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update 21/01/2019


TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeContinuous-like Effect
Supports ArchetypesGravekeeper's
Related to ArchetypesField Searcher


All "Gravekeeper's" monsters gain 500 ATK and DEF. Cards in the Graveyard cannot be banished. Negate any card effect that would move a card in the Graveyard to a different place. Negate any card effect that changes Types or Attributes in the Graveyard.

How to Get

PackSelection Box Vol. 02 [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Prevents your opponent from interacting with both your graveyards.
  • Boosts the stats of Necrovalley monster.


  • You are also unable to interact with any graveyard.



Necrovalley is Gravekeeper deck’s signature Field Spell and naturally they would work well together. Even with Necrovallery active, Gravekeeper effects are still able to interact with the graveyard. Additionally Gravekeeper monsters gain a stat boost because of Necrovalley.


There are some cards that are still able to work with the graveyard even with Necrovalley on the field like Hidden Temples of the Necrovalley and Gravekeeper’s Steele. Cat of Ill Omen and An Owl of Luck can become better searchers when Necrovalley is on the field.


You can special summon Gilasaurus from your hand and Necrovalley will prevent your opponent from reviving a monster from their graveyard.





Hot New Top
I do not care about this useless card, my glas beast bestiari can easily handle it
<< Anonymous
Cruzscm Reply
I have just walter to write this comment amd now I am proud of what I wrote.. Bestiari kicks necrovalley out as I expected.. moreover the big beast gyzarus is ön the way nobody can compete with glads
<< Anonymous(Cruzscm)
Anonymous Reply
glad beast are trash now,
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Gyzarus will make them tier 1 definetely
<< Anonymous
Justc 2days ago Reply
The overpowered meta can be thought of as a pay to meet a Gyzarus release in a main box. However, I doubt it ll occur in a close time, maybe during xyz era
Hands 17days ago
What’s in the box?
Just wonder if it's in the end of may and Six Sam got hit by the banlist, so that the next main box right before the june kc cup contains the next tier 1 deck (like Six Sam and Koa'ki was, so that everyone buys it) , is it possible that it will be a deck around necrovalley, or is it just too weak for the current meta even without Six Sams?
Can we get this from tickets?
<< Anonymous(MokeyMokey)
Anonymous Reply
competitive necrovalley if you are interested, but still, there are better decks around

Skill is balance, you can change the Wods / canadias according to your needs.
Wow this card has multiple effects in a field card, much potential.
please konami add this card main box konami.
Will be good in the future.
As a matter of fact, only duel links haters bothered about this card.

Real players knew it wasn't going to be that relevant because it came in a selection box, and those deals are for new players.
RIP everyone who waste their money to obtain 3 copies of this overhyped card.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
that is the problem, not everyone has it I think when this card is on a box, it'll be okay, but yeah, I really don't think it was smart to waste that much money for this card lmao
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The thing is, the number of people who actually waste their money for 3x Necrovalley is extremely low.

And having just 1 means nothing, it's useless to run just 1 copy.

As a result, it seems like this card had no impact at all.

I'd say wait until this card is in a regular box before we can say for sure this card makes no impact.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Honestly, it's pretty dumb to even care about money in a game that allows you to purchase the top competitive deck for free: Koa'ki Meiru.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not to mention, not everyone spend their money until they get a copy of this card.

Some only open selection box using gems, and they have to be lucky to get Necrovalley in just 10 packs. Not everyone is that lucky.
prisma necro^^
GOT IT for the free gems on my second (f2p) account that sucks for everyone i guess haha ;)
<< Anonymous(prisma necro^^)
Anonymous Reply
Got 3 in 15 packs but the card is nothing without more gk support
<< Anonymous(prisma necro^^)
Anonymous Reply
it will be good in the future, they just didn't want to change the meta so suddenly and make some decks such as vampires unplayable.
Omg, Necrovalley is going to ruin the game!!! Konami wouldn't dare release this!!!

<gets released, almost zero impact on the meta>
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<released in a Selection Box, 95% of players don't have it>
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Geartown is not that op either.
Commenters = BIGGEST DECEIVERS ._.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's very, very well known that Selection Boxes are cool deals for new players.
I can't believe some guys are actually saying it was a scam... lol what did they expect? it was pretty obvious that it wasn't going to become meta since it was such a commodity.

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