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update 07/09/2016

Card of Sanctity

Card of Sanctity
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCard effect
ArchetypesTreasure Cards


Banish all other cards you control and in your hand (min.1 from each); draw until you have 2 cards in your hand.

How to get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory againstPegasusl level 30 or more [SR]
Card trader--
OtherPegasus unlock event [SR]


One of the drawing engine of Standby Burn deck, it can be useful and sometimes no practical uses.

Tips, related cards, skills



  • This card cannot be activated when you have only this card in your hand and no card is on your side of the field.
  • To activate this card, you have to have at least one banished card in your hand or on your side of the field.


ActionsYou draw cards
Banished categoriesBanishes from field for cost / Banishes from hand for cost

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Has anyone used this with Metaphys? Would love to see a decklist
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I use two copies in my Metaphys deck. Personally I think it synergizes really well with the archetype. Instead of 3 copies of Gold Sarcophagus I just use two. Then I only use 2 of my Daedalus', not 3, to make room.
Broken with Metaphys
i dueld Pegasus dozens of times & i never got this card. i got nearly 3 of everything else but not 1 of this card
<< Anonymous(Tackrad)
Anonymous Reply
I got it when I lost to a Pegasus lvl 10 XD
In anime when Yugi vs Atem, this card is called Treasure From Heaven which let both players draw cards until they have six in their hands. Atem draw 5 which make yugi's silent magician become 3500 atk.
<< Anonymous(Anon)
episode 223? haha
<< Anonymous( )
Anon Reply
episode 118 though it was actually 6 cards that was written on the card
<< Anonymous(Anon)
Anonymous Reply
It's always been draw until you have 6 in the anime. Atem already had a card in his hand, so he drew five. Basic math. (Baffles me when people comment on ancient posts with dumb comments.)
<< Anonymous
Um Reply
It was just a comment get over yourself
Would someone advise me the point of this card? You have to banish your field and hand to draw two cards. At best, you banish one from the field and one from the hand to draw the two. If this card were anything else, you'd already have two cards in your hand (the card that would have been banished and the card that replaces this spell) and get to keep your cards on the field.

I won a bunch from Pegasus and don't really know what to do with the three I kept.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Though, this card also exists IRL. What is the point of it then? I can stand up and shout "Surprise Present" all I want, but I don't think anyone would honor that.
<< Anonymous
Gem Hunter Reply
IRL you have also cards like D.D Scoutplane and D.D Survivor wich can give you field control and hand gaining advantage.

An other example is stealing their threat monster (Jowls of dark demise etc..) and remove it with this card.

Yes. I like banish decks.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can use it to fuel chaos end to nuke the field. You could also use it with doomsday horror.
<< Anonymous
MISS D-Bag Reply
two words BUBBLE BURN
Does anyone know if they fixed the glitch that lets you activate this card without meeting its full condition?
So does the card itself count as one of the cards you control on the board when you play it?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Why in duellinks, my opp have only two card. Nothing in hand and this card with grave curse on field and he can activate this card? Am I misunderstood that you must remain 1 card in hand and one on field at least? He already set this card too so even include itself is not enough. Misprogrammed??
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
well he had 2 cards (1 field 1 hand)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No. As I say he has 2 card on the field. And even though card of sanctity is in hand itself, it is not count. But he already set it before too so it's surely not counted. I found the error cause now. Duellinks en card text follow TCG but real effect follow OCG (Japanese). Other game such as YGO 5ds also conflict like this.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
In the TCG, you must have at least 1 card in both your hand and your side of the field to activate "Card of Sanctity". In the OCG, you only need 1 card in either your hand or your side of the field to activate it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
think about it, if you have 2 cards in your hand and you played this card, it only means it itself satisfied the other condition since you will have to put this card it face up position on the field when you activate it
Konami Please
I can't even get this card because no pegasus!
<< Anonymous(Konami Please)
CreativiTimothy Reply
Yeah I was stage 15 at the time of the Pegasus event and was so difficult to farm. Meanwhile I have 7 of every Bakura card. I don't think the game is very fair for new players, especially the removal of Ultimate Rising.
Use it with Tea
Surprise skill and this card is the bomb

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I use e-con take this and banish itself. Can't believe it worked.
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