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24th Mini Box: Soul of Resurrection
update 03/10/2019


TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeContinuous-like Effect
Supports ArchetypesGravekeeper's
Related to ArchetypesField Searcher


All "Gravekeeper's" monsters gain 500 ATK and DEF. Cards in the Graveyard cannot be banished. Negate any card effect that would move a card in the Graveyard to a different place. Negate any card effect that changes Types or Attributes in the Graveyard.

How to Get

PackSelection Box Vol. 02 [UR]
Dark Dimension [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Disrupts graveyard plays.
  • Protects your graveyard.
  • Boosts Gravekeeper monsters’ stats.


  • Will also prevent you from interacting with your graveyard.


  • You can use this card outside of Gravekeeper decks as a control card against your opponent’s graveyard plays.


Necrovalley is able to boost all your Gravekeeper monsters’ stats by a significant amount. Additionally, Gravekeeper cards can specifically bypass Necrovalley’s graveyard disruption.


Being the center of Gravekeeper decks, there are lots of ways to get Necrovalley from your deck and graveyard.


While Necrovalley is face-up you can Special Summon Gilasaurus without letting your opponent revive a monster.





Hot New Top
Anonymous 29days ago
This is a very high potential card. Here are some examples of its powerful and disrupting effects:

No Bacon Saver
No protection by Neos Fusion
No Miracle Contact if using GY
No summon by Keeper of Dragon Magic
No equips for Red Eyes Slash Dragon
No SS upon Red Eyes Slash Dragon's destruction
No Aleister return from GY to hand
No summon by Chocolate Magician Girl upon attack
No Magicalized Fusion from GY
No White Stone of Ancients GY to hand
No Keeper of the Shrine SS from GY
No banish of DM Nagivation
No Magician of Dark Illusion SS from GY
No Enishi Monster return
No Fuma protection
No Fortune Lady Every Ressurection
Very effective vs Magnets with banish from GY negation (no destructions by Berserkion, severely hinders Berserkion SS, completely shuts down Valkyrion SS)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
Holy smoke
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
Now if only this card gets its searcher.
Anonymous 20days ago
Who was the imbecile who thought this card needed a boost? The original was just fine. It even stops a monster from summoning itself from gy...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
No one said this card needed a boost (or I don't remember it). However, if it would have a searcher, it would be very, very powerful.
I think it's a fairly decent card
if this card officially released...GK will destroy the meta
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You are damn right Anonymous
<< Anonymous
TheOtherAtem Reply
Meta needs to be destroyed because meta kills any fun in any game anyway
<< Anonymous(TheOtherAtem)
Anonymous Reply
haha you cant destroy the meta!
<< Anonymous(TheOtherAtem)
Anonymous Reply
Have u not learned already u idiot. Meta is not a thing it refers to the current deck that is relevant in this format. Take phones for example if ur old phone breaks would u go for an upgrade or a downgrade. But taking a guess u would pick a downgrade
Necrovalley and Egyptian God are overrated
I already got 2 copies of this card with just 6300 gems.

I dunno if I need a 3rd one to be honest, probably I'm just ok with 2 of them.
I want 3 copies of this but my gems scream no
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Better than when my wallet screamed from paying cash to buy 2 when the selection box came round with it first over a year ago
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Your gems telling you nooooooo. But your wallet, your wallet is telling you yessssssssssss.
Just reminder for anyone who said " RIP BEWD" "RIP Vampire" "RIP Koa'ki"
Vampire has Grace and Simultaneous Loss
Koa'ki can finish you on turn 2
Blue-eyes has Dragon Spirit,Psychic Ace and Lyla
While Necrovalley has no searcher (at least not confirmed yet)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Need gravekeeper's commandant for search necrovalley.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I think Necrovalley come to the game too late, if this card was in early game when there were no many otk decks, it will be a great card.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It would’ve been great during Vampire format when graveyard effects were running the meta, but rn none of the top decks care about it atm
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Overrated regular old school field spell card,so many ways available to deal with it
Can you get away with 1 copy of this card to build a gravekeepers deck. Seems to be really expensive otherwise to get 3 copies.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They removed the turtle’s battle position change effect, since it only works in main phase 2 following the battle phase- which Duel Links doesn’t have.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Oh. Yea i remember that now. It sucks it doesn't have MP2 etc. And duel generation isn't good. Is Ygopro still around? I couldn't find or download it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yea it’s still around. I don’t have the vid on hand go through how to download it, but it’s still around
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you do, let me know if it's on youtube or the title of the video & the uploader. I'll just check back here daily
After all this damn time, konami should have just gave Ishizu the skill like Yami Yugi (Begin the duel with necrovalley activated.) Seems like all characters gets some kind of event, skills, supporting cards, all except for Tea, Weevil, Rex, Ishizu, Yami Marik, Mai, Mako & Syrus. No love for those.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I only remember Ishizu using Gravekeepers, not Odion. Marik was using Fiends/Machines in the show
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Maybe Odion could have the skill where Necrovalley is placed on too if the deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
NV being activated as a guaranteed turn 1 skill would be OP. Even Bastion's field spell skills require losing at least 1000 LP.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Maybe true but there's alot of card/s that people consider op or broken because they can't stop it, assuming that's what they mean by broken. People Running 3 Ancient Gear R Dragon, 3x Neos (fusion card,) 3x Cosmic Cyclone. Alot. Most people run bought decks or pay $100 or so to get 3x everything of an UR card.
bs errata
Metaphys don't give a 🔥
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Metaphys ftw

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