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update 13/08/2017


This deck was used by a WCS 2017 finalist, Silentfold. Send your fiend-type monsters to the graveyard with Fiend Farewell to quicken the special summoning of Dark Necrofear. Then lockdown your opponent's plays with Invader of Darkness and Xing Zhen Hu.

Example deck

Dark NecrofearDark NecrofearSphere KuribohSphere KuribohInvader of DarknessInvader of Darkness
Doomdog OcthrosDoomdog OcthrosDoomdog OcthrosJowls of Dark DemiseJowls of Dark DemiseJowls of Dark Demise
Stray LambsStray LambsStray LambsEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerXing Zhen Hu
Curse of AnubisWindstorm of Etaqua----

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Fiend Farewell
Can be used when one of your monsters is destroyed by battle. 1 random Fiend-Type monster from your Deck is sent to the graveyard.

Yami Bakura

How to use

Search for Level 8 Fiend monsters

Set Doomdog Octhros and let your opponent destroy it. Once it goes to the graveyard, you can pick either Dark Necrofear or Invader of Darkness from your deck to be added to your hand. You can then use Fiend Farewell skill on your turn to send a Fiend-Type monster from your deck to your graveyard, which you will use later to summon Dark Necrofear.

Control enemy monsters

  • Always set Jowls of Dark Demise face-down, when flipped face-up you can take control of one of your opponent's monsters. When flipped face-up during your opponent's battle phase you can take control of their strongest monster on the field to protect yourself from other attacks during that turn.
  • By banishing Fiend-Type monsters in your graveyard, you can special summon Dark Necrofear from your hand. It has a decent attack and very high defense. When this card is destroyed by your opponent by any means, you can take control of 1 of your opponents monster by equipping this card to it.

Summoning Invader of Darkness

Summon Invader of Darkness as soon as possible, as he is probably the most important monster in this deck. Invader of Darkness is a 2900 attack beater, and more importantly while he is face-up on the field your opponent cannot activate quick-play spells. Use Stray Lambs and use the tokens as tribute to set Invader of Darkness, which would be safe from most attacks with his 2500 defense, then flip him face-up your next turn. You could also flip a Jowls of Dark Demise you set the turn before to take one of your opponent's monsters, then use Jowls of Dark Demise and the controlled monster to tribute into Invader of Darkness.

Protect your monsters

Other useful cards

Archfiend Empress
Archfiend Empress
Can be search by Doomdog Octhros and protects other fiend type monsters form getting destroy. Additionally, she can revive a high leveled fiend-type monster when she is destroyed
Trance Archfiend
Trance Archfiend
Help send fiend-type monsters to the graveyard, and also retrieves a removed from play fiend when he is destroyed.
Archfiend Palabyrinth
Archfiend Palabyrinth
Boost your fiend-type monsters and can be used to special summon archfiend monsters from the deck.
Escape from the Dark Dimension
Escape from the Dark Dimension
Revives a remove from play DARK monster.

Other example decks

Archfiend version

Dark NecrofearDark NecrofearSphere KuribohArchfiend EmpressArchfiend EmpressTrance Archfiend
Trance ArchfiendTrance ArchfiendDoomdog OcthrosDoomdog OcthrosDoomdog OcthrosPossessed Dark Soul
Archfiend PalabyrinthNobleman of ExterminationEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerEscape from the Dark Dimension
Xing Zhen HuXing Zhen Hu----

How to use (Archfiend version)

Boost your monster's attack

  • By having Archfiend Palabyrinth on the field, the attack of all Fiend-Type monsters that you control will increase by 500.
  • Trance Archfiend can increase its attack up to 2500 by using its own effect and by having Archfiend Palabyrinth on the field. It can increase its attack by discarding a Fiend-Type monster from your hand. Later on, you will use those discarded Fiend-Type monsters to special summon Dark Necrofear.

Special summon high level monsters.


