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update 19/12/2018

Traptrix Atrax

Traptrix Atrax
Monster TypeInsect
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect
Supports ArchetypesHole / Trap Hole


This card is unaffected by the effects of "Hole" Normal Trap Cards. You can activate "Hole" Normal Trap Cards from your hand. The activation and effects of Normal Trap Cards activated on your side of the field cannot be negated.

How to Get

PackSecrets of the Ancients [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Unaffected by Hole Trap cards.
  • Allows you to activate Hole Trap cards from your hand.
  • Prevents your Normal Trap cards from being negated.


  • Only protects Normal Trap cards that were activated from your field not hand.
  • Can be easily attacked over.


  • This monster clearly works best in a deck with lots of Normal Trap cards.


Paleozoics are an archetype of Normal Trap cards that special summon themselves from the graveyard as monsters when a Trap card is activated. Traptrix Atrax can protect them when they are activated. Activating Hole Trap cards from your hand can trigger the special summoning condition of Paleozoic cards.

Traptrix Dionaea

Traptrix Dionaea is able to revive Traptrix monsters

Trap Hole

Trap Holes are a series of cards that are usually triggered when a monster is summoned. They are a way of dealing with a monster upon summon and with Traptrix Atrax they can be activated from the hand which lessens the risk of being destroyed before they get the chance to be activated, making them much more potent.




ActionsPrevents the negation of activations / Prevents the negation of card effects
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesUnaffected by Trap Cards / Allows activation of Trap Cards from your hand


Hot New Top
She is an insect..?! o.O
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
These are the true forms of Traptrix monsters.
<< Anonymous
Not a bear here Reply
Wtf dude... lol, glad they are not attractive females between 20-24 years old or would have fallen in that TRAP. Guess I saved my life :D xd
<< Anonymous
lol Reply
Naniii ?! So the girls are really spiders?
*faints and collapses*
<< Anonymous
Syfodias Reply
Poor green ogre dude.. first he get's his attack halved by acid and now he gets eaten by eh a plant?
If you fall for loli baits you deserve to be devoured by these monsters
Omg so broken konami pls nerf i am so bad at the game uwu!!!!!1
Jinzo effect still applies because atrax protects them from targeting effects but jinzo effect is always active
Non a anon
Is not that good lmao chill

Still making a traptrix deck tho
She is a trap as well...? •_•
<< Anonymous(KaibaSucksDecks)
Anonymous Reply
no shes just young you sick fuck
<< Anonymous
KaibaSucksDecks Reply
But there's a big ass spider behind her...
<< Anonymous(KaibaSucksDecks)
Anonymous Reply
Depends on your preference. It’s a spider in disguise trying to lurk its prey, check their lore:
For everyone saying it is op, it really isn't that op. They can only activate hand traps on their turn since the card's effect isn't a "quick effect" meaning it can't be used on an opponent's turn. It could still pull off some cheeseplays in the battle phase like Masked Heroes though
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, and monster negating effects are always an option
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It is a continuous effect and not an activated effect meaning that it is active during your opponents turn. If it's effect wasn't active during your opponents turn it would be nigh unusable as the "hole" trap cards are all in response to your opponent summoning a monster, which doesn't happen all that often in your turn.
Well wall od D, mirror wall and this worm trap... are still ok
Hmm okee...well my silent swordman and his slash is still ok.
okay we need more jinzo support it doesnt matter at this point
It's too OP even jinzo can't negate trap while this card is on the field
<< Anonymous
scary card Reply
This thing is really op, It seems like the new Kumoshroomo or Beat fur hire to me.
new tier 1
Broken card, everyone put their asses against the wall ! ( BEFORE GETTING REKT BY THIS CARD ) ! (sorry if it sounded offensive ^^ but it might be true).

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Hahaha they wont do anything to ag, its p2p deck and lost to km cuz how easy km to win
Koa’ki Meiru OTK makes this meta beyond stale. 7/10 times it’s against the same stale...
The Monster card must in face up atk position to active the effect of card.
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