute for only 2000atk, low defense and his effect does not cover his terribly low stats... I know this card was a thing in tcg old times but duel links is another format here we do not have trap hole, fisure, smashing ground, rageki, dark hole,torrential, mirror force, exiled force,ring of destruction... etc. Just frustrated i ended up really fast with 3 of this instead of gozuki,lotus or wyv
<< Anonymous
Player J Reply
I had to buy 298 packs to get my first copy of V. Lord I think you are extremely lucky!
With the release of the Zombie support (Vampire Lord/Lady, Gozuki m.m.) Will it finally be worth it to get Goblin Zombie from Bakura?
<< Anonymous(Slowking)
DaSwifta Reply
It can search for Gozuki, aswell as Kyonshee so yes it would be worth it, but probably only once we get a character with Wasteland field spell as their skill. OR maybe that's not necessary in a Zombie deck. I don't know. But Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon is probably the preferred boss monster for Zombie decks cause it counters your opponents Zombie monsters and also has higher stats for the same cost
<< Anonymous(DaSwifta)
Slowking Reply
Fair argument. I'm still collecting the cards right now but I'm envisioning a deck using Bakuras Tether of Defeat and Vampire Lord to mill through the opponents deck and Red Eyes Zombie Dragon as a secondary boss monster. Of course with Gozuki and maybe Blood Sucker if he works.
<< Anonymous(Slowking)
Anonymous Reply
Do it. I'm running the same type of deck, and with only one copy each of vamp Lord and gozuki and other monsters of my choice. A competitive version of the deck would be somethin to reckon with. I'd suggest using it with warm worm
Why is it i can never get the animation for him
<< Anonymous
Use with seto
Dayyum i can remember when i bought vampire deck and this card was in, like 12 years ago
<< Anonymous
thehaxfactory Reply
Vampire Lord shutting down Order to Charge is huge for the game though because Order to Charge is a huge part of the Harpie match up and it's why it's so hard to keep a lead over Harpies as long as they have resources. Vampire Lord might shift the meta away from normal monsters a bit.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well there isnt left any hhg meta right now. Its all about paradox brothers against paradox brothers even a good harpies deck is useless against a good dark magican paradox brothers deck
<< Anonymous
DaSwifta Reply
Actually, Harpies are (though they are less played) still a large part of the meta, and eventually Paradox bros will be nerfed, so Harpies are still good and it's probably good that konami adds cards to shut them down a bit.
<< Anonymous(DaSwifta)
Anonymous Reply
It's 3sd and rebd meta right now. Hhg is still good but not top compared to those two decks.

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Dis nigga looks high as fuck.
hell yea i am new to the game S; when is the event comeing
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