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update 13/08/2018


This deck is made with the aim to farm skills by dueling certain Legendary Duelists at the gate without needing any character specific skills. Most of the cards in the deck can be easily obtainable and somewhat replaceable with other cards. Use this deck to farm character skills against the ones you have the most keys on.

Skill -
Essential cards
(Box reset)
No box reset needed

Example deck

Tethys, Goddess of LightTethys, Goddess of LightHarvest Angel of WisdomHarvest Angel of WisdomHarvest Angel of WisdomElement Valkyrie
Element ValkyrieElement ValkyrieGravekeeper's VassalHysteric FairyHysteric FairyHysteric Fairy
Union AttackUnion AttackReloadReloadTransmodifyTransmodify
TransmodifySecret Pass to the Treasures----

How to use

You can use any level 4 fairy monsters in the deck since their main use is to be used for Transmodify to get Tethys out. Harvest Angel is used since it has 1800 attack and was more easily obtainable instead of needing to buy packs. You can also use Radiant Jeral if you only have few options for the fairy monsters, but setting it often makes your opponent attack it, and if they take some battle damage then you will lose the "effect damage only" bonus.

Tethys is the main important card that is necessary in the deck. You only need at least 1, but having 2 makes the deck run much faster. Once you get Tethys out, summon another 1800 attack monster to boost Vassal's damage on the last turn. Against certain LDs, you still need to keep destroying your opponent's monsters to prevent them from summoning stronger ones. If you have plenty of glossies and prismatics in the deck, then you won't need to keep drawing until 0 cards left and deal the finishing blow when you get all the crucial cards.

You can use Reload to get a different hand, and if you get any fairy monsters, then it will let you activate Tethys' effect again. Turn off activation confirmation to make the process faster so the game will stop asking you about Reload.

Vassal with some Union Attacks is often used to reach 10k damage, and Vassal also gives "effect damage only" bonus if your opponent never took any battle damage. If you only have 1 Tethys, then you will need to bring an attack increasing card like Back-Up Rider, or 3 Union Attacks.

If you don't have the required cards, you can use Piranha Army instead, and some attack increasing cards like Gift of the Martyr, or multiple Back-Up Riders.

LD Viablity

This can safely farm most LDs at level 30, but if you want to use them against lvl 40, then the safest one to farm is against Rex Raptor. This is because Rex does not use attack increasing cards other than his field spell, and most of the monsters he uses have 1600 attack, making it easier for you to stall using 1800 attack monsters until you get Transmodify.

It can still work against other LDs but will require some good hand and fast draws to be consistent. The ones tested to have an easier time are the older LDs like: Yami Yugi, Tea Gardner, Weevil Underwood, Mako Tsunami, and Odion.

Other useful cards

Jar of Greed
Jar of Greed
Some draw cards like Jar of Greed or Skelengel can work.
Mausoleum of the Emperor
Mausoleum of the Emperor
Reduces your LP and lets you normal summon Tethys, which can give you comeback bonus.
Back-Up Rider
Back-Up Rider
Attack increase to reach over 10k damage if you only have 1 Tethys.
Mooyan Curry
Mooyan Curry
Heals your opponent to get comeback victory bonus.


I did over 50 farms with Pegasus and i dint get toon world yet WTF?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ez prismatic one for me
<< Anonymous
Bahaa Reply
I got its too world but I didnt get the Creator
So I only have 1 copy of Thethys any idea what card to replace the second Thethys or do you need the second Thethys?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
2 tethys = consistent. It's nothing wrong with only a copy
<< Anonymous
Xenon Reply
Second Tethys speed up the progress and is helpful with Aroma Strategy to have further draw engine. But it isn't absolute necessary. I would throw out 1 Transmodify for (the 3rd) Magical Mallet to be able to send back Fairies to the deck for additional draw(s).
A few tips:
Aroma Strategy(you see your top deck card) from Mai is helpful.
If you have 2 Thethys out and you use both to draw cards, the second drawn card determine if you can again draw.
This mean: You draw fairy monster, both Tethys triggered. Now you draw fairy monster(don't count) and then a non-fairy - you can't use the Tethys. With aroma strategy you can only trigger one Tethys(if the next card is a fairy) as this don't disrupt your overall draw power until you see, that the next card will be a non-fairy card, then you trigger both. This can be very handy to get +1(or even more) cards drawn then just plain activating both as this can easy be stopped by the non-fairy card.
lol i just tried this deck on bakura lvl 30 my starting hand was lvl 4 fairy 2x union atk a pot of generousity (to shuffle tethys back in deck) and a transmodify and then he used exchsnge took my union and killed tethis with it XD
why do you recommend lv 30-40 why dont you just duel against lv 10. does it increase the drop rate
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes it does
Tethys is not Heart of the Underdog. Reload is strictly worse than Magical Mallet here. (Unless you have a Prismatic Reload I guess. Damn it, now I actually kinda want a Prismatic Reload. >.>)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You're right mallet is better since you can keep your game winning combo in hand with vassal, UA etc. Love the draw power this deck has, it's faster than my normal farming ones.
I can use rain of mercy?
Instead of moyan curry
<< Anonymous(Ho)
Anonymous Reply
No, the entire point is for the opponent to have MORE LP than you without you taking damage. (So you get both the No Damage and Comeback Victory bonuses.)
Wow, nice tips. Some people farm for skills is duel in Casual Duel in PvP but burn himself with cards like Destruction of Destiny and Burning Land without aiming for victory. But this deck has 2 advantage. Against LD, u can get drop skill as well as LD's cards but not in casual duel

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