Harpies' Hunting Ground (skill)

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update 07/04/2017


A highly valuable skill for those who like Harpy Lady cards. Destroying a spell or trap card when you summon a Harpy Lady as well as increasing their stats is an incredible bonus that can bring you to King of Games using a Harpy deck.


Begin the Duel with the Field Spell "Harpies' Hunting Ground" on the top of your deck.



How to get

  • Reward for defeating Legendary Duelists when you play as Mai Valentine.

Rating and explanation

This skill is considered to be one of the best in the current meta game, it would surely be more popular if it wasn’t a drop skill, making it very difficult for a lot of players to obtain. The effect can help you to deal with opponent’s field spells so you don’t have to put many Twister or de-spell cards.


Harpie Lady
Harpie Deck
Harpie oriented deck that uses wind and normal monsters to help with draw and deal with opponent's monsters.
Harpies and Relinquished to control opponent's spell/trap and monster.
Harpie Lady
Vanilla Harpie's Hunting Ground
Harpies and Venus that can destroy enemy monsters on the spot.

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You can obtain this through packs in the game now. if the duel links allows harpies hunting ground cards, and harpie queen to search for them, then why is the skill hunting ground still banned?
Just a lucky noob gamer
It’s ridiculous how you need to have a skill that’s almost impossible to get to play a whole kind of deck, and not even money can help it (since even Vagrants don’t count as LDs). I’d be willing to pay as far as 5k gems PLUS 2 million gold PLUS 20 UR circles for this. They REALLY need to make alternative methods for vital skills such as this one.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Pre-nerf 3SD Ninjas were like that too.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They nerfed it way too much though, unless we get new harpie cards there is no point. But hey they boosted another harpie skill you can try (harpies last will) which is a garbage skill for now but maybe a sign we will get harpies in the new mini box called winged something
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ninjas at least can be played with Fields of the Warriors. Mai doesn't get Peak Performance so the only field option is this... too bad it's near impossible to get. I managed to get both Balance and Restart for her but now they'll be useless soon... I'd use Last Will especially now that it's buffed but it's also near impossible to get.
Considering getting this is pretty much completely impossible, it’s about time they at least give Mai Peak Performance in a quest like Chazz got Dragonic Fusion. It’s way too frustrating to love harpies but everyone has high attack monsters and I don’t have a field skill to try to get on their level.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Or have Kaiba use harpies. Too weird? Lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah it's really weird I didn't even think of it lol
This Deck actually can lift up it nerf because we got Cosmic Cyclone here.. Who Agree with me to revert this one to Old Style?(Starting Field Spell when skill actived)
<< Anonymous(Dier)
Anonymous Reply
Too many people crying and ing.
Lvl 30 Rex Raptor ... farming for a month, bonus reward event .. never give up and there you are. Cerberus deck and restart skill
<< Anonymous(iRedHawkz)
watafu Reply
You get a skill every ~5 PvP duels; KC, Ranked or Casual.
<< Anonymous(watafu)
iRedHawkz Reply
Yep, But its a basic skill right? something like draw sense? [sorrymyenglish]
I've had Destiny Draw since before the drop rate increase, but still can't get this. Is it a bug, or is it impossible to get this if you already have DDraw?
max lvl with mai and nothing
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i feel the same too, but it's yugi

my mai still 39
stupid op card..
Still trying to get this skill to drop with Mai. Tons of other skills, just not this one. Would love to build a viable harpie deck with the new box being out. hopefully soon!
Buff Mai boobs!!! and also this skill!!!

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Luna 245
Yeah, and I think a few DM characters could use a drop update as well.
Smh not even a targeting protection, which is better generally than just destruction
Lol you was right guy who said your comment would be deleted
The deck i used. Dream card really help to get the sphere guy. Labirynth builder for back up purp...
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