Harpies' Hunting Ground: deck recipe

This page notes Fast Harpie Deck profile, including essential cards and the best character and skill to use the deck.
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update 07/04/2017

Example deck

Sphere KuribohHarpie Lady 1Harpie Lady 2BirdfaceBirdfaceDunames Dark Witch
Jerry Beans ManJerry Beans ManSonic DuckSonic DuckSonic DuckHarpie Lady
Order to ChargeOrder to ChargeEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerMirror WallMirror Wall
Wild TornadoWindstorm of Etaqua--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
[Harpie's Hunting Ground]
Begin Duel with the Field Spell "Harpies' Hunting Ground" activated.

How to use the deck

Tips for using the deck

  • Summon a Harpie monster if your opponent sets spell/trap cards or controls Wonder Balloons or equip spells, then you can destroy a spell/trap card your opponent controls by the effect of the field spell.
  • Guard the "Harpie's Hunting Ground" field spell against Twister or other spell removal by using counter trap cards.


  • Wonder Balloons requires you to discard a card in your hand, but you can reuse the card if it is a Wind-attribute monster by using Quill Pen of Gulldos.
  • When a Harpie monster is summoned, you can destroy a spell/trap card on the field.


  • The ATK of monsters in the deck is relatively low even though the field spell is activated. You may have to deal with high ATK mosnters using Wonder Balloons, Order to Charge, Quill Pen of Gulldos, and Reinforcements.

Other useful cards

Harpie Lady Sisters
Harpie Lady Sisters
Put 1 copy of this card if you feel like the deck is running slow.
The Atmosphere
The Atmosphere
Surviving for a turn is not difficult because of the spell/trap cards in the deck, making it easier to summon this.
Elegant Egotist
Elegant Egotist
2 or 3 copies of this card with 1 Harpie Lady Sisters to increase the chance of getting it.
Big Bang Shot
Big Bang Shot
Useful when you equip it to your monsters or banish your opponent's monster when you destroy it with a harpie.
Adhesion Trap Hole
Adhesion Trap Hole
Weakens your opponent's monster to ensure that you can destroy it with any monster.
Wild Tornado
Wild Tornado
Can be used to destroy any face up card when you have a harpie card with the hunting ground still active.

