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Contract with the Abyss

Contract with the Abyss
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCard effect


This card can be used to Ritual Summon any DARK Ritual Monster. You must also Tribute monsters from your hand or field whose total Levels exactly equal the Level of the Ritual Monster you Ritual Summon.

How to get / Rarity

PackValkyrie's Rage [R]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Allows you to ritual summon any DARK attribute monster without requiring certain ritual spells for ritual summoning.


  • Only benefits DARK attribute monsters.
  • The levels of ritual summoning fodder(s) has to exactly match the level of the particular ritual monster.


  • Dark version of Sprite's Blessing, this card will allow you to use this one ritual spell to summon any DARK type ritual monster with the restriction of needing to be exact levels.
  • Ritual Raven can be used as the sacrifice to summon any DARK ritual monster without fulfilling the level requirement.


You can't use cards like Blue Eyes, a level 8 monster as a sacrifice to summon Garlandolf a level 7 monster, but you can use 2 or more monsters that totals to 7. This is useful when you have several DARK ritual monsters and put multiple copies of this card.


ActionsTributes as an effect
Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons from your hand

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I used it to ritual summon relinquished by sacrificing 1 stray lamb token
And it would not let me use the relinquished effect......wwaaaaaaattt
<< Anonymous(Greyfots)
Realm Reply
You cannot summon anything the turn you activate Stray lambs.
<< Anonymous(Greyfots)
Pro Reply
You can Ritual Summon Him Yes. But It Is In Face Down Position Not Allowing You To Use The Special Effect
Killer Queen
Ritual Raven DOES work with Contract + Magician of Black Chaos and Masked Beast since it's it is treated as the whole tribute. You can't Contract with Zera The Mant because its text says "This card can ONLY be Ritual Summoned with ...". Whereas the other monsters I mentioned state " You CAN Ritual Summon this card with...". Zera's text does not imply a choice.
<< Anonymous(Killer Queen)
Anonymous Reply
Same goes for Sprite's Blessing + Earth Chant. Watch out for 'This card can only' vs 'You can'.
It worked for awhile and now it doesn't work at all. I have Ritual Raven on hand and the Dark ritual monsters and it doesn't work. Also EXACT levels match, no go. Duel Links should look into this. I did NOT change my deck and it was working beautifully, and now no go.
<< Anonymous(DC)
Anonymous Reply
my dude you cant ritual a lvl 8 beause ritual raven is not lvl 8 and this is how it work lv4 + lv4 = lv8
<< Anonymous
Killer Queen Reply
Ritual Raven DOES work with Contract + Magician of Black Chaos and Masked Beast since it's it is treated as the whole tribute. You can't Contract with Zera The Mant because its text says "This card can ONLY be Ritual Summoned with ...". Whereas the other monsters I mentioned state " You CAN Ritual Summon this card with...". Zera's text does not imply a choice.

The ritual monster is level 4.
These are the possible tribute combinations.

1x level 4 card
2x level 2 cards
1x level 3 card + 1x level 1 card
1x level 2 card + 2x level 1 cards
4x level 1 cards

Hope this helps.
Its 🔥 I tried it on magician of black chaos and it won t activate I had a suijin and a magician girl in hand...
<< Anonymous
Passerby Reply
The total levels of the tributed monsters must exactly equal to the level of the ritual monster. In this case magician of black chaos=8, suijin+DMG= 7+6=13 not 8. You can use 2 level 4 monster or just 1 level 8 monster.
You must also tribute monsters from your hand or field whose total levels (((EXACTLY EQUAL))) the Level of the Ritual Monster..
Contract of the abyss card should let you do ritual summon ANY DARK RITUAL monster right? I've put the card set, got 2 4 lvl monster, & 1 cakra (dark ritual monster lvl 8) on the hand. The abyss card wont activate at all & I cant summon cakra, why is that??? My oponent got only 1 monster with no special skill. Is this card a fraud?? Can someone help me figure this out please?
<< Anonymous(Austin)
Megatron Reply
yoo man. Chakra is Lv 7. so you need monster Lv 4 + Lv 3 or something equal 7.
With Magician of Black Chaos now (a lvl 8 ritual), using this with MOBC and Zera The Mant would be a good autoduel deck
Does Garlandolfs effect work with this card?
<< Anonymous(Axel)
Sphreeze Reply
Yes becouse his effect activates ones he gets ritual summoned
Well, actually i tried to summon "Reliquished" with "Contract with the Abyss" and the game didnt allow me. Anyone else with this issue??
<< Anonymous(LordBalkan)
LordBalkan Reply
Just to know, I had the required sacrifices since the "Reliquished" is Lvl 1 any monster should fit the requirement.
<< Anonymous(LordBalkan)
Shilom Reply
the sacrifice must be exactly 1 star in case of relinquished. read the card again to not make the same mistake
I tried summoning a card but it wouldn't allow me to summon a dark card even though i had a tribute in my hand and on the field
<< Anonymous(Sam)
Milotic✩ Reply
The levels of your tribute(s) have to be EXACTLY equal to the dark ritual monster in order to use this.
Why doesn't it work ?

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