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Hi guys , im new to this gme .(Level 10) .Which pack should i grab for a newbie player like me ?
Definitely try getting the staples from Ultimate Rising.
I would say, look to grab the rares or commons that are useful - start with that then go in if your determined... So, crystal seer from chaotic compliance. Crystal seer is both good for farming (also gift of the martyr...) and gameplay. If you're not looking for fun decks i.e. non meta.... (harpies fck grounds will get what's coming to them...) then I suggest straight up - land of the Titans.
The staples he's on about are: order to charge, sphere kuribo, lady bug of doom and sonic bird... Very difficult to get any of those, staples tho... Valerie's rage for staples, ultimate rising is for wallets... I'll drive into each pack - what cards to get....
(save money guide) So from Neo impact. If you can x2-3 magical merchant. That is all... (learn how to use the graveyard) Next Valerie's rage - gem gem gem, love this pack... Skull lair, chaos zone, awesome ultra rares and SR. Chaotic compliance, crystal seer and gift of martyr. (Prometheus deserves a mention) Flame of the tyrant, Sargent electro... Venus... That's it...
Age of discovery - x1 piranha army, x3 bubonic vermin(common), that's it. Ultimate rising again, secret pass of the treasures!!!! (Needed for farming)
Avoid Wonders of the sky...
To put it very simply: Land of Titans for the security orb and fun deck - it will get you to silver rank... Valkerie's rage for staples, ultimate rising for secret pass of treasures - good luck! (I'm hungover)
(you only need one secret pass to the treasures)
Good grief the useless comments... Depends on what you want to do with your deck.

Your best option is to decide what kind of deck you want to build and then choose the right box/boxes for the job. In general, you'll be thinking about the following options:

-A deck to handle standard duelists
-A deck/decks to farm Legendary Duelists
-A deck for fun in PvP
-A deck to compete in the current meta
For playing against standard duelists:

-Age of Discovery will give you quick access to farming deck tools as well as a quick and easy boost for a strong water deck

-Flame Tyrant will give you quick and dirty access to flame creatures

-The Dragonic Force structure deck is VERY easy to boost into a powerful deck by eventually trading for Vanguard Dragon

-Legendary Duelists drop useful cards
Farming Legendary Duelists:

Check out the various strategies on the forum. There are a few basic farming deck strategies:

-Unhappy Girl
-Paradox Brothers: Elements Unite
-Paradox Brothers: Labyrinth Builder
-Dark Paladin

Choose a Legendary Duelist or duelists and work towards the appropriate farming deck. It'll take time.
PvP fun deck:

Whatever you like! Choose a faction and collect cards. You'll want a combination of faction related cards and removal. Best removal right now includes:

-Farm Kaiba: Enemy Controller
-Ultimate Rising: Sphere Kuriboh/Order to Charge
-Neo Impact: Mirror Wall
-Dawn of Destiny: Super Rush Headlong
-Generation Next: Floodgate Trap Hole
-Servants of Kings: Wall of Disruption
Competative Deck:

Ugh. This takes forever, but here are a few of the faster options.

-Dawn of Destiny: Phoenix decks are weakening, but you can build a powerful deck after buying 240 packs at most. That is, 3x the whole box. You'll want to emphasize:
---Sacred Phoenix
---Heavy Knight of the Flame
---Super Rush Headlong

Everything else should come along with it as it's either rare or normal.

-Galactic Origin: You can build a Gladiator Beast deck pretty quickly and easily from even one complete set of Galactic Origin. However, you'll be missing A LOT of removal power. You'll need:
-A copy of the UR Heraklinos
-3 copies of Laqueri
-3 copies of Andal

Cyber Angel is... somewhat doable without buying tons of packs. In general you would need:

-Crimson Kingdom: one set of the box should let you build a Paladin farming deck mostly...
-Ultimate Rising: Sonic Bird and fodder for a Yugi farming deck
-Neo Impact: Senju
-Galactic Origin: You might want to buy three full sets of this for Saffira...

Cyber Angel is severely weakened of late
Basically, building a meta deck takes a lot of time and a lot of gems to buy ONLY the packs you need for the deck you want. The question of which box to buy isn't a simple 1:1 answer. You really want UR cards from all over the map. I do apologize if this is an info overload, but there's no easy answer. Hope you find a path that works for you and what you want out of the game!


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