Secret Six Samurai - Fuma

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36th Main Box: Pendulum Genesis
update 17/03/2020

Secret Six Samurai - Fuma

Secret Six Samurai - Fuma
TypeWarrior, Effect


If this card is destroyed by battle or card effect: You can Special Summon 1 "Six Samurai" monster from your Deck, except "Secret Six Samurai - Fuma". If exactly 1 "Six Samurai" monster you control (and no other cards) would be destroyed by card effect, you can banish this card from your GY instead.

How to Get

PackWarriors Unite [R]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Tuner
  • Special Summons Six Samurai from your deck.
  • Protects Six Samurai monsters from destruction.


  • Can only activate effect when destroyed.
  • Can only protect Six Samurai monsters from single target destruction and battle destruction.


  • Use Secret Six Samurai - Fuma with any level-4 Six Samurai monster to make Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En.

Legendary Secret of the Six Samurai

Legendary Secret of the Six Samurai can be Special Summoned when you Normal Summon Secret Six Samurai - Fuma. Use both monsters to make Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En or any other level-5 Synchro monster.

Asceticism of the Six Samurai

Select Secret Six Samurai - Fuma when activating Asceticism of ht e Six Samurai. You can then Special Summon Legendary Six Samurai Kageki or Chamberlain of the Six Samurai. Fuma will be destroyed by the effect of Asceticism of the Six Samurai during the End Phase which lets you trigger his effect.

Return of the Six Samurai

Lets you revive Secret Six Samurai - Fuma to use as synchro material, to catch an opponent's attack, or any other reason. If Secret Six Samurai is still on your field by the end of the turn he is destroyed which lets you Special Summon from your deck.


Lots of Six Samurai support only work because of Six Samurai's ability to Special Summon and swarm the field. Secret Six Samurai = Fuma has one of the better Special Summoning effects among Six Samurais which can help with activating their support.


Six Samurai Synchro Deck


Hot New Top
Limit this overpowered card. Shi En should NOT be as easy to summon as it is. Nerf the heck out of this deck.
Dojo get's semi'd, Enishi got semi'd, you're next Fuma
<< Anonymous
Triamid player Reply
<< Anonymous(Triamid player)
Anonymous Reply
No. Probably it's world legacy clash cause it's also used in another decks beside six sams
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
limit this to 1 please. The core problem is this card is easily searchable from deck since it's only level 1 tuner. fuma also gives floating, protection, and easy access to shi en. I am not trying to be cry baby me myself getting frustated over 2 spellbook cards limited, but I am ok since 3 fates are pretty broken and I admit it, it destroys balance. Konami please justice here!
This card must be Limited to 1 COPY.
It's Tuner. It's Effect NEVER miss timing. NOT Once Per Turn. Summon ANY Level SixSamurai except Fuma. What the fk
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
just negate it's effect with divine wrath
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
too much cost. Also, you not always lucky set the card as well as they can put the monster in the first turn
shi en generator
- can special summon from deck if you 🔥 him
- double protection for shien while in GY when shien already got its own protection effect

just ban this already
Subterror OP
I knew nothing would happened to samurais because they are not a tier 1 deck at the moment. I think they are very healthy for the meta, it's quite a "beatable" deck.
<< Anonymous(Subterror OP)
Anonymous Reply
Not being T1 doesn’t mean they can’t be a target- Koaki were a T2 deck and yet they still decided to hit them on the recent banlist
<< Anonymous(Subterror OP)
Anonymous Reply
it's because 6 samurai players cried too much last time
they called it scam because their deck was nerfed too fast (actually 2 months from realease)
nothing happen to six samurai, just stall deck got major nerf
This card deserves limited status for ez summon, graveyard effect and floating effect.
special summon any six samurai level busted!!
Could someone explain this to me? My opponent activates Survival's End from the graveyard and targets my Shi En. Why couldn't I banish Fuma from the graveyard to negate its destruction?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I dont know if you are trolling or not, bcz everyone already know why this happens, but ok I will answer ur question
Fuma protect just when the opponent card effect target only one six samurai monster
if effect target more than one monster, fuma cant protect
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
survival's target opponent monster + ur monster, so this is 2 target, fuma effect cant be actived
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Oooooh I see now. Clearly I don't read the cards anymore. I just skim and brisk over the text.
Even though newer stuff has out-powercreep SixSam already, I still can see Konami hitting this card anyway.

(I mean, just recently they hit Spellbook even though Spellbook is no longer popular)

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I believe the peak was yubel. That era has been over a long time ago, as most deck today has thei...
I put him in defense position and simply attacked over him with my little Parrotrio.
Use Mokuba's skill See You Later to return it to hand.
ah @@@, here we go again. now let hope at least the event rewards and the structure deck are ok.
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