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update 07/09/2016

Cat's Ear Tribe

Cat's Ear Tribe
Monster TypeBeast-Warrior
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect


The original ATK of your opponent's monster(s) that battles with this card during his/her turn becomes 200 points during the Damage Step.

How to Get

PackUltimate Rising
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--


How to GetRarity
Ultimate RisingR


Can beat a high level monster having higher ATK than that of this card.






Stat changesChanges ATK value / Changes original ATK

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wall of d + this
How do you kill this card? I attacked it with Ancient Gear Golem and got destroyed
<< Anonymous(Ryan)
Anonymous Reply
Let me guess, you used up your only Castle to summon Golem and don't have another one?

AG Golem's ATK would become 500 if you have another Castle on the field....or run Machine Assembly Line. Or heck, equip AG Golem with AG Tank.

There's a reason nobody use this card....its effect is too easy to counter.
Holy fu - this card doesn't affect players that don't identify with either gender.
This + the field spell Sogen makes this card op.
Fuck this card. I attacked it with cocoon of evolution, thinking they would kill each other, but nope. The debs are retarded and didn't code the game right. My cocoon should have had its attack raised to 200 if it attack this card. bullshit
<< Anonymous(Ano)
Ur Mum Reply
Relax you virgin it's just a videogame
<< Anonymous(Ur Mum)
Anonymous Reply
Venom snake
Farming deck:


3 cats ear tribe
2 flash assailants
2 swift Gaia the fierce k.
1 copy cat
1 hane hane
1 4 star ladybug of doom


2 wonder balloons
2 magical reflectors
1 tribute to the doom
2 enemy controller


3 inspirations
2 reinforcements
1 mirror wall.

Set up:

If you draw a cat and a inspiration, reinforcement or mirror wall. You can destroy an opponent's monster when they attack and deal damage. If your opponent boost his monsters attack by 500 points(most equip spells) you should be fine, your cat survives and you destroy an opponent's monster while you deal damage.

If you drew a wonder balloons and a swift Gaia or flash assailant then activate wonder balloons get rid of your hand so that Gaia or flash are the only card left. You can also get rid of reinforcements and inspiration by either using them on wonder balloons or set them on the field.

If you summoned you summoned more than one Kittie you can always tribute them for swift Gaia or increase wonder balloons effect. Use hane hane, 4 star lady bug and tribute to the doom to clear the field. This deck takes care of monsters while dealing damage and clears the field of defence position monsters your opponent places.

If he uses a continues spell like mask of curse or even wonder balloons it's not a bad idea to carry a de apellido and add it to the deck.

Keep it around 21-23 cards otherwise you won't draw what you need. Good luck!

<< Anonymous(Venom snake)
Anonymous Reply
This card used to be my fav card. Till that troll srh card come out. Stupid srh.
opponent's cat ear tribe bugged my Malus Token ATK 2500 to 0 when it attacked me WTF
<< Anonymous(BLN)
Anonymous Reply
Because token doesn't have original attack
<< Anonymous(BLN)
Emil J. (Mille91) Reply
Was there any negative atk spell/trap on the field at all? Even a base of 0 atk should become 200, excluding effects. Pumprincess for instance.

Please hit reply if this happens again regarding Tokens with this in mind, of which atk modifiers are in play at the same time (negative/positive).

Because I would love to hear the results or see the log and take notes.
<< Anonymous(Emil J. (Mille91))
Wooster Reply
Apparently it's not a bug. There's some ruling for Cat's Ear when dealing with monsters without original attack. It becomes 200 during the damage step, then reverts to 0, presumably because there's no mechanism to restore the 'lost' bonus.
<< Anonymous(Wooster)
Emil J. (Mille91) Reply
Thanks alot for the tip. I guessed it may be because its against a non-monster. That's the only conclution I could draw. Thanks :)
Not sure if the effect only activates when its attacked
<< Anonymous(Anonymoose)
Anonymous Reply
Yes. Only when attacked.
Emil J. (Mille91)
Second to Reflect slime and Gemini Soldier, I love this card because it's very different, weak but has alot of potential.

Heads up to anyone unfamiliar. The opponents atk that is changed to 200 is the atk writen on the monster card, thus any change (positive or negative) using effects will be added/subtracted to this nr, so don't expect the cat to beat any card influenced by a field spell bonus for instance, or in laymans terms: equip-spells are unaffected by the cat.

Heh, with a Pumprincess (event at 1) makes this a potential beastly combo. Add a equip card and Stench defense and you got your Recycle bin kitty ready to work.
Auto-duel has no idea what the to do with this card. It sets it in defense.
love this card, when u use it right, it can get you a lot of wins on an unprepared opponent
use balance skill put unhappy girl and this card with equip card in the deck, unstopable farming!!!

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If you fall for loli baits you deserve to be devoured by these monsters
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