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update 28/12/2016

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The Ultimate Rising
The Ultimate
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Cheat like zis pleazee.
Card Gunner
Now I got 3 Rares, wow!
Card Gunner
I also get a lot of Axe Raider
Card Gunner
Mistake, should be 2 (N) and 1 (R) or better, I sometimes get 3 N and other got 1 (SR) and 1 (UR) (I wish if that happens though.)
i jfvcsddftt hi omgvhfcg
Can These simulations packs be added to my duel links account
<< Anonymous(SSGHAMLIN)
Anonymous Reply
No they are simulations
<< Anonymous(SSGHAMLIN)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(SSGHAMLIN)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(SSGHAMLIN)
Anonymous Reply
Your simulation is wrong, you're supposed to be guaranteed 1 Rare or better card and I just got 3 normal cards
spend 3k gems i collected so far no kuriboh just sr twister n sonic bird :l
Your daddy
Hey so when you guys are releasing ultimate rising and the other one again for those who have missed it and the other packs of whoever has miss them. I would like to get some cards I missed out on my deck depends on them.
The only while cards in this deck are Sonic Bird and Order to Charge
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That's a lie
Seriously, this pack contains some highly powerful cards and I did not get a change to get them. "It contains cards that are friendly to new players." well I am a new player, I guess I am SOL then.
Will the deck ever come back because I never got a chance to open any packs; I downloaded after they updated

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Only the Grit variant, but the problem is the skill not the deck. That's my personal experie...
The reason why pot is ban is that it is a +1 and also a deck thinning card that allows you to go ...
nice, looks even better :D
dmg and jinzo dueled as spirit monsters, so did a portion of the dark world monsters. and dont fo...
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