Stage 51 - 56

From Stage 51 - 56, Standard duelists use Lvl 51 decks.

Gaia the Dragon Champion

Spirit Monsters

Dark Red Hamburger

Gemini Monsters

Cat's Ear Family

Dark Contract

Tributed with the Wind

Tributed with the Wind Lvl: 51

Monster Card x10QTY
Black PteraBlack Ptera2
Sonic DuckSonic Duck2
Goblin Recon SquadGoblin Recon Squad2
Chaosrider GustaphChaosrider Gustaph2
Spell Card x10QTY
Enemy ControllerEnemy Controller3
Gust FanGust Fan3
Quill Pen of GulldosQuill Pen of Gulldos1
Trap Card x0QTY


Hot New Top
I got a great auto-duel deck for the level 51 duelists. Won 10 in a row with auto-duel (sometimes you might have to step in though).

skill: Balance

Kaiser Sea Horse x 1
Rigorous Reaver x 1
Sphere Kuribo x 1
Grasschopper x 1
Leotaur x 2
Blue Eyes White Dragon x 1
Dunames Dark Witch x 1
Jerry Beans Man x 2

Riryoku x 2
Black Pendant x 1
Gravity Axe x 2

Mirror Wall x 2
Michizure x 2
Magic Jammer x 1

Of course you can improve this squad by putting in more Dunames Dark Witches and Jerry Beans Man instead of Blue Eyes White Dragon, Rigorous Reaver, Kaiser Sea Horse
<< Anonymous(PK)
manaia Reply
Thanks PK, It seems to be working, just won my last 6. I had to replace the cards I don't have. I replaced 1x Mirror wall by windstorm of Etaqua, 1x Leotaur by Bazoo the Soul-Eater , Dunames Dark Witch by Twin Barrel Dragon, Jerry Bean Man by Cocoon of Evolution and finally BEWD(because I am not a big fan :D ) by The Fiend Megacyber and Millennium Scorpion
<< Anonymous(PK)
PK Reply
Yeah not long after I posted that team I replaced BEWD as well with The Fiend Megacyber, now by Summoned Skull. If you can't get Mirror Wall, get the new trap card Rising Energy, it's like a more versatile version of Mirror Wall that instead of halving your opponent's attack, adds 1500 to your attacking power which can you use in defence and attack.
<< Anonymous(PK)
Anonymous Reply
This is the best deck I've seen for this stage. I've wasted so much time and so many keys on decks posted in comments on this site, but this paid off. I'm using a modified version since I'm short the UR traps, but I'm still pulling 90%+.
<< Anonymous(PK)
Troy Reply
Thank you so much for this deck I was getting absolutely annihilated before I found this.
Using this for SD lv51 auto duel.. Never lost a match with it yet..
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
but can the AI use switcheroo ability while auto dueling?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Haha why some are so salty. Sorry you feel bad about not getting UR and SR, but don't bring it out on others.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lol.. Stage 51 and you wanne use a simple deck.. seriously whats wrong with you?
<< Anonymous
Optional Reply
I agree with one of the commentors. I dont believe that switcheroo will be triggered (unlike some other people) while autodueling. Nice deck tho ill try it
Do they give better duel rewards?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes eatgaboon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes eatgaboon
Just if you want to get some keys.
Tip: you can use one thunder clash on your monster just to get 1 counter on kickfire and then you can use Pot to get your thunder clash back with one SD card.
Goal of this deck is to blow up SD with 10000 effect damage.
Usually you'll get 7K points but it can go up to 8k (depends on amount of glossy and prismatic cards).
I'm using it versus 51 SD and it doesn't work only versus Red Burger and Wind.
Also you can swap Jar for Spell Wall.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Proof P.S. That's not an auto-duel deck, be ready to waste your time.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dude, I don't know if you realize, but this is a flawless 8k farm off of Kaiba LV40. It's my new favorite!
You are missing the deck "Tributed with the wind". Some of the cards I encountered were:

Chaos rider gustaph x2
ectoplasmer x 2
enemy controller
sonic duck
Black Petra

And then I lost because I did not know how ectoplasmer worked. Thus these are not all of the cards ... obviously.
<< Anonymous(Jarod)
Jarod Reply
<< Anonymous(Jarod)
Uroucyon_GameA Reply
seems like this just got added today after maintenance. Will be added soon.
Tiernan Adel
The Spirit Monsters always get me.
<< Anonymous(Tiernan Adel)
Anonymous Reply
Use Elements Unite. He will then only set monsters.
<< Anonymous(Tiernan Adel)
Anonymous Reply
Forget spirit monsters bro lol. Fu**ing Gemini monsters pisses me the f**k off.
Hey, anyone got any stage 51 decks that aren't auto duel decks? Or require skulls? I don't have some of the cards that people use for auto duels. But if anyone has any decks that they use that also have about a 90% Winrate, that would be great. I must also add that I have only one EC, 2 Oct and no rising energy. I'm asking because I'm trying to lol up most of my characters I'm at mako, tea, mai, bakura, weevil and max. So if anyone has any decks that could help me out with these guys it would be great.
<< Anonymous(Zero )
Zero Reply
*skills. *trying to level up
<< Anonymous(Zero )
JustKidding Reply
you must have powerful trap/magic. Eg: adhesive traphole, riryoku, metalmorph, halfshut.
Does a fusion auto duel deck work against these opponents?
Like with Twin headed thunder dragon, Meteor B Dragon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They do work most of the time, but they are often countered by traps like Golden Apples.
K1llua 9days ago

unless you have at least an idea of what
decks they use... big big mistake by me and now i have to use my main pvp deck and cannot auto duel anymore...
<< Anonymous(K1llua)
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
I have been playing against them for over 2 weeks and they are not that hard.My relatively expensive Sergeant Electro-dinosaur monsters deck just tears them apart
Guys omg this deck i have here is really good
<< Anonymous(anon)
Tiernan Adel Reply
I'd tweak it a little with some ECs and OTCs.
Anyone with a good auto duel deck for SD lvl 51?
<< Anonymous(cipry)
Tagforce Reply
I use Dragon Fusion Deck Deck build is in this web
I'm at stage 51 but SD's still lvl 45, what happen ?
<< Anonymous(LeX)
Anonymous Reply
Some of the Standard duelists will be left over from your previous stage if you didn't clear them all before getting to stage 51.

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