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update 09/04/2017

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Odion unlock missions

If there is inaccuracy, kindly let us know correct information by submitting comments or screenshots to a thread at the bottom of the page.
Trigger event
Once you use Trap Cards 300 time(s), Odion appears at the Gate, and Odion unlock missions become available.
  • Note: Activating a Trap Card in PVP Duels including, Ranked Duels, Casual Duels, and Friend Duels, is counted.
Unlock missionsReward
Use Trap Cards 300 times.Black Gate Key x 20
Use a Trap Card 10 time(s) in one Duel.8,000 Gold
Win 1 Duel(s) against Odion at level 30 in Duel World.8,000 Gold
Comlete all Character Unlock Missions.Stone of Trap x3


Use Traps from the beginning

Using Trap cards 300 times takes a lot of your time. So I recommend you to actively use Trap cards from the early stage of the game.

Recommended trap cards

Use a Trap card that is not continuous Trap and can be activated whenever you want to use. See examples below.

  • Good example:
    Conscription can be activated whenever you want to use. It can be used even you already have 3 monsters on your side of the field.
  • Bad example
    Magical Hats can be activated only when your opponent declare an attack to a monster you control and 2 empty monster zones are on your side of the field.

Use High Score Cerberus deck to win a Duel

Since Odion Lvl 30 does not use a card to destroy Mythical Beast Cerberus or prevent it from gaining ATK, you can win a duel against him with high Duel Assessments with using a High Score Cerberus deck. For an example deck and how to use it, check the link below.


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For the 10 trap cards all it is is use 10 trap cards while in a duel against level 10 odion. Hope this was helpful.
Duel Links: Use a Trap Card 10 times in one duel
Me: Activates 9 Traps in one duel, sets 10th
Opponent: Summons Jinzo
Jinzo: Doesn’t let me activate trap
My Duel Links Account: Gets Deleted by me
I have activated ten separate traps in one duel and I have activated one trap ten times. I still have not unlocked Odion as a character.
<< Anonymous
ABEWDLevel13 Reply
I put my username in case an admin comes to fix the problem in my game.
<< Anonymous
ABEWDLevel13 Reply
And I just did did those things last night, Friday, June 21, 2019.
Leon Smith
I used over 3022 traps cards and still dont have odion unlock

Is there a way to track how many traps you used?
<< Anonymous(NunyaBizness)
Anonymous Reply
No,you'll have to count off as you use them.
<< Anonymous(NunyaBizness)
Bunneh Reply
If you click the player icon at the top of the screen it'll show you your stats, scroll down to see the total number of traps used
<< Anonymous(NunyaBizness)
Anonymous Reply
Yes go to where you see the icon next to the settings icon there is a log of all trap cards spells card ect you've uses
"Use Trap Cards 10 Times in One Duel" is CORRECT which is completely stupid imo holy gods

"Use Trap Cards 300 Times" to MAKE ODION APPEAR may have a glitch in it... which means 300 TIMES IN DM, NOT COUNTING GX. And don't even try with 5DS once it's out.
Odion didn’t show up and I used 301 traps
<< Anonymous(Tyler)
Anonymous Reply
I think it only counts if you do it in DM and NOT GX, because I had trouble getting him too
“Use a trap card 10 times in one duel.” is extremely misleading. It should read, “Use 10 trap cards in one duel.”
The typos and misworded paragraphs are really starting to get to me.
<< Anonymous(RobertPorter)
BlueRay17 Reply
Finally.... So I have to use 10 cards... how do you think we can report this ?
Im over 300 traps and odion hasnt appeared yet
I'm over 300 traps used now and Odion hasn't appeared.
deck what to accomplish the mission Use a Trap Card 10 time (s) in one Duel.
<< Anonymous(Yeremia)
Seagryfn Reply
You can do the 10-trap fight against ANY opponent, such as one of the Standard street duels. The traps you use do not have to be effective, merely "activated" (even if their effect was wasted). There are lots of simple traps you can active at will: Snake Fang, Shield Spear, Secrets of the Gallant, etc. Just create a deck with a few strong 4-star monsters, then fill the rest with simple traps.
<< Anonymous(Yeremia)
Darin Reply
what character should i use to unlock Odion
<< Anonymous(Darin)
Anonymous Reply
His challenges aren't difficult, why would you need someone specific to handle it?
I fought Odion Lv 10 with the Paradox Bro's using their skill that allows Gate Guardian to be activated at the start of the game, then just used a bunch of traps till the end of the game.

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