Harpies' Hunting Ground (skill)

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update 07/04/2017


A highly valuable skill for those who like Harpy Lady cards. Destroying a spell or trap card when you summon a Harpy Lady as well as increasing their stats is an incredible bonus that can bring you to King of Games using a Harpy deck.


Begin Duel with the Field Spell Harpies' Hunting Ground activated.



How to get

  • Reward for defeating Legendary Duelists when you play as Mai Valentine.

Rating and explanation

This skill is considered to be one of the best in the current meta game, it would surely be more popular if it wasn’t a drop skill, making it very difficult for a lot of players to obtain. The effect can help you to deal with opponent’s field spells so you don’t have to put many Twister or de-spell cards.


Harpie Lady
Harpie Deck
Harpie oriented deck that uses wind and normal monsters to help with draw and deal with opponent's monsters.
Harpies and Relinquished to control opponent's spell/trap and monster.
Harpie Lady
Vanilla Harpie's Hunting Ground
Harpies and Venus that can destroy enemy monsters on the spot.

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this skill is too freakin broken. and im saying this as a person that already has this skill . i would like to play other characters other than mai and NOT get stomped everytime i play against a mai. if they nerf switcharoo and not this very soon its going too become mai-links not duel-links
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
They should definitely nerf it. A good option is to shuffle the field spell into the deck instead of having it already set when the duel starts, so the Mai player will need to use searchers such as Ishizu's cats if they want to play the field spell early. It is already broken, it's like a Dinosaur Kingdom with auto spell destruction, totally unfair.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
I think they should change it to face up spells and traps only. No field spells. It's extremely unfair and not fun at all to play against. Insane amounts of people using it has made maku and rex basically obsolete.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 1days ago Reply
HHG is not broken in any way and Mako has had a great deck for a while in Hammer Shark, and Rex will be pretty bad until they give him actual support outside of normal beaters.
Anoymous 5days ago
i don't know why ppl complain about 3*d deck relinquished with this are way brainless than any 3*d that i already faced, ill stick up with my GK deck, but without fair updates everyone will have to get HHG i guess
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 1days ago Reply
you just sound like you're really bad at the game
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
I tought the same. After 2 months of farming every day, i finally got it
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 6days ago Reply
Got HHG skill a 2nd time after winning against Kaiba Lv. 40 but still got not a single Enemy Controller from him. My Mai got Lv. 40 today.
<< Anonymous
Zaid 1days ago Reply
What deck were u using could u give me the deck list
Incredibly difficult to get.
yeah, I know - some of you guys are lucky enough to have gotten it. Some of us aren't that lucky. Worse of all is if you end up getting on of her other drop skills instead.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Dakota 24days ago Reply
i got all of her skills and her hhg deck built and lvl 35 mai BUT NO HHG wtf
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Anoymous 14days ago Reply
tell me about it..i used over 2000 keys and only got draw sense low level and balance
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Anoymous 14days ago Reply
Well, I could say the same thing to 3 star demotion. I farmed using Paradox bros and used 2k+ keys and still no 3 star demotion. Konami, what the hell is happening to the drop skills???
<< Anonymous
DexterKoller 5days ago Reply
LoL really? So easy to get.
Mai 19days ago
Got from level 40 Rex after 1 month of farming. Expect to go up the ranks once you get this skill and if used properly. lol
<< Anonymous(Mai)
Anoymous 14days ago Reply
which deck youre using?
Anoymous 15days ago
Just play security sphere.
It shuts them down.
The problem with HHG is that it forces the player to be weak against all other meta.
By far the most annoying and most broken (imo) ability in the game. It provides too much advantage
<< Anonymous(>)))
Anoymous Reply
I think Switcheroo is still slightly better. The Thunder Dragon tech for top tier Relinquished decks is very powerful, and trading in cards you don't need in your hand is already very good itself. HHG still has the chance of being destroyed before it can do anything much, while Switcheroo is always available until used up.
<< Anonymous(>)))
>)) Reply
You have a deck that's really fitting to defeat Mai deck? been looking for things to deal with it consistently without losing advantage :/ and
<< Anonymous(>)))
Anoymous 17days ago Reply
Still not able to obtain hhg even i give 18k damage lp to tea and raptor...
LuckMan 21days ago
Randomly got this skill by auto dueling Yugi Muto Lv30
Someone. 31days ago
This is mai's only decent "secret" drop skill and the only skill worth getting.
<< Anonymous(Someone.)
Player J 24days ago Reply
Mai only have 3 drop skills. I do believe HHG is the best out of the 3. However, I wouldn't say that it is the only decent one. I think Flight of the Harpie is pretty good. It can be useful in some deck builds. I also like some of Mai's other regular skill sets.
Anoymous 24days ago
Got it on my first match with mai agains weevil ^_^
broken skill, its fking ridiculous. if you dont draw a twister or any kind of de-spell cards its most likely over for you.

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Need more pay to win.
Me too.I will easily reach 4M in 4 days. Just using tea burn. 3-4.5k. winrate about 80%
2k is too little, probably 8k..
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