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update 06/09/2016


Ritual Monster are considerably strong in Duel Links, mainly because of low deck size (“speed duel” system) and the existence of Sonic Bird, and Senju of the Thousand Hand, which makes them easily drawn and instantly summoned after a few turns. Most notable Ritual Monsters in Duel Links are Relinquished, Garlandolf, King of Destruction and Paladin of White Dragon because of their strong effects, which proved to be good in the current meta.

Even though Ritual decks are kind of expensive to build, because most of the required cards are high in rarity, they are strong enough to be considered competitive in Platinum or even King of Games ranks.

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Gyzarus and Test Tiger. That's all I want. Plz konami! Bring GB back to meta
Oh, snap. You got us.
no hes a boring character
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