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update 28/10/2016

Golden Bamboo Sword

Golden Bamboo Sword
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect
ArchetypesBamboo Sword
Supports ArchetypesBamboo Sword


Activate only if you control a "Bamboo Sword" Equip Spell Card. Draw 2 cards.









How to Get

Under construction.


ActionsYou draw cards

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Hot New Top
Anonymous 18hour ago
finally gets a nerf
Anonymous 2days ago
why isn't this limited yet limit immediately!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Yeah, the amount of OTKs this card enables is ridiculous, and Dark World Dealings just made it even worse.
Exodia OBLITERATE!! 3days ago
EXTREMELY good on Yugi Muto / Exodia deck.

Just run Bamboo draw Engine, Where Arf Thou to grab the missing Exodia pieces, Crystal to recycle your Bamboo or Arf Thou, Triple Sphere Ebola to work as the Bamboo's recipient and the Arf Thou conditioning (aswell as a handtrap if you need an extra turn).

You can also run Woodland Sprite (now limited, which doesn't really matter lmfao) as a 2nd "Wincon", but it's not needed, really.
<< Anonymous(Exodia OBLITERATE!!)
Exodia OBLITERATE!! 3days ago Reply
Regular and Winged Kuriboh also work, in case of needing to stall.
Anonymous 14days ago
Yes! Finally got my mat, use this card 100 times
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
Nice work
<< Anonymous
Fijit spinner 14days ago Reply
Too broken
<< Anonymous
Mikeyavelli 6days ago Reply
I might have to make use of this card, just for that mat. Love it!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Pretty sire thats fake
Anonymous 4days ago
should be a UR card
Anonymous 6days ago
Farming is so fast with these. So fast I once overdrawn and lost. Started by tribute WonderWand to discard Cursed Bamboo. Then Bam! No more deck.
Anonymous 6days ago
I don't know what's the all the fuzz about this card be compared to PoG. It got a clear condition to be activated plus it will place itself in the field slot with no further effects where you will have to remove it using another effect. Plus the effect itself means drawing 2 cards but if you think about it you are only drawing +1 extra card after having to draw golden bamboo sword itself.
Anonymous 9days ago
I active my magic card bamboo of greed! This card allow me 2 cards on my deck I active my magic card bamboo of greed! This card allow me 2 cards on my deck
Anonymous 11days ago
Konami ... We know this card is forbidden OK ?

And what about the pot of greed version of bamboo card family ... This very cancerous Konami :/
Anonymous 14days ago
way too broken! This card will be limited very soon!
Anonymous 14days ago
Remember this is pot of greed duel link version should limit or banned
Anonymous 14days ago
ban sprite limit this

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Skill 438
Finally I got Destiny Board. I hope I can get Feind Farewell too to make some good Necrofear deck.
it wont work if you 2 monster on the field because you have to special summon 2 thunder dragon
check your damn ingame notification ignore that he trolling
"sandwitches" XD
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