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  • Declaration of Angel V2 (5D's) and Immortal Rise V2 (5D's) Added. These information was kindly shared and submitted by Веселин Бърнев.

Stage 51 - 56

From Stage 51 - 56, Standard duelists use Lvl 51 decks.

Declaration of Angel V2 Lvl 51 (5D's)

Immortals Rise V2 Lvl 51 (5D's)

Seekers of Blue-Eyes Lvl 51 (5D's)

X-Saber Shining Lvl 51 (5D's)

Gemini Monsters 3 Lvl 51 (5D's)

Lavalval Rekindled Lvl 51 (5D's)

Obedience Fabled Lvl 51 (5D's)

Beasts of the Sky Lvl 51 (5D's)

Creatures of the Land Lvl 51 (5D's)

Gaia the Dragon Champion Lvl 51

Spirit Monsters Lvl 51

Dark Red Hamburger Lvl 51

Gemini Monsters Lvl 51

Cat's Ear Family Lvl 51

Dark Contract Lvl 51

Tributed with the Wind Lvl 51

Declaration of Angel Lvl 51

Immortals Rise Lvl 51

The Lost City Lvl 51

The Smile of Venus Lvl 51

XYZ Lvl 51


Hot New Top
This is my own deck and it has a 90-95% succes rate against standard duelists after exesive testing and you can change the monsters to whatever strong monsters you have but the ECs and Windstorm and Mirror wall is 100% necesary to have a consitant win rate and this deck works fine with auto duels and you can swap out the Riryoku as the AI is quite bad at using it properly
Ive just been using a standard Beater deck for auto duels and its been going swimmingly
1x Card Guard
1x Gigantic Cephalotus
1x Exarion Universe(dudes op)
1x Ancient Gear Knight
1x Blade Knight
1x Milla the Temporal Magician
2x BOXer
1x Heavy Knight of the Flame
1x Vorse Raider
1x Gem-Knight Garnet
1x Double Summon
1x Enemy Controller
1x Kunai with Chain
1x Floodgate
1x Mirror Wall
1x Wall of Disruption
1x Draining Shield
1x Typhoon
1x Inspiration
1x Metalmorph
Its all mostly SRs but hey if youve gotten to the 50s then youve gotten plenty and plenty of gems already, js

unless you have at least an idea of what
decks they use... big big mistake by me and now i have to use my main pvp deck and cannot auto duel anymore...
<< Anonymous(K1llua)
Anonymous Reply
I have been playing against them for over 2 weeks and they are not that hard.My relatively expensive Sergeant Electro-dinosaur monsters deck just tears them
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What, if it isn't SHOWING OFF, that you really wanted to say to Killua? Initially goes low with "not that hard", then followed up by a suddenly contradicting statement, "my relatively expensive dick".. oh come on. If you're gonna be proud of yourself, convince us better because the way you formulate your statements REALLY SUCKS!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
butt hurt comment
Tiernan Adel
The Spirit Monsters always get me.
<< Anonymous(Tiernan Adel)
Anonymous Reply
Use Elements Unite. He will then only set monsters.
<< Anonymous(Tiernan Adel)
Anonymous Reply
Forget spirit monsters bro lol. Fu**ing Gemini monsters pisses me the f**k off.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Unless your opponent goes first and ritual summons Garlandolf, King of Destruction. That happened to me and the three elements are destroyed since their DEF are less than Garlandolf's ATK, preventing me to summon Gate Guardian.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Holy **** the Gemini deck needs to be nerfed. So many 🔥ous p2w cards like mirror wall, half shut, and magical shield. Idk why they made such bad decks like gaia and lost city but then go ahead and pull this outta nowhere.
(.Y.) boobs
NEW SD51 Decks!

Declaration of Angel SD51
Airknight Parshath x 3
Asura Priest x 2
Bountiful Artemis x 3
Mudora x 2
Zolga x 1
Skelengel x 1
Sorcerous Spell Wall x 2
Magic Drain x 3
Seven Tools of the Bandit x 1
Divine Wrath x 1
Trap Jammer x 1

Immortals Rise SD51
Gozuki x 2
Vampire Lord x 2
Il Blud x 2
Goblin Zombie x 2
Vampire Lady x 2
Bone Crusher x 1
Armored Zombie x 2
Book of Life x 1
Call of the Mummy x 1
Double Summon x 2
Overpowering Eye x 1
Curse of Anubis x 1
Tutan Mask x 1

The Lost City SD51
Orca Mega-Fortress of Darkness x 3
Hammer Shark x 2
Uminotaurus x 3
Crystal Seer x 2
Cannonball Spear Shellfish x 1
Torpedo Fish x 1
Shark Cruiser x 2
Planet Pathfinder x 2
A Legendary Ocean x 3
Sea Lord's Amulet x 1

The Smile of Venus SD51
Knight of the Red Lotus x 2
Axe Raider x 3
The Agent of Creation - Venus x 3
Mystical Shine Ball x 3
Order to Charge x 1
Spiritualism x 1
White Elephant's Gift x 3
Block Attack x 2
Adhesion Trap Hole x 1
Order to Smash x 1

Machina Peacekeeper x 2
X-Head Cannon x 3
Y-Dragon Head x 3
Z-Metal Tank x 3
Dekoichi the BC Locomotive x 2
Machine Assembly Line x 3
Frontline Base x 2
Adhesion Trap Hole x 2

XYZ-Dragon Cannon x 2
XZ-Tank Cannon x 1
XY-Dragon Cannon x 1
YZ-Tank Dragon x 1
Lvl 51 is easy
Level 51 have xyz??
<< Anonymous(Komoney)
Anonymous Reply
They just added new Standard Duelist decks in the latest update so you will have to wait until they update the pages :)

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