Peak Performance (Basic): deck recipe

This page notes Harpie Deck profile, including essential cards and the best character and skill to use the deck.
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update 18/01/2017

Deck Profile

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
[Peak Performance]
Begins Duel with the Field Spell "Mountain" activated.

How to use the deck

Tips for using the deck

Just beat monsters your opponent controls with ATK-boosterd Winged-beast and Dragon monsters. Perform fusion/tribute summon as much as you can since that gives you additional Duel Assessments.

Attack twice with Element Dragon

Element Dragon has a unique effect that has synergy with the other monsters. If you have wind monsters out on the field and Element Dragon’s first attack destroys a monster, a second attack is allowed which can lead to a direct attack.

This is why equip cards have good value when used with cards like this, it ensures that most monsters are destroyed with the first attack and allowing a followup attack with increased damage. Make use of the trap cards to ensure that you can put down a wind monster before or after Element Dragon.

Earn higher score to earn more rewards!

Simply winning the duels with the bare minimum will not give you more rewards, if you are on the winning side, you can prolong the turns until you can tribute summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon and also fusion summon Crimson Sunbird for extra score post duel, and make sure to activate the spells and trap cards each duel.

LIGHT monster, Tribute summon, Trap

It is recommended to work on unlocking triggers for some Legendary Duelists from the early stage while Standard Duelists use low level decks. Element Dragon, Ancient Dragon, and Blue-Eyes White Dragon are the LIGHT monsters.

NameTrigger event
Successfully perform 150 Tribute Summons.
Summon LIGHT Monster(s) 200 time(s) in total.
→ Tips for unlocking Ishizu
Use Trap Cards 300 times.
→ Tips for unlocking Odion

Other useful cards

To make this deck easier to build with low cost, cards with higher rarities are not contained. If you have obtained better cards, some of the cards in this deck can be changed for the better ones such as Curse of Aging for Reinforcements, Quill Pen for other attack increasing equip like Black Pendant or Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou. See below for more lists of more cards that you can use for this deck.

Other useful skills

None since this deck is built based on the "Peak Performance" skill.


Check out my Unga Bunga Dragon Burn/Extra Damage Fun deck with Peak Performance: 3 Luster Dragon, 1 Des Volstgalph, 1 Exploder Dragon, 1 Lancer Lindwurm, 1 Spear Dragon, 2 Flamvell Grunika, 2 Mirage Dragon, 1 Metalmorph, 1 Dragon's Gunfire, 1 Stamping Destruction, 1 Mirror Wall, 1 Wall of Disruption, 1 Mask of the Accursed, 2 Enemy Controller, 1 Windstorm of Etaqua (Subject to swiping out one card for another econ if you want, and not meant for higher ranking game play.)
this ia great! easy to make, very flexible and still effective! u can mix all kind of mini strategirs with this deck and it works beautfully, atleast for starting out.
Plat 2 with this build!
Sonic Duck is another option for this deck, as it starts out with 1900 ATK
Is there an updated version, with cards that are actually collectable?
Ricardo Sousa
How can i get this deck if I cant buy the pack ultimate rising?
<< Anonymous(Ricardo Sousa)
Ramsey Reply
Lul, i have same oppinion with you dude.. i think Sonic Duck 3 better than this with kaiba
It's possible to pull off an OTK with Element Dragon and Gray Wing, that really helped me in some of my early play before Stage 20. Wouldn't reccommend it later on, it's not a consistant play; just nice when it turns up unempeded.
I think it's best to run a Dinosaur Kingdom type of deck:
3 Thunder Dragons
3 Skull Red Birds
3 Faith Birds
3 Element Dragons
2 Polymerization

1 Twin Headed Thunder Dragon
2 Crimson Sunbird

Element Dragon synergizes well with Crimson Sunbird and its fusion material. If all three are on the field, you can kill one monster and attack again with 2200 ATK. For the rest of the cards, I would run monster removal, defensive cards, or Equip spells. Example cards:
2 Order to Charge
1 Riryoku
1 Windstorm of Etaqua
1 Metalmorph
1 Curse of Anubis
<< Anonymous(Richard)
Sighs... Reply
WHATTTTT??? Were you aware that Peak Performance (Basic) Deck was labeled in this site as "beginner's deck" or "early-game deck"? Since when do newbies have EARLY ACCESS to THUNDER DRAGONS and its Fusion Summon, if not from the card trader that they will have to wait every 12 hours? Why are you insinuating a supposed-to-be ALTERNATIVE deck that isn't even valid or plausible, categorically-wise?
<< Anonymous(Richard)
Sighs... Reply
2 Order to Charge
1 Riryoku
1 Windstorm of Etaqua
1 Metalmorph
1 Curse of Anubis

ABSURDITY at its finest. You're recommending the impossible.
<< Anonymous(Richard)
Richard Reply
I got my 3 Thunder Dragons and Twin Headed Thunder Dragon before I got 3 Skull Red Birds. Also, I consider Stage 22-27 "beginner". And those cards are just suggestions. No monster removal? Run equip spells/Banner of Command. No good traps? Run Jar of Greed.
This article says it's a harpie lady deck in the begging and also is linked to "Harpie Lady Sisters" but has no mention of them in the deck itself
I run this deck with Dweller in the Depths. That plus banner of courage makes insta 2000 monster, with an addition boost when it attacks. Very powerful.
This deck is simple but great! It has been a long time since I have played YuGiOh, and this build is just what I needed to get myself seeing the synergy again!

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Aside from Normal Monsters and anime-exclusive cards, we've never gotten a card in Duel Link...
Is this deck worth investing it? I have over 11k gems.
Oh joy. I missed this event AND now I have a skill I can't even get. I'm gonna be pisse...
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