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update 04/04/2020

Void Trap Hole

Void Trap Hole
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect
ArchetypesVoid / Trap Hole


When your opponent Special Summons a monster(s) with 2000 or more ATK: Negate the effects of 1 of those monsters with 2000 or more ATK, and if you do, destroy it.

How to Get

PackResonance of Contrast [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Can easily destroy Special Summoned monsters with 2000 or above ATK.
  • Can be used on any Effect monsters with 2000 ATK above, regardless of whether their effects activate upon Special Summon or not.


  • Cannot be activated during Damage Step.
  • Cannot be used when your opponent Normal or Tribute Summons monsters.


  • This card have a considerable potential due to the current meta that relies heavily on Special Summoning.
  • This card can be useless against control decks that relies on Normal Summoning such as decks with Sergeant Electro, or Dinosaur decks.

Special Summon Decks

These are some of the meta decks that relies heavily on Special Summoning. While a regular Gladiator Beast monster (except Laquari) has below 2000 ATK when Special Summoned, therefore not affected by Void Trap Hole, their Contact Fusion monster however, can be destroyed by Void Trap Hole upon being Special Summoned, except Gladiator Beast Heraklinos, as its negation effect is a quick-effect that can be chained to Void Trap Hole, therefore it will negate Void Trap Hole instead. Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon decks mainly focus on getting Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon to the field as soon as possible, therefore this card is useful to destroy these monsters. Cyber Angel Dakini, although limited, are still being used with Saffira, the Queen of Dragons, therefore both these monsters can be destroyed by Void Trap Hole.


You can use this card to target the monster that was destroyed by Void Trap Hole, Special Summon it to your side of the Field in Defense mode. You can perform this action during your Opponent’s End Phase, so that they cannot destroy that monster while it was in Defense mode.


  • If multiple effect monsters were Special Summoned simultaneously by a single card effect, and have multiple monsters above 2000 ATK, the player that activated Void Trap Hole can choose 1 monster to negate its effect and destroy it.
  • This card will negate the effect of the effect monster first, before destroying it.



Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesNegates the effects of Effect Monsters / Destroys face-up Monster Cards / Destroys Special Summoned monsters


Hot New Top
I want to get this card but is hesitant because it is not played. Its good in current meta except against WC. So can someone explain to me why is this card not being played except it does not affect madam Verre?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Because smart Duel Links players invested in Invoked and haven't needed to spend on any other cards in 12 months. And if you need a card like Void Trap Hole to win you have been playing Duel Links wrongs.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i see, peoplr choose to be rude most of the time. Im only playing for 29 days althoigh i reached KOg with my current deck as F2P so far. I just want to know if this card is viable enough.
Que otra carta hay parecido a esta?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier"
your mother
Samurai Destroyer : hold my beer... .
<< Anonymous(your mother)
Anonymous Reply
Samurai Destroyer revives if he is destroyed, so no.
Evan Warren..
epic card
not KoG
This card is surprisingly good.
judgement, shiranui, quintet counter so far
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"World Armor" also, and the trap card "The huge revolution is over"
Somehow this card is still not popular
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Too expensive, if there is a discount on this card then maybe
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
it's in a mini box just pull for it. you could get snipe hunter.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, but there is not even 3 copies of Void trap hole in the box, too expensive
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Highly situational. Only would work against Synchros and decks that often summon Main Deck monsters with over 2000 ATK on their own (such as Cyber Dragon). You go against a deck that doesn´t use either of those strategies, it´s a dead draw.
actually powerful
looks very cool. is that one of the ice barrier dragons in the art?
sees 5'ds upd8, wipes dust off:its your time 2 shine buddy
The 🔥 is wrong with this BS card? It was used on my revendread slayer when I summoned it, then I protected it with origin. Then I used my slayer's effects, twice, both negated. Problem is, this card does something that isn't does something not written on it. It said negation when special summoning, but for my case it lasted the entire turn. Did I miss something here or really this card has a very unclear text?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You negated the destruction effect only
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yeah it's negating your monster's effect and then destroying it, so it's technically 2 effects and you only stopped the destruction effect
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
furthermore if it negates your monster's effect and doesn't stipulate until the end of the turn, your monster is actually having it's effect negated until it leaves the field.
this card counter quinted magician so much
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Only if this card negates Quintet's "cannot be destroyed by card effect" effect's.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
no this card negate quinted effect first
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Hmm, I will have to test that out.
But you will need at least 2 "Void trap hole" at the same time to stop a good Quintet user.

Usually they first do a normal fusion to send the materials from hand/field to the graveyard. If you survive that they do the second fusion by banishing from the graveyard the same materials.

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yep do it
Let me guess: it was a deck used by the vagabond.
It may be a structure deck, a water themed one
I remember this deck being called "lackluster" on reddit when it first came out. As exp...
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