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anybody has some good recipe
for kog???
<< Anonymous(Chef Boyardee)
Chef Boyardee Reply
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Cook the meat for about 10 minutes, or until browned; you much stir this constantly and sometimes vigorously to keep the mixture smooth, no lumps!
Wet the edges of a wonton wrapper and place 1-1 1/2 tablespoons of the meat mixture in the center; top with another wonton skin
<< Anonymous(Chef Boyardee)
Chef Boyardee Reply
and press all of the air out of the ravioli while you are pressing the edges together to make a tight seal.
Meanwhile, bring a large pot of salted water to a boil.
Place all of the sauce ingredients in a medium saucepan except the cheese and bring to a boil.
Add the ravioli to the boiling water and boil them, stirring occasionally for 5-8 minutes.
Remove the sauce from the heat and add the cheddar
<< Anonymous(Chef Boyardee)
Chef Boyardee Reply
cheese and salt and pepper to taste.
Toss the ravioli and sauce together in a large bowl and serve.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
don't pay attention to that guy that's poison.
just eat a raw cow
This is my OTK Fiend deck. I use magical merchant to get rid of all my monsters into the graveyard. With that, if powerful monster gets sent into the graveyard, my tour bus monster will place the strong monsters back into the deck. (this will cause a lot of chains) Since, the deck gets shortened by the evacuation from magical merchant and using tour bus to place the high level monsters back, the chances of getting a high level monster has increased. Magical Merchant also helps with getting the ritual card. You can use the ritual spell card to summon Garlandolf, King of Destruction to clear the field.(You can use the Jnn monsters in the graveyard to help with summoning it)Then, you can summon as many Dark Necrofears as you want because by then a lot of your fiends will be in the graveyard. I only have 2 Dark Necrofears from the previous events because gate Bakura won't drop a single Dark Necrofear. If you couldn't summon a single powerful monster and have a lot of monsters in your graveyard, you could always use Chaos Necromancer just for fun. Man-eater bugs is not needed.
<< Anonymous(Misuhara)
Misuhara Reply
Also, I'm a F2P player, this is as far as I can get. :c
Destiny board version
<< Anonymous(PIMPnite)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
PIMPnite Reply
Boohoo. :'(
<< Anonymous(PIMPnite)
SixgunSex Reply
:) Wow, can you not? Be such rude jacket of balls that is. Maybe u should buy some cards instead of waste money on food and elelctricity :) If we all did that more u wouldn't be complaining now would you? -drops mic- Now leave me I TIRE SEEING YOU'RE FACE
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
your mad because you still lose to mirror wall in 2017 boy learn to play around cards so you can get to platinum at least
Ninja destroy this deck. Necrofear? Banish. Backrow? What is backrow? You don't even have one...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ninja won't be meta anymore next month. So...
I like this deck very much after i see it from silentfold. But i have a problem here. That skill fiend farewell doesn't drop for me. I have farm hours 5k gate key to farm rex40,wevil40,yugi40
<< Anonymous(LZM)
Anonymous Reply
I know why they use stray domba and jaw of demise
That Stray Lamb + Jowl of Dark Demise idea is really smart
Now the rate has fallen to 7 only? Damn, so much fiends and Bakura events and still not a single competative Bakura deck. :(
<< Anonymous(OK)
Bakura Reply
Many decks can reach plat, I think we need something at least in Legend.
<< Anonymous
Pegasus Reply
Oh boy, it may drop to 4 when "necrovalley" field spell obtainable. Such deck wouldn't such fun
<< Anonymous(Bakura)
OK Reply
yep lost 4 in row just now, its inconsistent because you get way too much damage if you dont come with kuriboh.

i think we just have to wait for others supp cards
<< Anonymous(OK)
OK Reply
This deck shouldnt be a pvp deck never
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Hey, I just have two of the Trance Archfiend, can I replace him by other card?? The other cards I have them all
<< Anonymous(Lee)
YES Reply
kuriboh sphere
<< Anonymous(YES)
OK Reply
sphere kuriboh *
What's a good substitute for the 2nd empress?
<< Anonymous(Anon)
Bakura Reply
Dark Ruler Ha Des
So I have everything except nobleman, the 2 Xing Zhen Hu, the 2 other E Con., and the 1 escape from the dark dimension. What can I replace them with?

I added windstorm, 2 fiend griefing, 1 cost down, 1 magic jammer, and 1 magic drain. I can't think of anything else.
<< Anonymous(MrYeps)
MrYeps Reply
This is what I have currently
<< Anonymous(MrYeps)
Anonymous Reply
Escape from dark dimension is essential in this deck, you need at least 2 to summon archfiend empress, if you don't have any I suggest replacing the high level monster because it will be a dead draw, and focusing on necrofear instead.
<< Anonymous
MrYeps Reply
Oh ok thanks

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Anybody know any updates on this card on how 2 get ? Or we just waiting on them to release it to ...
another farm deck with catapult turtle, this one is pretty clever;
or cursed seal of the forbidden spell on umi. then this becomes a dead card
bring Belowski pls
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