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update 23/03/2017


Using Magical Merchant, Trance Archfiend, and Fiend Farewell skill, you can send quite a lot of Dark monsters to the graveyard. Then, use monster cards in the graveyard to activate the effect of Skull Lair, and let Doomsday Horror gain high Atk.

skillFiend Farewell
Essential cards
(Box reset)

Example deck

Sphere KuribohSphere KuribohTrance ArchfiendTrance ArchfiendTrance ArchfiendDoomsday Horror
Doomsday HorrorDoomsday HorrorDark Mimic LV3Dark Mimic LV3Dark Mimic LV3Prometheus, King of the Shadows
Prometheus, King of the ShadowsMagical MerchantMagical MerchantMagical MerchantThe Gross Ghost of Fled DreamsThe Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams
Chaos ZoneSkull LairSkull LairSkull Lair----

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Fiend Farewell
Can be used when one of your monsters is destroyed by battle. 1 random Fiend-Type monster from your Deck is sent to the graveyard.

Yami Bakura

How to use this deck

Send Dark monsters to the graveyard

Use the flip effect of Magical Merchant, send as many Dark monsters to the graveyard and to get Skull Lair. If you don't have the monster card in your starting hand, use other monsters like The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams and Trance Archfiend to stall turns and to activate Fiend Farewell skill to send a Fiend monster from your deck to the graveyard.

Activate Skull Lair

Use Skull Lair to destroy a monster on the field and remove monster cards in your graveyard from play. Then, your Doomsday Horror is possible to gain very high ATK and DEF. Depending on a situation, you might need to destroy your Doomsday Horror to back banished monster cards to your graveyard, then you can use the effect of Skull Lair again.

Make full use of banished cards

Chaos Zone allows you to special summon a monster from banished zone. You will use the effect to special summon Doomsday Horror.

Prometheus, King of the Shadows is possible to kill your opponent in one turn. Destroy your Doomsday Horror using Skull Lair to send back cards in the banished zone to the graveyard, and normal summon Prometheus, King of the Shadows, then it gains significantly high Atk.

Other useful cards

Twin-Barrel Dragon
Twin-Barrel Dragon
Alternative dark monster that you can use if you have multiples of it.
Whiptail Crow
Whiptail Crow
Alternative dark monster that you can use if you have multiples of it.
Creeping Darkness
Creeping Darkness
To fetch Doomsday Horror so you can attack or return banished monsters back to the graveyard.
Escape from the Dark Dimension
Escape from the Dark Dimension
If you have multiple high level dark monsters, this allows you to special summon a strong monster right after you banish it.


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Anoymous 9days ago
What skill should I use if I don't have fiend farewell?
<< Anonymous
Some guy 7days ago Reply
Tether of defeat, compensation. ie fiend farewell would be the best, but it's not necessary and you can easily use any of bakura's other skills instead of it.
Some guy 7days ago
A japanese player used this against me and it's the first time I experienced it. It was pretty ingenious and effective.
Any suggestions on cards, or packs. I used a Bakuras fiend farewell ability
<< Anonymous(VK)
Anoymous Reply
What do you mean by the tribute monsters also I will add more horrors when I get them
<< Anonymous(VK)
Anoymous Reply
What do you mean by the tribute monsters also I will add more horrors when I get them
<< Anonymous(VK)
Edgar81539 Reply
The tribute monsters are the ones that need tributes to be summoned, Barrel Dragon and Mefist. You don't have Escape from the Dark Dimension to get them to field for free so they only make the deck worse.
<< Anonymous
Some guy 7days ago Reply
If you don't know what tribute monsters are, you're a dumb noob.
Can these decks be more original than using 20 SR cards
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 14days ago Reply
They can be, this deck in particular is mostly normals and rares. Probably more original and functional than anything you could come up with.
<< Anonymous
Sir. 11days ago Reply
#shotsfired #savage
Kuribohquestion 11days ago
Can it work with only 1 kuriboh?
Mechamac 13days ago
Ive been working in this deck for a while and it seems to be working Fine, exept for the hhg decks. I also removed scape from dark dimension cause of the lack of space to place trap/magic cards.have Any suggestions to improve this deck?
<< Anonymous(Mechamac)
Anoymous 11days ago Reply
2-3 copies of possessed dark soul help a LOT against a HHG deck. They typically use 3 sonic ducks (which are level 3 and get powered up to 1900atk) so being able to steal one, if not two, from your opponent in one turn is huge. Especially if they go first and play one becayse you can steal it and leave them open for an attack.
xkaito 14days ago
Fun deck , i wish fiends can be meta
alv.... 14days ago
Mai HHG rip this deck
Tackrad 31days ago
since Switcheroo is being nerfed i suggest Kiseitai for this deck
Man, I love this deck, it brought me to KOG in no time, normally I use a machine deck or weevil, but this is so much more fun. Everybody ragequits on you
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
pics or doesn't count.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Seems to be a solid gold tier deck to me. Not a platinum one
Fiend banish deck prototype with Dark Necrofear:
My banish deck version... I don't use chaos zone or escape from the dark dimension.. I only focus in the Skull lair... Here i have multiple ways to send monsters to the graveyard as you can see.. And finally found a good way to use the oustanding dog.. Sometimes if you play a banish deck, you can mill your own deck, you know.. Well, with this card it never gonna happens, you NEVER should banish that card and if it is your last card you must destroy with skull lair (the opponent will not destroy this card because he can win easily if your deck is out in the next turn)... Well, any suggestion to further empower the deck?
<< Anonymous
Negropotter Reply
Im trying the same deck i think fiend farewell would be better imo
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
I would recommend including a tour bus of the Underworld to pull your Necrofear back out of the grave, should the merchant cause the discard.
<< Anonymous
Negropotter Reply
Agreeed^ its a fiend and helps u not deck out tale the dog out lol

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