How to Get Drop Skills: decks and tips

Which is the best generic skill? Is it Destiny Draw? Or The Tie That Binds? Or are there any other good generic skills that you could recommend?
Draw Sense Low Level (or attribute based ones depending on the deck you play), Draw Sense Spell/Trap, and Life Boost Alpha are pretty much the only other generic skill that's good now, since they nerfed Balance and Restart to the ground.
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And yeah, Destiny Draw is still very good to this day.

The Tie That Binds is less useful since it's just a minor ATK boost, but sometimes that's all you need, so it's good too sometimes, I guess. Depending on your deck.
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I'd say the field spells can also be good but they're probably not that generic anymore.

Beatdown is great if you're able to summon a bunch of strong monsters and try an OTK but it's only once per duel.

Grit is also still decent but the drawback makes it less generic.

Also: Everything from the comments above is decent.
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Thank you so much for your replies. I really appreciate it.
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Someone seemingly had the same question in mind:


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