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update 04/09/2016

Archfiend Empress

Archfiend Empress
Monster TypeFiend
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect / Trigger Effect
SupportsDARK / Fiend


If (exactly) 1 face-up DARK Fiend-Type monster on the field, except this card, would be destroyed, you can remove from play 1 DARK Fiend-Type monster from your Graveyard, instead. When this card is destroyed and sent from the field to the Graveyard, you can select 1 Level 6 or higher DARK Fiend-Type monster in your Graveyard, except "Archfiend Empress", and Special Summon it.

How to get / rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory againstYami Bakura Lv 30 or higher [SR]
Card trader100 EX Jewels [SR]
OtherYami Bakura event reward [SR]




  • Stats are high.
  • Can be searched from deck by Doomdog Octhros' effect.
  • It has an effect that lets you special summon a monster from the Graveyard.
  • Can protect monsters from getting destroyed.
  • It can remove from play monsters from your Graveyard.


  • It needs 2 tributes to be summoned.
  • Can only protect DARK Fiend-Type monsters.
  • You need to have a DARK Fiend-Type monster in your Graveyard to protect a DARK Fiend-Type monster in the field.
  • Can't be protected by its own effect.
  • It needs to be destroyed in order to special summon a monster in the Graveyard.
  • Can only revive a Level 6 or higher DARK Fiend-Type monsters.
  • It can't revive another Archfiend Empress.


Search from deck

Summoning with 1 Tribute

By using these cards you can reduce the tribute cost for Archfiend Empress. Double Coston can be treated as 2 tributes when you're summoning a DARK monster which will benefit Archfiend Empress since it's a DARK monster. On the other hand, Cost Down reduces the levels of your monsters by 2, which makes Archfiend Empress' level down to 6.

Adding fuel to your graveyard

Archfiend Empress' effect can be used to defend your monsters but requires you to remove dark fiend types from the graveyard, therefore you need to add fuel to your grave.

  • Sphere Kuriboh has great synergy because it helps defend against an attack while also adding fuel to your graveyard.
  • Fiend Griefing sends fiends to your graveyard and can be used to disrupt effects that involve a card in your opponent's graveyard.
  • Trance Archfiend gains 500 attack in exchange for sending a fiend type monster from your hand to the grave, and can also be used to recover a fiend removed by the effect of Archfiend Empress.

Utilize Banished Cards

Doomsday Horror is great to be partnered with Archfiend Empress since its stat depends on the number of banished DARK monsters. While Chaos Zone gains Chaos Counter each time a monster is removed from play, it can special summon a banished monster to the field by removing its Chaos Counters. On the other hand, Trance Archfiend has the ability to add a banished monster back to your hand.





ActionsActivates from your Graveyard
Banished categoriesBanishes from your Graveyard
Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons from your Graveyard

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Hot New Top
STEVEN 9days ago
Need 3 of these cards or not? i have 2 and i can buy another in the shop but i never see decks with 3 of these
<< Anonymous(STEVEN)
Anoymous 9days ago Reply
Always collect whatever you can collect, even when it's not relevant now, it might be relevant in the future.
<< Anonymous
STEVEN 9days ago Reply
thx :)
<< Anonymous(STEVEN)
serendipity 6days ago Reply
i think two empress and two necrofear is ideal in a fiend farewell and escape from dark dimension deck
Anoymous 6days ago
Got 4 of this and 5 Trance Archfiend from previous event. Sold like 2 of them each for SR stones.

Wanna play fiend deck but sadly no palabyrinth since I made the account after Paradox Brothers event.
Anoymous 18days ago
So theoretically, if you have 2 of these on your side of the field and some fiends in your graveyard, either of them cant be destroyed until each fiend in your graevyard is banished. It's effect only negates 'This Card" from being protected, not "All Archfiend Empresses".

Can anybody confirm this? or will i have to buy another and be potentially let down?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 6days ago Reply
Yes that's correct
Gozzus 20days ago
Just got Kog with this deck!!! It's meta-fu**ing awesome!!!

Joking... it still looks like it's missing something. What do you guys think? It works against noobies in casual ranked, but I'm not brave enough to test it in real ranked while I'm not kog yet. (Skill: roll n'boost)
<< Anonymous(PK)
Gozzus 19days ago Reply
yep, it's still lacking sinergy. I was thinking about using jowls of dark demise (instead of trance archfiend) cause they can make you gain turns while opponents are playing aggro, or they can make lvl 8 monsters summoning very easy while opponents are defensive. They can be banished for Necrofear, but not for empress. Also, trance archfiends are so useful to recycle banished demons.
<< Anonymous(Gozzus)
Anoymous 14days ago Reply
Wow. You really need to go outside and stop farming 24/7
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 14days ago Reply
doesnt take much time to farm 3 trance archfiends and 2 empresses lmao. especially when trance archfiend is in the card trader rn and has been in 2 previous bakura events, and you get 1 empress for free. sounds like you're just some 12 year old using some shitty excuse for being bad at the game
<< Anonymous
Gozzus 10days ago Reply
and what exactly makes you think i do that?
barionyx 16days ago
Got three of this card from bakura lv 50, lv 30 and the card trader, :)
Anoymous 17days ago
How lucky am I
<< Anonymous
Blub 17days ago Reply
Not much I guess
Anoymous 17days ago
I use jowls of dark demise and the trap card a feint plan to get the tributes to summon her
oily joe 18days ago
Ive been using limit impulse to summon this card. Chuck a high lv dark fiend when you summon your tokens.
Anoymous 24days ago
I don't like this card. Not only it's hard to summon, but it's effects are limited. Like, why can't it protect itself? It's not like it'll be broken if it can protect itself.

And before anyone say anything, Skilled Red Magician is too slow to summon this. Same goee for Archfiend Palabyrinth.
<< Anonymous
Player J 24days ago Reply
This card is designed to help the Archfiend Archetype. Basically, This card is Summon Skull support. Summon Skull is the only current Archfiend card available in duel links. This card would be useful in those Summon Skull & Palabyrinth decks.
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Anoymous 24days ago Reply
Beast of Talwar is also an Archfiend card.
<< Anonymous
Andlu 23days ago Reply
Beast of Talwar is an archfiend, and it's better overall
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Anoymous 18days ago Reply
B. Skull Dragon is Archfiend as well
Anoymous 19days ago
im playing it with my necrofear deck send it to graveyard with the fiend trap then banish it using necrofear special summon it with escape from the dark dimension bam 2 high lvl monster 1 turn if it got destroy special summon some high lvl monster in graveyard
Anoymous 19days ago
Why doesn't dark effigy work on Archfiend Empress
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 19days ago Reply
cant u read? dark effigy works for normal monsters only. u should use double coston
Mandy 23days ago
3SD Soul Exchange will summon it Instantly, like all other lv8. You can build a deck with 3 copies of this Empress and 3 of the one available in the card trader that negates quick play spells, 3 Soul Exchange, 3 puppies, maybe some Cost Down. I think a deck like this would be very competitive.
<< Anonymous(Mandy)
Exodia 22days ago Reply
8-3 = 4?
<< Anonymous(Mandy)
Anoymous 22days ago Reply
3SD is better off just trying to skillfully win on turn 2 with Barrel Dragon flips and such.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 21days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(Mandy)
Anoymous 20days ago Reply
You'll never have enough draw power to pull a deck like that off

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