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update 26/01/2017

Note: This deck will be basically used to get drops skills!

Deck profile

Example 1

RelinquishedMillennium ScorpionBlue-Eyes White DragonCrawling Dragon #2Crawling Dragon #2Crawling Dragon #2
Two-Headed King RexTwo-Headed King RexTwo-Headed King RexGreat WhiteGreat WhiteInsect Imitation
PolymerizationRiryokuBlack Illusion RitualBanner of CourageBanner of CourageEmbodiment of Apophis
Windstorm of EtaquaMetalmorph------Bracchio-raidus

A cheap and easy to build deck that uses Scorpion to deal over 5,000 damage. Usable on any character and doesn't require character skills. Once you have better cards, you can put in more scorpion, insect imitation and change the great white into something like Jerry Beans Man or Dunames Dark Witch.

Example 2

RelinquishedMystical Beast of SerketMillennium ScorpionMillennium ScorpionPiranha ArmyDunames Dark Witch
Crawling Dragon #2Crawling Dragon #2Crawling Dragon #2Two-Headed King RexTwo-Headed King RexTwo-Headed King Rex
RiryokuRiryokuTwisterTemple of the KingsInsect ImitationInsect Imitation
PolymerizationBlack Illusion Ritual----Bracchio-raidusBlue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

This deck uses Scorpion mainly to increase its attack so you can use Riryoku and give it to Piranha. If the scorpion has over 6,000 attack. You can use double Riryoku to piranha to deal over 10,000. This can give you 8,000 duel assessment depending on your number of glossy/prismatic cards.

Note: Serket and Temple of Kings aren't necessary. You can change it to other glossy/prismatic cards or some Bubonic Vermins.

Set skill

None. This decks work without skill since it was built to allow all characters to get drop skills,

How to use this deck

This deck is mainly used to get a high score against Lvl 40 Rex Raptor and Mako Tsunami to get your Legendary Duelists to learn drop skills. You can get around 6,000 score with any LD.


  • Summon Millennium Scorpion as soon as you can. This is so that it can build up some attack increase to make sure it goes over 5,000. Keep destroying enemy monsters until you are left with 0 cards

  • Ritual summon relinquished but don't take control of your opponent's monster, since you want scorpion to kill it. Tribute summon it into a scorpion or let it get destroyed so it doesn't fill a monster slot.

  • If you want to use piranha army, make sure to have 1 monster slot open so you can summon it on the last turn. Since you need to get scorpion out, ritual summon and fusion summon, you will want to manage your monster field carefully. You can either ritual summon relinquished and let it get destroyed or get Bracchio-raidus out and use it as a sacrifice to get relinquished out.

  • Use any prismatic/glossy cards that you have. Each glossy cards give 100 points when you use them, while prismatic gives 200. They can add up to a lot if you use multiple. Replace any unused cards in the deck so you can put in whatever your prismatic/glossy cards are.

Note: You can't re-use a prismatic/glossy cards for extra points. Example: You play a prismatic cerberus, then use hane-hane to return the Cerberus to summon again. It will only give 200 points instead of 400.

Aim to deal over 5000 damage!

Summon the scorpion as soon as possible to ensure that it can destroy as many monsters as you can from the start of the duel. If you can reach 5,000 damage, that is fine. Use riryoku and halve the blue eyes or any other high attack monsters that is in the field to put into your scorpion for the last boost of damage.

Dealing over 10,000 damage with scorpion

You need at least 6,000 attack on scorpion, then summon piranha out on the last turn and use 2 Riryoku to sap Scorpion's attack to put it to piranha. Use another monster to destroy any set monster your opponent has on the field and use the piranha to deal the finishing blow.


Hot New Top
Anoymous 4days ago

Mid_Evil 21days ago
In example 2 of the high score scorpion deck the 6 dinos should be replaced with 2 Des Kangaroo, 2 Big Koala, 1 gift of the martyr, and 1 An Owl of Luck. Also the polymerization swapped out with fusion gate. Would make a much more powerful deck with 1 Millenium scorpion to kill with and Master of Oz for the fusion card to make the AI put everything into defense position. Also Master of Oz with his 4200 atk is perfect to use Gift of the Martyr to boost Piranha Army's attack to exactly 5000 for 10,000 damage. Just my 2 cents.
The RNG in this game is making it impossible for me to farm anything. I'm out of white keys and still no e-con's. I tried to farm insect imitation, half of those keys are gone. Trying to farm odion for millennium scorpion, but I'm almost out of black keys now. I've got everything for a Cerberus deck, but the skills needed to use it won't drop. Plus running out of keys.

I don't know what to do. Every time Konami makes updates to this game they silently tweak the rng to try and get people to spend more real money on this game. Don't forget they are a business after all. It's all about money!!!!
<< Anonymous(MSprecher)
Sal 27days ago Reply
Dude, just start with Yami Yugi's Sorcery Conduit skill which is obtainable by levels and from there u start ur cerebrus farm. easy...
<< Anonymous(MSprecher)
Anoymous 22days ago Reply
I finally got Millennium Scorpio 2 days ago! I've been farming it since February. I had given up on it and just used Serket for a while but I finally got Millennium Scorpion without wanting to get it
Insect imitation only lets me "set" when I try and use even if I have a monster on the field from the previous turn did they change it?
<< Anonymous
Daemon Blitzkrieg Reply
Fun fact: it can only Special Summon from the Deck. meaning you had no available targets in your deck to be able to use the card.
Piranha army replacement for the second example? I've been opening Ultimate Rising and haven't been using gems on anything else.
Is there a possible option without relinquished because I started after the Pegasus Event
<< Anonymous
Cassio Reply
Yes, you can use another ritual monster with maximum 4 stars so that you can summon it ;)
That "secret passage" (something) spell card, allowing a 1000 or lower ATK monster to attack directly this turn - wouldn't it be much better than to risk activating a flip effect or the like?
<< Anonymous(curious)
Etherion Reply
You use this deck to farm skills against Rex Tea or weevil. They don't have anything like that.
What is the point of the 2 Great Whites against level 40 Rex, wouldn't it be better to replace with level 4 monsters with higher attack (Dunames Dark Witch for example, or even 1700 Kaiser Sea Horse/Axe Raided/Warrior Dai Grepher etc.?)
<< Anonymous(PK)
Anoymous Reply
I think they just wanted to list some cheap stuff that you can get easily through duel rewards and such. In the description, they mention replacing the Great Whites with Jerry Beans Man or something once you get better cards.
My personal (9.999) version:
Mind updating this deck? Look outdated.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
nice one
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
oops, wrong comment
Don't you mean high Score-pion?

(I'm not sorry)
<< Anonymous(Wiztard)
Inpu Reply
Best. Comment. Ever.
<< Anonymous(Wiztard)
Anoymous Reply
[slow clap]
<< Anonymous(Wiztard)
Zenmaister Reply
Hahahaha. Love this comment
Please update this deck !!!

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I dont mind it in ranked, but the instant standby Tea plays COA or starts burning I restart the a...
- 2 Harpies' Lady Effect monster - 2 Jelly Bean - 2 Sonic Bird - 1 E.Con - 1 Mirror Wall...
Can't believe it. I'm finally done with him.
I hear ya, finally got my third girl with 41 packs left in the box. Finally I can go back to open...
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