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update 06/09/2016


As of today the Zombie archetype is not really popular. There aren’t enough support cards to play a Zombie themed deck yet although you can get some interesting Zombie Monster cards by defeating level 40 Odion, such as "Giant Axe Mummy", "Decayed Commander" and "Zombie Tiger". You can also get the Field Spell card "Wasteland" by leveling up Rex Raptor or by defeating him. Try out 3 copies "Dragon Zombie" and 1 "Order to Charge" if you want to play a Zombie deck. New Zombie cards are expected to come out together with the new Legendary Duelist "Yami Bakura".

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Need this too
agree, maybe some kind of level system so you need to reach a level to comment, to prevent bots.
I have seen them both. The japanese version is better imo. When Zane comes to the gate, just how ...
How do you guys get such an image of your deck for proof?
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