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update 16/06/2017


A combination of Zombie and Dragon type, using Gozuki with Red-Eyes Spirit. This deck allows the Red-Eyes monsters to come back from the dead very easily, and potentially swarming the field with high attack monsters.

SkillLast Gamble
Essential cards
CostBudget - Expensive
(Box reset)

Example deck

GozukiGozukiGozukiRed-Eyes WyvernRed-Eyes WyvernRed-Eyes Zombie Dragon
Red-Eyes Zombie DragonRed-Eyes Zombie DragonRed-Eyes B. DragonRed-Eyes B. DragonEnemy ControllerEnemy Controller
Cards of the Red StoneCards of the Red StoneEscape from the Dark DimensionRed-Eyes SpiritRed-Eyes SpiritRed-Eyes Spirit
Rising EnergyRising Energy--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Last Gamble
Can be used in your Main Phase, starting from the fifth turn. Upon activation, reduces your LP to 100 and discards 2 cards from your hand. You roll a die and draw that number of cards. This skill can only be used once per Duel.

Joey Wheeler

How to use this deck

Gozuki and Dark Dimension

Gozuki plays quite an important role in the deck, and having multiples in the deck might be necessary. You can summon Gozuki and send a zombie monster from your deck to the graveyard. This allows you to later special summon a Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon from your hand when Gozuki gets destroyed. Alternatively, if you have a zombie monster already in your graveyard, that's not Gozuki, then you can activate his ability when it's on the field to send a Gozuki from your deck to the graveyard. This will let him activate his second effect, so you can summon Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon from your hand. The banished monster can then be special summoned using Escape from the Dark Dimension, giving you 3 monsters on the field in a single turn pretty quickly.


Sharing the same Red-Eyes name, they can all be "revived" using either Red-Eyes Wyvern effect, or Red-Eyes Spirit.

  • Starting with Red-Eyes Wyvern can help make some plays. If you don't summon/set any monster in a turn, you can attack your enemy using Red-Eyes Wyvern, since it can still be beneficial even if it gets destroyed.
  • Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon's effect won't really be useful if you go against a non zombie deck, but what separates it from the normal Red-Eyes is its synergy with Gozuki so you can special summon it, and its ability to tribute summon using only 1 zombie monster.
  • Normal Red-Eyes is usually used for Cards of the Red Stone, since you want to save Zombie Dragon to be special summoned through Gozuki.

Draw and Summon

With a lot of high level monsters and spell/trap cards, there is a chance that you get a dead hand.

  • Use Cards of the Red Stone so you can get more draws, and send another Red-Eyes from your deck to the graveyard. This helps with thinning your deck so you don't get a high level without being able to summon it, as well as allowing Red-Eyes Spirit to summon them later.
  • You can set a Red-Eyes Spirit if you think you can use it soon, but make sure to not set it carelessly, especially when going against Harpie decks, or Champion Vigilance decks.
  • If you have Gozuki on the field, you can send a Red-Eyes monster to the graveyard, and activate Red-Eyes Spirit during battle phase. Using it when your opponent has no monsters on the field can catch them off guard, letting you direct attack with a 2400 attack monster.


Since special summoning the monsters often require them to be in the graveyard, use these cards to send them there.

  • Enemy Controller protects your monster, but can also be used to tribute yours to send it to the graveyard. This can activate Gozuki effect and special summon from your hand.
  • Rising Energy can also be used offensively, or defensively, but the effect of discarding a card is something that's positive in the deck, instead of losing a resource.
  • Lastly, the other way to send them to the graveyard is to use the Last Gamble skill. This is mostly good and only recommended as the last option since it will leave you with 100 LP. Attacking carelessly can end up losing you the duel instead.

Other useful cards

Stamping Destruction
Stamping Destruction
Having some spell/trap removal can be crucial to avoid cards like Mirror Wall or Wonder Balloons.
Burst Breath
Burst Breath
This is useful for when you have more monsters, and have ways to special summon them at the ready.
Vanguard of the Dragon
Vanguard of the Dragon
Low level Dragon monster that can send your Red-Eyes to the graveyard.


Hot New Top
Great deck, i just need to hit the lottery to play this. Very cheap if you ask me.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
It's a joke, just like the cost of this deck xd
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
I mean compared to Turbo Relinquish with 3 Kuriboh, 3 Sonic Bird, and 3 Senju, this is relatively cheaper, so...yeah
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
u still need 6 ur's and it can be more expensiv if u get unlucky so the comparisson is pretty bad
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 3days ago Reply
50 bucks more like 500 bucks
Phil 5days ago
Triple Insight this deck is OP
Anoymous 16days ago
i only have two gozuki, is there a good replcement??
<< Anonymous
Gazuka 16days ago Reply
I only have two too. I just got a 3rd wyvern so I run that but I have used an extra cards of the red stone and RBD. Helps with card draw. Also, I've found double coston works ok since its a zombie and you can also use it to summon RBD for one tribute.
<< Anonymous
yeee 13days ago Reply
i was using earth knight for a bit till i got my 3rd.
Red-eyes till I die 17days ago
This is actually a really good auto-duel deck, at least for Lvl 30 and 40 SDs. Especially if you tweak the card ratios a bit for the balance skill.
Anoymous 17days ago
This is why I reference to GamePress or Duel Links Meta for all the meta decks. GameA is absolute trash in helping players. This deck is trash. Fix your shit.
Anoymous 20days ago
Crazy not to use 3 Red Stones, it's the best card in the deck by a mile. Also, you have to have Twister and/or Magic Jammer to even have a prayer against Toons.
Anoymous 24days ago
Need more pay to win.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 20days ago Reply
Well good news is you don't really *need* Wyvern. So that's something. Definitely need 3 Gozuki and 3 Zombie RedEyes
Anyone have a replacement for Red Eyes Spirit? I only have 1. Also, what are the best alternative skills to Last Gamble?
<< Anonymous(The Godfather)
Anoymous 29days ago Reply
the ur soul card?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 28days ago Reply
Play beatdown or peak performance
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 25days ago Reply
Beatdown is very good in this deck
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 20days ago Reply
Beatdown is much better than LG, it's your only hope against 3SD or Blue-Eyes.
Need DNA Surgery
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 31days ago Reply
it is a level reward now fyi
Anoymous 31days ago
This deck works so well with baggy sleeves. Works so well that you have to worry about running out of your deck.
get some champions vigilances and this deck is a fucking 10currently why the fuck would u rate this a 7???
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 31days ago Reply
Champion's vigilance only works on normal redeyes.
I don't have the trap that revives red eyes. Never lucky

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FINALLY! Swear I hate farming, but this was so worth it in the end smh now just Warlock remaining...
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Did you just assume their species?kys
This deck is pretty garbo lol
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