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update 07/04/2017


Essential skillDuel, standby!
Essential cards


  • Win or lose duels pretty quickly.
  • Most of the cards are relatively easily obtainable.


  • Does not work against opponent's with more than 4000 LP.
  • Difficult to win if you get second turn.

Example deck

Big Shield GardnaLady Assailant of FlamesCobra JarGravekeeper's CurseCard of SanctityCard of Sanctity
Goblin ThiefGoblin ThiefGoblin ThiefHinotamaHinotamaHinotama
Cup of AceCup of AceCup of AceRestructer RevolutionRestructer RevolutionRestructer Revolution
Burning LandBurning Land--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Duel, standby!
Gives 1 more card in each player's starting hand.

How to use this deck

This deck wins by dealing some burn effect damage without needing a lot of monsters or protection. If you get a good hand, you can win in first turn.

Start by using the Cup of Aces to either get or give more cards, then Restructer Revolution once you have used them so it deals more damage. Use Card of Sanctity once you are down to 2 cards in your hand, use it to get more cards and use whatever other burns you get from your hand.

Useful cards

Lady Assailant of Flames
Lady Assailant of Flames
A sure 800 effect damage is massive for this deck, just keep in mind that cards will be banished.
Big Shield Gardna
Big Shield Gardna
This card is a great defensive card and hard to work around for your enemy. Also, it can negate spells such as Soul Exchange.
Gravekeeper's Curse
Gravekeeper's Curse
An instant 500 damage to your opponent, be aware that it has a low stats that can easily be destroyed and you may take battale damage in return.
Cobra Jar
Cobra Jar
This card may help you block 2 attacks as it produces a token with its FLIP effect which deals 500 when destroyed.
Inaba White Rabbit
Inaba White Rabbit
This card can deal 700 damage per turn to your opponent as long as it is able to return safely to your hand during every End Phase. It is able to direct attack.
Needle Ball
Needle Ball
It deals a guaranteed 1000 damage to your opponent as long as you are able to pay 2000 LP.
Abare Ushioni
Abare Ushioni
This card can deal 1000 damage to either you or your opponent depending on your luck. It is advisable to not rely on this card too much.
Burning Land
Burning Land
It is able to destroy your opponent's field spell and also deal damage to both players per turn, even better if it is a Harpies' Hunting Ground so your Attack and Receive will not be destroyed by it.
Card of Sanctity
Card of Sanctity
A great draw engine to reload your hand
Cup of Ace
Cup of Ace
Either you win or lose the toss, you can take advantage of this card as long as you have cards in your hand such as Restructer Revolution.
Attack and Receive
Attack and Receive
Most viable trap card for this deck has a potential to do massive 700-1300k damage.

Other example decks


Hot New Top
Anoymous 5days ago
Reaching KOG with this deck just makes me feel that KOG is pointless. What's the point of ranking to the top if I'm just going to fight boring unoriginal people who care more about winning then playing the game?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 4days ago Reply
Then KOG is just a means to an end.
<< Anonymous
Boxman 4days ago Reply
I like your comment about fighting unoriginal and caring more about win. Totally agreed. It just disgust me too when these people abuses op cards. (3 se, mw, kuribo...) They really only care about win.
<< Anonymous(Boxman)
Anoymous 3hour ago Reply
I block anyone who runs a meta deck. I've played them enough. I want to play the people who are original and exciting. If u run harpie, graveskeeper, duel standby or relinquished then your king of games is empty and not really deserved. If you're so great come up with something u won't see another person using and get king of games.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 2hour ago Reply
What y wouldn't u want to win in PvP that's the point dude....playing PvP just to play and not win...i must be misunderstanding you bc what u said makes no sense
Anoymous 2days ago
I tried this deck myself to see what's the deal. It is good sometimes. But there's no fun at all. Why do you people even consider to main this deck?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 2days ago Reply
Agreed and there are idiots defending this deck.
<< Anonymous
Alexo Brawler 2days ago Reply
because some people play this not to achieve KoG, they want to end games fast and farm keys when there is no more Standard Duelist to farm, it generally achieve +4000 duel points for victory
<< Anonymous(Alexo Brawler)
Anoymous 2days ago Reply
Vs npc we don't really care. But many of these guys used for pvp and brag at the same time.
fajar 2days ago
i join the yugioh duel link competition in my school and this deck is prohibited to use
<< Anonymous(fajar)
Anoymous 2days ago Reply
thats trash
fajar 2days ago
i join the yugioh duel link in my school and this deck is prohibited to use
Anoymous 3days ago
I dont mind it in ranked, but the instant standby Tea plays COA or starts burning I restart the app. If i dont get to have fun you dont either lmao
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 3days ago Reply
I mean i only quit out ib casual, not ranked
Anoymous 3days ago
I dont mind it in ranked, but the instant standby Tea plays COA or starts burning I restart the app. If i dont get to have fun you dont either lmao
Anoymous 3days ago
You would think that more people would run cards like Supremacy Berry and Numinous Healer, but no...
Anoymous 3days ago
You would think that more people would run cards like Supremacy Berry and Numinous Healer, but no...
Anoymous 4days ago
Harpie 2 destroy this deck so easy.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 3days ago Reply
actually I've beaten 20 harpies with this deck
Anoymous 4days ago
You shouldn't blame other players for playing these kind of decks - blame Konami for not offering us a 'Banned and Restricted Card' list.
Anoymous 4days ago
Just run out any player of Burn decks timer so the annoying cunts learn!
BamZ 13days ago
+: its cheap in all variants, it can reach kog if played well and the games are fast

-: no fun for the player and opponent

I had an win rate like 75-80% with my variation and went from gold 2 to plat 3 +4 wins but failed the 5th.

So i'm sure its possible to reach kog with it, even if i prefer last gamble variants for the last games to kog cauz it feels a bit more consistent

I guess this deck is for ppl without much time or new brained players without enough good cards for other top tier decks - so dont judge ppl playing it :)

I'll only use it for auto duels or when i got time pressure reaching kog. (but Plat 3 to kog needs many trys or another deck)

Just my opinion :)
<< Anonymous(BamZ)
Anoymous 11days ago Reply
Very straight forward play, simple, and cheap deck to win at tier 1. Even a 7 year old kid with this deck can win. Doesn't require a lot of thinking. Great deck for beginners who wants to win all the time.
<< Anonymous(BamZ)
Anoymous 5days ago Reply
This would be one case where success honestly teaches you nothing. So it's not good for beginners. You're better off trying to build your decks and learning from your mistakes. Decks like this are for people who don't want to play the game.

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