Other example decks


Hot New Top
Dan FCB 24days ago
Any tips?
<< Anonymous(Dan FCB)
Anoymous 1days ago Reply
+1 Econ +1 Normal Harpie -1 Jerry -1 Harpie Number 2
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 7hour ago Reply
Why delete harpie number 2 for a normal 2 ?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 7hour ago Reply
Normal 1*
<< Anonymous(Dan FCB)
Player J 1hour ago Reply
- 2 Harpies' Lady Effect monster - 2 Jelly Bean - 2 Sonic Bird - 1 E.Con - 1 Mirror Wall - 1 Metalmorph + 2 Harpies' Lady Normal monster + 1 Bird Face + 1 Dunames Dark Witch + 1 The Atmosphere + 1 Harpies' Lady Sister + 2 Elogant Egotist + 1 Trap Jammer
Anoymous 1days ago
I havn't birdface, can be replaced whit something else
<< Anonymous(@Player J)
Deinos 8hour ago Reply
But that's just me. Like you said, if you throw in 1, 2, 3 or even 0. Thats up to the creator himself. Furthermore, Not throwing in a 3x MW because it's poppable is not a correct reason in my eyes. Most of those cards are. Heck even cards like Sergeant, Mirage etc. do a good job. Fact is, it's a staple and those can be used in any deck.
<< Anonymous(Deinos)
Deinos 8hour ago Reply
About the Harpy lady history. I do prefer the original japanese version tho. Good read for some users new in the game. +1
<< Anonymous(Deinos)
Player J 1hour ago Reply
Deinos, I never said MW wasn't a staple. It is a staple card. What I said is you shouldn't be running 3x of them. I do believe a person should run 1 or 2 MW's. However, There is a huge difference between running a few vs running 3. You are committing a large portion of your traps in your deck based on a single continue spell! Is that really what you want to do?
<< Anonymous(@Player J)
Player J 1hour ago Reply
In response to the @PLAYER J person, Your decision of not adding more than 2 Bird Face is a bad decision. However, It is your decision to make. You are free to make bad decision's. I was simply trying to help.
lum0k 12hour ago
hey guys!
Do you prefer the HHG with Egoistand Sister, or the version without. Where do you get biger winstreaks?
<< Anonymous(lum0k)
Anoymous 11hour ago Reply
HHG with Sisters are fun to play in casuals. In ranked, it is better to not include those egoistand sisters because they always leave you dead cards involving them.
How come im only able to remove 1 spell/trap in harpie mirror matches now? Thats with 2 hhg on the field
<< Anonymous
OEK Reply
your not trying hard enough
<< Anonymous(OEK)
Anoymous 5days ago Reply
I really want to build this deck, but I don't have "Harpie's Hunting Ground" skill yet. Anyone got more specific tips to get the drop skill?
<< Anonymous(名木田)
Diniz BR 30days ago Reply
Eu fiz um deck de cerberus(nn sei escrever o nome dele direito),com a habilidade equilibrio com ela,fui farmando o pegasus lvl 40 com ela e consegui,mais da pra farmar vários outros duelistas lendaros com esse deck
<< Anonymous(Diniz BR)
Crispy McBacon 15days ago Reply
Speak english Saudade boy.
<< Anonymous(Crispy McBacon)
SkBattousai 9days ago Reply
He made a Cerberus deck with Balance skill to farm level 40 Pegasus but you can farm other legendary duelists top. Check out Google Tradutor instead of just complaining about their language.
<< Anonymous(名木田)
andres aragundi 5days ago Reply
traslate to ennglish in google ok, debes pelear con duelistas lejendarios de nivel 30 o 40 es la unica forma
Zephyr 12days ago
I hate this website. Because of this website EVERYONE USES THE SAME DECKS instead of being creative and coming up with their own. It's really ruining the ranked matches.
<< Anonymous(Zephyr)
Anoymous 9days ago Reply
This happens for EVERY SINGLE TRADING CARD GAME EVER! Ofcause people will use the meta decks, it NORMAL for a TCG to have meta decks that everyone converges on. It's not ruining ranked it's just pushing it to it's inevitable conclusion.
<< Anonymous(Zephyr)
Notsoclutch 6days ago Reply
Nah, this site is giving idiots like you a chance. Any fool can see that certain cards like relinquished and certain skills like HHG are really strong and will build decks around them. Cards like Mirror Wall and Sphere of Kuriboh are also pretty obviously strong and tech choices will always be made to try to keep these powerful tools in check. All that tier lists like these do is help newer...
<< Anonymous(Notsoclutch)
...continued 6days ago Reply
...players get into the meta more easily by giving them an understanding of what they will play against on ladder and what they should be shooting for in terms of decks. If that's is "ruining" the game to you, then maybe you should find another game.
<< Anonymous(...continued)
Anoymous 6days ago Reply
*that is*
Pooolo 17days ago
Best deck to farm with Mai to find hgg?
<< Anonymous(Pooolo)
Opjellicent 17days ago Reply
Use Cerberus to farm Tea, Weevil and Rex. Easy 8k per duel and tea has some useful Super Rates
<< Anonymous(Opjellicent)
Anoymous 17days ago Reply
Without any prevision skill, how can i use it?
<< Anonymous(Pooolo)
Anoymous 16days ago Reply
imo, BEWD deck got me HHG against farming Rex lvl 40
OPJellicent 17days ago
Anything I should change?
Keirrison 31days ago
Any suggestions ?
<< Anonymous(Keirrison)
Keirrison 31days ago Reply
Wich one is better ?
<< Anonymous(Keirrison)
KAmi 28days ago Reply
You need more normal monsters.
<< Anonymous(Keirrison)
Anoymous 17days ago Reply
What can I replace 2 Econs with and I only have 1 OTC
Anoymous 18days ago
Did they increase the drop rate after KC-cup? I used Mai for my pegasus event, got 15 mil points and didn't receive the skill, only duplicate skill. Let an alone I used 3k blue keys to farm for the skill and I still don't have it...
Ben 26days ago
Anoymous 26days ago
haha I beat down 5 Harpie deck users in a row to go to KOG
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 25days ago Reply
Proof ??
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 21days ago Reply
Deck is terrible if you remove hunting ground. I run 3 spell removers because 3 of 4 ppl I play use this deck. It needs a nerf bad. Maybe only target face up spells and traps.

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It is hard to determine. I'm got lucky since I face him during konami 1000 DA bonus campaign...
Stop being stupid, this does not even work on tier 5 kkkkkkkkkk
I dont mind it in ranked, but the instant standby Tea plays COA or starts burning I restart the a...
- 2 Harpies' Lady Effect monster - 2 Jelly Bean - 2 Sonic Bird - 1 E.Con - 1 Mirror Wall...
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